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  1. Administrator Says:

    Comments enabled.

  2. Anatoly Says:

    I know Kung-Fu… And I’m sure Jerry knows Karate… It’s on!!!

  3. Paul Slayer Says:

    what a great insite you have for reality. Can’t wait for the next adventure. Keep. em coming

  4. Ed Says:

    You oughta look up the owner of the Village Night Club who stiffed you on your paycheck all those years ago. He owes you interest too.

  5. OneOldLady Says:

    Ohhh….this one’s promising already! Jerry going on a DATE??? That one writes itself!!! I can’t wait!

    (BTW, my children and husband are as enamored of It’s Jerry Time as I am!)

  6. natalie Says:

    more jerry!

  7. Marble River Says:

    There’s a Jetblue commercial done in the Jerry style. I just saw it while watching the NCAA Final Four. Very, very similar to the Jerry Time look and feel.


  8. jujubob Says:

    drink coke

  9. Pagmatic Says:

    Another classic!!

  10. tagami Says:

    A New Episode! So hard to decide on my favorite scene…commune, or kill shot?!

  11. will Says:

    Awesome. Lots of little extras in this one, great job!

  12. Mark the Comic Critic Says:

    Dear Jerry,

    You are not being paranoid about the kill shot. The truth is that all women are always looking for the kill shot at all times. They just never want to admit it.

  13. Twoflush Says:

    Thanks, and please keep them coming. These have been making me laugh since boingboing first pointed to them.

  14. Barbeque Pitt Says:

    You can desecrate my dojo anytime, baby.

  15. will (nation) Says:

    Wow, this is one of the best episodes yet! You continue to amaze me.

  16. avogadro Says:

    the last two were ok, but this one takes the cake. good job.
    P.S. cat bother me too

  17. MrBaliHai Says:

    Sterling work, as always. Has Jerry been getting collagen injections in his lips? They seem fuller and more luscious than usual.

  18. Fritz Says:

    thats true the whole time you talk to them they are thinking
    how can I rip out this larynx? Thats why I am in turn thinkingGunFu

  19. leron Says:

    Um, I think aikido is the art of handling your opponent barehanded, usually by twisting a limb or joint.

    Japanese “swordplay” is called kendo.

    But you’re out of there so who cares? And thank God.

  20. Chet Says:

    Nice episode, The animation quality of this episode is alot higher than the others no wonder it took so long to update.

  21. Candy Ng Says:

    Akira Kurosawa’s early films should explain “the spirit” of all “kung fu” well! It is for making “good health”, and it is a “philosophy”. So they make it into 2 kinds: technique & philosophy(a way of life)!

    Judo Story(Sanshiro Sugata)﹙1943﹚
    Judo Story II(Sanshiro Sugata,PartⅡ)﹙1945﹚
    The Bodyguard(Yojimbo)﹙1961﹚

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    […] The karate date – ROFL: […]

  23. Russ Says:

    Much better than the last one.

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    […] The Karate Date is the latest installment of Its Jerrytime! […]

  25. Graham Says:

    Excellent episode. Love the small details too. Shot of Jerry at Tim Horton’s, reading the Daily Hoser. Love it.

  26. outanabout Says:

    As a Canadian living in Kyoto, I could relate to the Aikido and the Tim Hortons! I escpecially loved the newspaper, “THE DAILY HOSER.”
    Great stuff, Jerry.

  27. Drew Says:

    Genius as usual…….

  28. Akira Kurosawa Says:

    aaahhh Jerrysan u are so emo…..i would like to make full length feature movie of u but i am dead….so sorry!!!!

    Akira Kurosawa

  29. GERMAN Says:


  30. Skinny Indian Says:

    Great Episode!

    I especially liked the the hockey card of Paul Henderson!

  31. Gabriel Says:

    I have the technical proficiency required to do an animation like that. Yet I can’t write shit. I don’t know how you manage to do such great storytelling.

  32. (required) Says:

    Nice job Jerry,

  33. Barry Says:


    Great job! Keep ’em coming!!!

  34. Frank Says:


  35. dave scherfel Says:

    another great clip.
    I am jealous.

  36. W.O> Says:

    Jerry… She must have hurt you terribly because you did some awful grotesque stuff to her lips (HA).

  37. Dom Says:

    Holy smokes!

    It’s EmmyTime!

    Congratulations guys!

  38. Mark Massey Says:

    Congratulations on your Emmy nom. I am a new viewer. Cute show. Reminds me of Woody Allen stuff, with a twist of Seinfeld, yet . . . not.

  39. Shorty Says:

    Brilliant BRILLIANT stuff, dude. Would LOVE to see or even HEAR more about the production process…

  40. Carl Weaver Says:

    The kill shot – that was the best!

    Kumite – that’s the only word I remember from my karate class. That meant, “punch each other.”

  41. banteron Says:

    This episode reminds me of every thoroughly modern, self -absorbed woman I have ever known.

    I feel for you, man.

  42. Candy Ng Says:

    wowwe czech karate!!!

    VAVA 😀

  43. Candy Ng Says:

    just learn about that people learning martial arts to “kill bugs” ONLY and it has a long history. the mentor/tutor/sifu usually are in logistic industry & learn the martial arts during their trips. and the workshop was held in “hostel”!!!!! 🙂

  44. OneOldLady Says:

    Well, MarkTheComic wrote:
    “women are always looking for the kill shot at all times”

    And he’s right! Sometimes we just hide it better than others 🙂

    Anyway, very funny episode! Jerry, you pick women as well as you pick jobs, repairmen, landlords, and bars! I’d ask if you’re in therapy, but I can tell that you’re way too cheap for that.

    Congrats on the Emmy nod, BTW!
    Gosh, how quick was THAT, huh?

  45. isaac Says:

    Best one yet, Jerry… the killing move moment is a little stroke of genius in and of itself (and, as ar as I can tell… true).


  46. Jerry Oliver Says:

    Ahhhhh redemption, what a way to make up for the repairman. I have returned to the legion of impressed Jerry’s. Having thought it over, I am back to being very happy and enjoyed every minute of the violently scary date.
    It gives hope to humanity that such thought and thuggery can still be involved in the same scenario.

  47. Farmkid Says:

    First: Yikes. My life in a nutshell, and I’m married to her.

    Second: Tim Horton’s! I live in Atlanta, and




    get enough butter tarts.

    Canadian beer, I can do without, but: butter tarts? Thank God Lent is over…

  48. Ryan Says:

    Very funny stuff.. the fact that you are just so real, makes me laugh. Nice work putting this together,.. very impressive stuff! Will look forward to future episodes. Is there any way to see past episodes?..


  49. Stephen Says:

    Jerry… I love you, man.

  50. Kurt King Says:

    That was as good as yesterday’s St. Petersburg Times article said it would be….very clever!! Check out the Times Floridian section on Tues., 4/18 to chek out the great article!!! U guys rok!!!

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    […] And now Jerry himself invites Japundit readers to come over and see what happens when he dates a Karate Instructor and finds out the “Rules of the Dojo” — the hard way! […]

  52. Joseph C. Meixner Says:

    In response to Jerry’s allergies with cats try using Flonase. I find it works for me when I’m around cats.

  53. Zoe Fine Says:

    what a thrilling discovery, and how you cheered me from my foul mood!
    kudos. you are hilarious.

  54. Chiropractor MGA Says:

    Love the hoser,Tim Horton, neck and Spine (kill shot) ,…sign me up for auto notification. Too much martial arts is not good for anyone…

  55. Rip Says:

    Pure Genius with great presentation! We will see you with Jay Leno next!

  56. bob Says:


  57. dave and sue Says:

    That dojo dame just wasn’t for you, Jer. Keep your defenses up and keep up the good work!

  58. kate Says:

    Every episode is so wonderful. You make me laugh laugh laugh. But I’m also sorry you had such a cruddy date. That chick is a lunatic!

  59. Mark Groenewold Says:

    That is the most hilarious thing I have seen this week. Great stuff. I laughed so hard I think I soiled my karate gi.

    Shamefully Yours,

    Mark G.

  60. Seori Says:

    I saw your site in Wired magazine and decided to give it a try. I was plesantly surprised. The animation is capativating a humuorus. The stories are also, very-New York, which is a comfort becasue I come from there. Thanks Jerry!

  61. Seori Says:

    By the way, time to break up???

  62. Anonymous Says:

    It’s JerryTime nominated for Emmy

    The wonderfully weird webshow, It’s JerryTime, has been nominated for an Emmy. Congratulations, Jerry and Orrin!

  63. JBK Says:

    Another great episode!

  64. Jay Says:

    First time viewer. Excellent!!! Thanx for your work and insights


  65. jujubob Says:

    “If you are interested in a corporate sponsorship please contact us.”

    Lol! Corporate sponsorhips are hilarious!!

  66. shelly Says:

    okay, that’s it…you’ve really outdone yourself this time…
    brilliant, hilarious, and quite scary, all at the same time!
    way to go, dojo…

  67. jim Says:

    Wow! You are a knucklehead! I hadn’t seen but 30 seconds or so before I’m yelling to my wife to take a look at this. Did I mention that I’m a first time viewer? OK… Looking forward to The Second Viewing….

  68. Sean Michael Murphy Says:


  69. Says:

    Hey Jerry, I’ve been laughing my butt off so hard out here in the islands that I wouldn’t be surprised if you could hear me. What a great series, I can’t wair for the next episode. They remind me of my wacky life in Providence and my friend and brother’s adventures when they lived above a sandwich shop on Atwells Ave,
    You’re absolutely brilliant! The deadpan style, fabulous animation and lilting soundtrack (and great foley work, by the way) are commendable. Everyone I know will be visiting your site after this morning and I look forward to more. Thank you. or as we say in the Islands, MAHALO!

  70. » Blog Archive » Video Podcast - It’s Jerry Time! Says:

    […] It’s Jerry Time! is definitely worth checking out. The reality-askew mashup style at first creeped me out when I first stumbled across the page, but the charm of the videos win you over quickly. My favorites are Episode 1 and Episode 5: The Repairman. […]

  71. Pete Says:

    More cowbell – I mean Jerry

  72. DonnaMichelee Says:

    I am Shodan. I loved your animae! I can’t wait to send it tomy Sensei! Jer, you are right, WE ARE ALWAYS LOOKING FOR THR KILL SHOT, (but only on men). LOL.
    Keep them commming. Thanks for the entertainment.

  73. Odd Todd Says:

    Love this one! I dated a karate girl once and i was totally a little scared of her the whole time. She had a tattoo on her boob…

    great stuff…


  74. Linda Gale Says:

    Jerry… I felt a twinge of jealousy. I wanted to DOJO her!
    I read every comment from your NEWS button and I am as proud as a jewish mama could be.
    By the way, I don’t care what anyone says, you are NOT a schlub.

  75. Watchdog Says:

    Yo Jerry,
    Love the Steve Buscemi look! You’re lucky she didn’t use nunchucks on you. Hey anyone with an allergy to cats is a mongrel dog! Get a life. It’s all psycho-somatic and shows you have a fear of pussy 🙂

    Good judgement not to urinate in the water bottle. You can imagine what would have happened to your gym bag.
    Watchdogg..tellin’ it the only way I know.

  76. Nathan Miller Says:

    Wow, that was great…you really got me…gut busting laughter in my house…
    Have lived in Japan for 8 years…man you made my day!!! I am going to tell all my friends about It’s Jerry Time!

  77. TommyKane Says:

    I am so honored to be a small part of your great little films. My Batman painting looks great in Jerry’s aprartment. This is a thrill of a lifetime. I really mean it. Thank you so much.

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  79. Steve Woolf Says:

    This was fantastic!

  80. Nancy Yelle Says:

    We women who practice martial arts aren’t all like HER! You might be surprised. Dump THAT girl, but keep your options open.

  81. REBECCA Says:


  82. lisa80 Says:

    oh,i like here


    have a nice day with you

  83. Mike Zwarts Says:

    Akido is using the force of your oppent against him. Other than that it was funny. I’m not sure that dating someone with a black belt was such a good idea in the first place.

    The thing about “looking for the kill shot” added to it, I think.

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  85. dczx Says:

    COol 🙂

  86. Fdail Says:

    Not bad, it really can occur

  87. vespa Says:

    im allergic to cats too

  88. owvrgsongf Says:

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  89. harrybolas Says:

    lmfao…i love the scene where the guy rips the others spine out…it is pure genius brother. You seem to carry about the way that i do when i don’t give a crap about life….glad to see there are other people on the same ship

  90. hYdE Says:

    So cute! I really enjoyed this!

  91. Boris Says:

    The most awesome part is with spandex and cat allergies (Amazing facial expressions: “and…I am allergic to cats so i end up like…my eyeballs kinda like pop out because they start itching and stuff” 🙂

  92. Niko Says:

    Great series man! i just love how subtle you act in these bizarre situations. can’t wait for the next one

  93. Stefan Says:

    This one is great. I just got hooked on “Jerry Time”. You really got some thing here. Hey, lets see some more of this stuff. Good luck man

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  95. Jeff Soto Says:

    I can’t imagine any other art form that is so effective at capturing not just images we can see with our eyes, but the internal images that we see with our minds. So surreal, so distorted, yet so true. The deceptively simple stories, rendered with every nuance, every attitude, concentrated, and exaggerated like some delirious fever dream, and yet they are hilariously funny.

    Absolutely love it!

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  103. Jim K. Says:

    It’s still here..yay! My wife and kids are going
    down to black-belt trials this weekend. She
    heard it would be a “large gymnasium with
    about 1000 people in it, in gear”, and thought
    immediately about your video. All that
    jumping and yelling. Always a
    riot! You might have saved me the trip…
    ..I’m staying home.. Not risk of
    violating the “Rules Of The Dojo”…haha.