It really happened! Here’s proof!

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  1. Dr Ick Says:

    Jerry rules! I feel like I know him. Thanks for the new ep. I go back and play the old ones over and over and never fail to get a laugh.

  2. Mark Monlux Says:

    Ah, yes, being paid with food. I did some work with a company that was part of a ‘barter’ group. Where your dollars did not make up real dollars. Except for when I got $200 credit at a Dairy Queen. The client told me to only eat there a little, maybe just get a drink. But, I was hungry and it was owed to me so I ate there for like a month.

  3. CarLBanks Says:

    This was an awesome episode. I really like your sense of humor and using pictures in weird ways.

    Would you be able to find a copy of the Sheep commercial? It’d be a cool piece of your history.

  4. MrBaliHai Says:

    Man, when I get rich and famous, I’m gonna eat peanut butter and marshmallow fluff sammiches every day!

    So, were the headshots of you that showed up in my RSS feed for subscribers only?

  5. Dactura Says:

    I’ve seen all the episodes – and wait for the next one with anticipation – watching it like I’m enjoying an excellent red wine (only I don’t close my eyes). This is absolutely the best! Jerry is getting better; the subtle scenes, the inflection of the voice and meaningful expressions on the faces.

    I’d like to know the work flow in producing these – the software used, the recording equipment. The sound is perfectly crisp.

  6. jurgen wolff Says:

    Your animation and background stuff just keeps getting better. Love it!

  7. Old Man Musings » The Shortest Sheep Says:

    […] Do you know what time it is? It’s Jerrytime! ‘The Big Time‘, is the latest high quality animation from those hard working Zucker brothers. Jerry shows us how to break in to show business in this comical and creative episode. Jerry’s gift of expression is priceless. Make sure to check out Jerry’s Blog for some great episode extras. […]

  8. chase Says:

    Guys, it gets better every time. Loved the headshots on the blog, I guess “sullen” was the look of the day. Sullen and porkpie hat. … “Director to Casting director: “No, No, No … none of these are sullen enough. And where’s the damn hat?? I need that hat! Get me Zucker!”

    Great news about the Hollywood Reporter and the hollywood representation .. Now that you’ve been recognized by “the bible” I expect I’ll be pointing to your monster hit TV show and telling folks, “Hey, I’ve talked to those guys!”

    Go gettem’


  9. Balthazar Moutarde Says:

    A hit! a palpable hit!!!! This is so well done – the animation is superb, the narration and story are wonderful, and the music is charming. Also, congratulations on the Hollywood Reporter article. I doff my bowler to you again!!!

  10. BostonBob Says:

    Oh my God, the Don Maxwell art had me doubled over in laughter. As did the whole “Sheep who couldn’t jump over the fence.”

    I REALLY needed a good laugh today. Thanks once again you guys.

  11. Jack Says:

    I liked it. The accordion playing swami & the talk show host, with what looked like a Taliban mullah for a guest, were perfect. “Broadway Danny Rose” couldn’t have done better. My guess is that the sheep commercial would end up keeping more people awake than helping to sleep.

  12. garbo Says:

    Great episode! And, hey, I remember that commercial – you rocked!

  13. Andy Says:

    Didn’t Hitchcock say actors are like cattle? I guess any barnyard animal would work. Great work again, Jerry.

  14. scott Says:

    The best one yet! I think I worked with some of those New York
    entertainment types early in my career, and the sheep bit is
    hilarious. I DO miss the out of tune piano tho, but all in all
    great stuff. Zuckers do it again!

  15. roger cunningham Says:

    Another really wonderful piece. These are some of the best entertainment I’ve seen for a long long time – maybe since I discovered Wallace and Grommit many years ago…. And I remember that commercial!
    Keep em coming…..I can’t wait for the next installment.

  16. worm2 Says:

    great as always. keep up the good work.

  17. Milomaniac Says:

    And the Emmy goes to….

  18. Jeremy Says:

    That’s not you, right? that’s a real sheep, right?

  19. Alan Says:

    What a great talent, this is a wonderful show.

  20. stuart creasey Says:

    Does a clip of the sheep commercial still exist anyway?

  21. Administrator Says:

    We’d love to find it…if anyone out there happens to have a copy, let us know!

  22. maninblack Says:

    BEST YET!!

  23. humpty dumpty » Blog Archive » It’s Jerry Time! V Says:

    […] Já está disponível o nono episódio da série “It’s Jerry Time!”: The Big Time. O episódio gira a volta de como o Jerry começou no mundo do espetáculo. […]

  24. GoGoGirl Says:

    Hey Kids-


    TGIJT Again.

  25. Kevin Myers Says:

    Is Jerry a Mets fan? He should be…I like the Mets. Why wouldn’t he be?

  26. Jerry Says:

    I’m into the New York teams because I’m from Buffalo but my team is the LA Angels.

  27. W.O.( in Oblivion, OK ) Says:


  28. driesfrombelgium Says:

    life is sad, beautifull and funny.
    love your stuff

  29. Moony Monroe Says:

    Haha! Jerry i love the funny weird pictures faces!!!! :DDDDDD

    oh no wait that’s your brother’s doing. 🙁
    what i dooed. 🙁

  30. shan Says:

    heard your interview on npr this morning…

    just really really brilliant work!!
    watched them all
    thanks (and your brother too!) for sharing your outstanding creativity!!

    ; )

  31. Rich Says:

    Jerry and Bro,

    Loved the story…obscure talent…I love it !

  32. CARLOS Says:


  33. Mutley Says:

    Wonderful stuff ! I just wish there was more of them, come on Jerry, hurry up and make
    more… pleeeeease.

  34. Petronius Says:

    >Would you be able to find a copy of the
    >Sheep commercial? It’d be a cool piece
    >of your history.

    I am assuming that the commercial is as fictitious as Jerry himself.

    I enjoyed this one very much. The animation is very good–no more singing worms please.

  35. Rich Shupe Says:

    Great episode. It reminded me a bit of The Joe Franklin Show and seeing The Residents as a guest on that show. Jerry Time is quite Residential. Kudos.

  36. OneOldLady Says:

    Awesome episode! This harkened back to the Moth and Landlord episodes…very nicely done 🙂

    Just loved the sheep that couldn’t jump over the fence…heh.

  37. Stanly Berul Says:

    i was sitting here with the mayos and josh and we decided to watch some of these and they were awesome-tastic! Keep up the awesome work

  38. everysandwich Says:

    Come on, Jerry. It sounds like a moment of comic history. Show us the sheep commercial!

  39. me Says:


  40. nick from utica Says:

    very cool…very very very cool.

  41. MONICA Says:

    Jerry, I love your uniqueness and your stories are music to my ears!!!
    You have the magical ability to put a smile on people’s faces – such a priceless gift to have in the world we live today… Obrigado!!!

  42. Grace Says:

    too funny. i remember that commercial. you were the best part. thank god it was not another sheep jumping over the fence dream. also, i love the idea of keeping a motion graphic journal. its crazy creative and visually individual. what an interesting personality.

  43. Rickey Bowers Says:

    Jerry, I’m laughing so hard I’m crying here – you are awesome man! I can so relate to this episode. Keep up the great work.

  44. allegro Says:

    Another really wonderful piece. These are some of the best entertainment I’ve seen for a long long time. Give it more to us and thanks for this.

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  47. Snugglie Soft Says:

    The way your sheep costumes are animated is hilarious and adorable. I still remember that commercial even though it really only aired once or twice around here we laughed hysterically. Why is it that old men in showbizz always smell like the trail mix from bars?

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  49. LolaGotIt Says:

    Jerry you are dangerous with talent and very funny, too.

  50. KaraSavaCrami Says:

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