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55 Responses to “TRAFFIC TROUBLE”

  1. worm 2 Says:

    can’t wait.

  2. garbo Says:

    alright! a new jerry time episode!

  3. Dave Says:

    great stuff…I had a dream like that once

  4. Kieran Says:

    I really enjoy these videos. Thanks for all the time and energy you and your crew put into them. Happy holidays!

  5. Mark Says:

    Wow! The scene where the car gets hit on both sides and then is surrounded by Circus Elephants would make a great epiphany moment ender to a movie. A Fellini moment per se. What I’m curious about is, “What was the epiphany?” Well, other than not to rent without insurance.

  6. Balthazar Moutarde Says:

    Why it’s the best thing I’ve seen since I left the mustard fields of Alsace!!!! Bravo, maestri!!!

  7. Chris Says:

    Another good one!

    Thanks Jerry!

  8. Eric Says:

    awesome and fun to watch as usual

  9. gina g Says:

    jerry- I love you!! these things could only happen to you.
    and what’s so crazy is that these are all true stories! yikes!
    I especially liked “your” life flashing before your eyes.
    looking forward to your next episode…

  10. Pablo Says:

    Haha! Pure comic genius!

  11. steve garfield Says:


  12. Chse Says:

    Whoa, great ep, per usual … gotta wonder if that was the Tampa/StPete area you were visiting … just a hunch … weird things happen there.

    Last time I rented a car was in Denver, scored for 15 bucks a day, so I’m like, ‘whoa, skip the insurance, this is a great deal’ … ten minutes after I got the car hit a pothole on the interstate, wheel cover goes flying and I damaged the wheel itself … I had to buy a new wheel cover, for 40 bucks, but felt pretty smug about it, until I got to the gas station near the rental place and went to put the new wheel cover on before returning the damaged car … dammit, it was the wrong size and wouldn’t stay on at more than 10 miles per hour … so I put it on and then drove about 5 mph the half mile to the rental car co. and turned it in and got out of town …

    I feel kinda bad for the next guy who rented the car, because the wheel would have come off as soon as he left the lot. I hope he bought the insurance.

    Also, the driver’s side door stopped working on the second day we had it, so I had to climb in and out through the passenger door. But for 15 bucks a day, whatever.

  13. John Miller Says:

    As usual PHENOMENAL! I forward your stuff to all of my wacky-minded friends.

  14. Norm Says:

    That’s quite a story, Jerry — and another wonderful episode. So silly that it just has to be true! A few Phillis Diller laughs for you hard working guys, heard on NPR today:

    “When I was born I was so ugly the doctor slapped…everybody.”

    “I’m so ugly that a peeping tom threw up on my window sill.”

    “You know you’re old when your walker has air bags.”

  15. Tanj Says:

    Another great (EARLY) episode.

    Was blown away with the slo-mo animation.
    Job well done once again.

  16. Scot Says:

    Atta boy Jerry. The hospital gig brought back some memories. Keep it up
    Happy Holidays

  17. Janice Says:

    When are you going to come out with a Jerry doll?
    I love what you guys do and would love to have a doll to hold me in between episodes.

  18. jeremy Says:

    jerry, you dont give someone else your pain meds. dont matter if they’re over the counter. could be something wrong with him and the meds.

    other than that, GREAT episode! One year strong! Keep em coming

  19. Captain Flummox Says:

    I wonder what the elephants were thinking, maybe, You know, a few hours a day doing tricks in a ring isn’t so bad compared with a three-way crash in an uninsured car after getting laid off and hit by a taxi. Thanks for making me feel like a dork for laughing in solitude. I gotta start watching these with friends.

  20. BostonBob Says:

    Every month around this time, a bunch of co-workers come over to stare at me because of the insane chortling coming from my cube. And only occasionally is the cause comedic bestiality vids and not a new Jerry episode.

  21. Ferndog Says:

    This is one of my favorites. I love the stream of consciousness feel to this one. When I watched it the first time I felt reality starting to crumble away by the time I saw the elelphants at the end!

    Capital episode!

  22. bah Says:

    wow. i just wasted three minutes of my life.

  23. Tim C Says:

    I once hit an elephant in my car…what he was doing in my car I’ll never know.

    Nice job guys. My favorite is Big Time, but I’m liking this one alot.

  24. cleanupyourroom! Says:

    The Zen of Jerry

  25. Elwood H. Smith Says:

    Another great Jerry Time! I love the scene when Jerry has his “whole life flashing before his eyes” experience and we see baby Jerry pics all the way up to older Jerry pics and they all have the same-sized wide, mud puppy eyes.

  26. Tommie Says:

    Oh poor poor Jerry – if he didn’t have bad luck – he wouldn’t have any luck at all! I just love Jerry and look forward to every episode. Thank you!

  27. Matthew Says:

    Is this the J. Zucker? As in Jerry Zucker; writer, producer, director of Airplane, also actor; Jerry Zucker?

  28. humpty dumpty » Blog Archive » It’s Jerry Time! VI Says:

    […] Mais um episódio — Traffic Trouble — da série de animação dos irmãos Orrin “It’s Jerry Time”. Desta vez o Jerry vê-se envolvido num acidente nas ruas de Nova Iorque. […]

  29. Steve Garfield Says:

    Hi Jerry,
    I liked your 5 answers on Viral.

  30. Valorie Says:

    Jerry, did you ever make it to Florida? Did you find a job down here?
    Nice work on the videos, I don’t know how you do it but I sure do enjoy watching them and listening to your deadpan narration.
    Well done my friend!

  31. Jerry Says:

    Matthew – No, no. We’re not the same guy. We’re two completely different JZ’s. As for Valorie, I Was in Florida with the three-car collision. I drove the car back about 100 miles to the
    disappointed Rent-a-Relic and left Florida for good. Jerry

  32. Fritz Says:

    As usual Jerry takes a lickin and keeps on tickin. Great Job.

  33. jerry Says:

    hi my name is jerry im at school rite now and on your website and people are laughing at me

  34. Kai Says:

    It’s Jerry time! I’ve been living in Hanoi for a while now and I love getting away from all the Asian Madness here and spend some quality time with Jer. I met a guy named Jerry here in Vietnam. He doesn’t speak a word of english, but he’s been watching the show. Keep it up!

  35. Test Says:


  36. garbo Says:

    Just so you don’t feel all alone. I got in two separate accidents within two weeks, too – and neither one was my fault. First I got rear-ended with a whiplash, then when I was coming out of physical therapy, this person slammed into my car. I feel your pain….

  37. Jerry Says:

    Garbo I feel your pain too. -Jerry

  38. Soy Says:

    Wow… jeez, that’s some traffic trouble I’d never want to get into! :\ Anyways, this is really great! The insane aslym part was actually kind of funny.

  39. Cape will do Says:

    Dear Jerry,
    Hope your cold gets better, lots of orange juice since your in Fl anyhow. Oh yeah, you gotta watch them drivers in Fl, the straight and flat roads are very confusing to most folks, grin.

  40. ottilie Says:

    Very funny your episode. I enjoy these videos. I wait for the next one.

  41. Lyna Says:

    I really enjoy Jerry’s episodes. They are so hilarious and yet hit pretty close to the mark at times. Looking forward to the next one!!

  42. Grace Says:

    i cant get enough of hearing the old joke.
    im rolling on the floor laughing everytime.
    its so pathetic.

  43. Chase Says:

    Not to gloat … okay, to gloat … we met Orrin and Jerry!!

    They are way cool … (and now, by extension .. we’re a little bit cooler!)


    Chase and Saralee

  44. buns and chou chou Says:

    we’re fans

  45. vespa Says:

    buns and chou chou-gay

  46. vespa Says:

    there names

  47. shontrese Says:

    that show was funny, but I liked it when all the animals had stop just to look at the car and when you said that the only witness you had was a person who lived under a bridge.

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  49. kkyuiops Says:

    i know that story was real but the naked swim was fake. the naked swim is the only one that is fake.they did not even have pools in 1974 at schools.

  50. furger Says:

    i thought this was the most funniest films ive ever seen
    😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  51. Wendo Says:

    I probably sound like a moron, but I can’t seem to understand the joke.
    “How many elephants fit into an uninsured rental car? None.”
    Ehh?! I don’t understand.. I feel like a noob.

  52. reviews Says:

    Keep it up (like I do :-)) Great site – loved the bit about yourselves.

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  54. Steven Says:

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