See this episode in 3D-O-Vision along with some deleted scenes.

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52 Responses to “THE HYPNOTIST”

  1. worm 2 Says:

    can’t wait!

  2. Globus Says:

    Ooooh… a mesmerized Jerry… his impression of a bird may be interesting…

    We Demand Jerry!!!

  3. gman Says:

    C’Mon, C’Mon,

  4. Johnny B Says:

    Hurry…! We need our Jerry fix!!!

  5. timbo Says:

    Oh goody, another video to watch!

    Listen. I hear the crowd already chanting…
    Jerry!!! Jerry!!! Jerry!!! Jerry!!!

  6. Paul Says:

    I’m afraid of the hypnotist.

  7. P-TOR Says:

    I’m drooling in Pavlovian expectation.


    Could it be that Jerry has hyp-no-tized ME?!?


  8. JimG Says:

    Arghhh! I have to let this go… I’ve been waiting and watching and hoping ever since this “Coming Soon” notice appeared. I can’t continue. I MUST find a way to let it go and just try to forget that it’s Coming Soon (YES!!!) … er… and just be patient. When it finally arrives I’ll just be rather pleasantly surprised, that’s all.

    But seriously… wasn’t that Coming Soon posted MONTHS ago? OK.. OKAY! ….. I’m going to let it go, now.


  9. Kaleb Says:

    Just noticed that my home page needed correcting. Cheers, Dan.

  10. The Erbman Says:


  11. Julian Says:

    As always, it’s a joy.

  12. bozette Says:

    I love your stuff.

  13. Mark Monlux Says:


    I love the part where all the overwieght people are wearing loud Hawaiian shirts. You don’t know this, but that’s all I wear in the summer time. I got like 70 of them or so. I could stand to loose some wieght.

  14. el Says:

    yeah! yum! mmm

  15. Linda in Buffalo Says:

    As a fellow Foodie let me say this…. Life is short, eat dessert FIRST.
    Nothing is better than cake and ice cream! (Maybe Matzoh Brie)
    I love just the way you are Jerry.
    Eat on,

  16. JimG Says:

    YES!!!! It was worth the wait, as always. Great job, guys.

    Oh, and Jerry, I forget which comedian said that the perfect diet is one in which you can eat as much of any kind of food that you want – but you must do so while sitting next to naked fat people. Food for thought. 🙂

  17. Lyna Says:

    I really enjoy Jerry’s episodes. They are so hilarious and yet hit pretty close to the mark at times. Looking forward to the next one!!

  18. GinGin Says:

    The power of junkfood overrules the power of suggestion…..
    this is deep! I think you are onto something here. Can we expect a self-help book on this?
    Another episode to help us better understand Jerry. I love it! I’ll celebrate with a chocolate-topped donut!

  19. Johnny B Says:

    Another great one…And very true…

  20. Old Man Musings » The Altered State of Jerry Says:

    […] It’s Jerry Time everybody! This along awaited episode entitled “The Hypnotist” was well worth the wait. Watch what the powers of suggestion have over Jerry as he tries to kick his junk food habit. Plus – as a bonus there’s a 3-D version of “The Hypnotist”. Posted in Humor, Animation | Digg it […]

  21. Chase Says:

    Ha, the Jazzy scooter was inspired … dude, it’s like running a gauntlet of those things at the Wal Mart ….

    And y’all haven’t taken me up on the offer of a crash pad in Denver on your way out to the big Aspen shindig, lemme know if you didn’t get the email .. chase

  22. Dr Ick Says:

    I liked where Jerry walks out afterwards with his arms in front of him like he is sleepwalking. Hehe…

  23. BostonBob Says:

    Was the hypnotist the Mad Russian?

  24. Jerry Says:

    Bob – Nope. Jerry

  25. Robyn Says:

    Banner Episode! Where do you get all the incredible faces?

    As always, thanx for the giggles


  26. BostonBob Says:

    That old people’s scooter (isn’t “Lark” one brand of those?) makes me chortle every time I see it scuttle across frame.

  27. Fritz Says:

    I liked the artwork on the Hypnotist well done. For me it is not
    the pizza or the donuts its the damn beer.
    Back in 1977 all there was
    beyond Budweiser was Heineken. Now there are at least 500 more imported
    beers and not to mention the artfull brewpups, micropubs. Too much beer is very hard to resist. But it makes you a fat bastard… Now wheres that hypnotist?

  28. martha Says:

    I love the scooter too- I laughed out loud when it zoomed from right to left. Oh how I long for some 3D glasses.

  29. Halli Civelek Says:

    Fantastic, as always.

    One thing that I love about Jerry’s Time is your passion for details, such as when Jerry is surrounded by all the overweight people and the floor creaks again…and again…and again.


    – Halli

  30. Dan Says:

    A nice job as always, but this one wasn’t as funny as most for some reason.

  31. JKT Says:

    I don’t look at these only as comedy, but as a series I find this a facinating portrait of a character. Some are funny, some sad, some strange…it’s the most insightful study I’ve seen in a long time. Keep it up!

  32. Alan Says:

    Hi Jerry!

    One on my audience member send me a link to view a story about a guy name Jerry. I have to tell you something…GREAT JOB!

    You website is so original, I had a great time waching it.

    Please make some more video, keep up the good job.

    Hypnotist Alan

  33. Ivana Says:

    I am a big-time JERRY JUNKIE! Gawd, I luv this site! I look forward to new episodes with baited breathe! Keep up the grand and hilarious work! =)

  34. Chase and Saralee Says:

    OK .. the Three-D … Flat-Out-Rocks .. I’m never, ever taking these glasses off!!

  35. ACTUAL God Says:


  36. Norm Says:

    I’ve been having trouble sleeping, and when I finally doze off, I’m haunted by the strangest dreams. I’m restless during the day; anxious and pensive. I don’t play with my dog. My houseplants are withering. The dishes are piling up. The laundry basket is overflowing. The news on the radio seems bleaker than ever. I need a shave.

    Then it hits me: it’s been a while since the last “It’s Jerry Time” video! That’s what I need to be right with the world!

  37. Andreas Mertens Says:

    nice nice

  38. vespa says: Says:

    i love to eat everthing too.

  39. vespa Says:

    i seen this before it was even out

  40. Erin Says:

    At first I thought we may have seen the same guy…but by your story, you seemed to be able to understand what the guy said. The guy I saw had a thick Russian accent, and told us all it was okay if we didn’t understand a word he said.
    I went with a few other people to his lecture…we ordered pizza after we left. I heard he’s great with helping people quit smoking though.

  41. iobmvajian Says:

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  42. minnnnnyyyyyyyyyyy Says:

    Jerry Jerry Jerry

  43. pc Says:

    worked for smoking 3 years clean but ive heard the weight loss
    hasnt worked as well, you know, the mad russian right?

  44. someone Says:

    I love jerry, lol

  45. clare Says:


  46. Federico Says:

    Great! That reminded me of something happened to me some years ago. I went to Rome, to this famous would be hypnotist because I was told he could make me stop smoking. He lived in a luxury house in a chic neighborhood of Rome called the Parioli. The door was opened by a slim, tall Ethyopian butler in gear who kindly told me to wait in a small room. The room was carpeted with b/w pictures of celebrities with personal dedications . One stroke me in particular and that was one of Federico Fellini who thanked this man for making him quit smoking. The hypnotist came and was very kind and smiling. He told me to sit down, give him my packet of cigarettes and close my eyes. Then he lit a cigarette, touched my forehead, my shoulder and my arms saying something I can’t remember. The whole thing lasted less than a minute. Then he said: “Ok, it’s 400000 lire.” (about 200 US$) . I tried really hard not to smoke for about one month, but then I gave up and started again.

  47. Alyazi Says:

    … its too down to earth.. !

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  49. paul Says:

    A hypnotist saved me , 4 years of 2/3 packs daily and he with natasha by the door used that magical “bioenergy”, it worked!

  50. Alonzo Kirby Says:

    ok, so i think the big question is… how do we fix this?!

  51. Grace Says:

    I tried to signup for your RSS feed but it didn’t work. How can I do this?

  52. Niamh Says:

    I usually don’t post in Blogs but your post forced me to. Interesting work.