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  1. a fan Says:

    Sounds like a it’ll be good, can’t wait.

  2. chase Says:

    hurry, hurry, hurry …

  3. the texas chainsaw cashier Says:

    this is gonna be good.

  4. Jan Says:

    Great! Keep the quality!

  5. XK9 Says:

    Nah! Forget quality. It’s all about the volume, baby.

    Crank ’em up and crank ’em out.

  6. Jan Says:

    In terms of “entertaining quality”, of course. This is really good comedy. Please don’t make it a cheap.

  7. Lynn B. Meyer Says:

    Keep Up the Good Work on Instant Media!

  8. worm 2 Says:

    sauntering artie, classic!

  9. Mark Says:

    Now, that would be a reason for wanting cell phones to appear a few decades before their time. Oh, the joys of retail. I used to go out and pick up the trash in a Fred Meyer parking lot. People would just dump the oddest stuff there. One time I found a suitcase with a dead cat in it. The problem was that people, who might not have known about the contents, spent the day before running over it with their cars.

  10. Jan Says:

    Nice episode! Can’t believe that this site is still an insider tip.

  11. W.O.( in Oblivion, OK ) Says:

    That was GREAT guys!

  12. chase Says:


  13. Chris Says:

    You will never run out of ideas for stories if you spent 10 years in retail Jerry. I would be more than satisfied to hear all the weirdest ones you have experienced. This is an excellent episode. Thanks!

  14. gina g Says:

    nicely done! jerry, i never knew how good you would
    look in antlers!
    that’s scary stuff… i am going to be even nicer to the
    customers who come into my store.
    love you guys!

  15. Jeremy Says:

    eh…just another claim to fame. well done! i know i would have had a heart attack in that situation

  16. Paul Slayer Says:

    Incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!! How rite u r !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  17. Mitch from Boston Says:

    I love the image of the guy hauling around his trunk. Gives new meaning to the phrase “he has some baggage.” And Jerry in antlers, hoping not to get a bath, is great.

  18. Graham Says:

    Love the map sequences, very well done. Jerry as the deer was a great touch too.

  19. David Ward Says:

    Another great episode guys! I used to work retail and I know what you mean about you never know who’s on the other side of the counter.

  20. Chris Says:

    Great & funny work!

    Nice to see two brothers playing nicely together!


  21. Kurt Says:

    Wow, you guys have raised the bar on production values — incredible work! This piece has a great, almost Chuck-Jones-like feel to the short vignettes that punctuate the main story line. I loved the silhouette technique in the bathtub, and the long shadow on the wall during the “longest two hours”, as well as the scrolling montage that gives the back story of the killer. Really great!

  22. Michael Says:

    Well worth the wait! Gret job guys!

  23. BostonBob Says:

    “His wife caught him taking a bath with a dead deer.”

    That alone was worth the price of admission. If there was a price.

  24. Dan Says:

    That was great, just the picture of the dude walking out a ‘happy customer’ was a priceless image, the well layered touches of irony and humor were not passed by! Keep up the good work guys!

  25. oz Says:

    Dan, Kurt, Mitch-

    Thanks for noticing! When I animate these things I try to put a lot of little details in there so they hold up to repeat viewings. My personal favorite in this episode was the little shake the guy who pee’d in the basement did.

  26. JThungstrom Says:

    You are full of **** Jerry, TX Chainsaw Massacre is “loosely” based, as was Psycho, on Ed Gein from Wisconsin. Either your firend Artie was full of it or you are, which is it?

  27. Jerry Says:

    You’re from Boston, aren’t you?

  28. GoCatGo Says:

    Funny. As always. Thanks for the shots of Hertel Avenue. And the Courier Express banner. It all looked good from here in Harm City (Baltimore). Send some Mighty Taco. And a couple dogs from Louie’s. Thanks.

    “You’re from Boston, aren’t you?”


  29. Administrator Says:

    Hey JThungstrong-

    Jerry has some background info on The Blog …check it out.


  30. Albert De Salvo Says:

    That video was wicked pissa. Thanks from Boston.

  31. Anne Says:

    Another goodie – keep em coming!!!

  32. Frank Says:

    Brilliant! As always.

  33. matt Says:

    I love this show- great stories, love the dry humor and the animation, music- thanks for it.

  34. Shraga Says:

    One of your best episodes, and the Buffalo nostalgia was a bonus. But the owners of the store did not look familiar to me…

  35. Lou Says:

    Now that was funny! Loved Jerry with the antlers and the headturn with the gunshot!

  36. HeyJB Says:

    I’d love to know from the guy that worked at the Buffallo Fotohut, what ole Chainsaw was snapping away at. Joel Peter Witkin-ish scenes of the macabre or O’keefe pastoral still lifes? I guess we’ll never know.

  37. Administrator Says:


    Probably some sort of still life….

    Here’s a couple links for all those Joel Peter Witkin fans:

  38. Norm Nason Says:

    Wonderful work, guys. One of your best. I just love the “mood” of your episodes; absolutely fascinating. Everything fits: the music, the animation, and of course Jerry’s voice. Like an old-time radio show, your work feels cozy and familiar. It’s like you’ve been around forever! I look forward to many more years of your very special kind of entertainment.

  39. Just Wide Says:

    It’s Jerry Time

    It’s Jerry Time

  40. JP Says:

    Got any bar oil ?

    Kin ya do Pam Anderson Marries the Marquis De Sade

  41. tom Says:

    if you guys haven’t figured out a way to make money off your work, you deserve to!

    i watched all the episodes posted after your NPR story, and watched the latest one yesterday


    now stop reading and get back to work on the next one!

  42. MONICA Says:

    I’m speechless Jerry, your message at this episode was very powerful. Congratulations on bringing another masterpiece to life! I totally agree with you, my business also focuses on people and you never know who is going to be your next client, it’s very important to keep your cool… I truly believe a stranger is a friend you haven’t met yet… I can’t wait for the next episode…

  43. Travis Says:

    Your episodes are a spectacular blend of great, dynamic animation (served in perfect dead-pan manner), and truly interesting stories! Mainstream animators could take a lesson here! Thanks for doing what you’re doing!

  44. Foobar Says:

    Texas Chainsaw Massacre was not based on this person you mention. Please see:

  45. Grace Says:

    pearls of wisedom too.

  46. AFRif Says:

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  51. Lawrence Queen Says:

    Yea! it wins you an Emmy! Good job, Jerry & Staff!

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  53. Samantha Says:

    That was Very Funny

  54. lain Says:

    very interesting jerry. i love your stories.

    but this man was not the basis for the texas chainsaw massacre. a man named Ed Gein was. look it up some time! : )

    still frightening though o.o

  55. christina tierney Says:

    I am so glad that I stumbled on your site! It makes my day a bit brighter to have some “Jerry Time”.

    Any chance I could share you vids on my site? I would love to spread the word! Or maybe you want to keep this cool club exclusive?

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  57. Ted Says:

    I recognize that camera store! It’s Newtonville Camera

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  68. Giorgi Says:

    Nice episode!

  69. Trish Brisbin Says:

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