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84 Responses to “THE BRUTE”

  1. pythagoras Says:

    good job with the last one, it’ll be hard to beat, but i’m confident in your animating abilities….

  2. Mike Says:

    when’s it going to be ready:)

  3. Administrator Says:

    ****Hi Guys-
    We’re running late on this one. Sorry about the delay, but it’s been crazy here lately. Expect it later in the month. If you haven’t done so already, please sign up for the NEW EPISODE ALERT on the front page, and you’ll be the first to know when it’s posted.****


  4. Jeremy Says:

    Hey, mazel tov!

  5. AEG Says:

    Nice little shout out to you all in the latest issue of Wired Magazine. Keep up the great work!

  6. tangerine Says:

    C’mon.. it’s offically the 5th.

    Guess you are brewing up something good.
    Looking forward to the next EP

  7. Dr Teresa Says:

    I know these things take time…but I NEED the next episode! Television is wretched, the globe is warming, the icecaps are melting, gas prices are rising, traffic gridlock is skyrocketting, politics are beyond depressing, and your episodes give me the quick fix of laughter and hope I need to sally forth with a smile on my face and my head held high. In sum, ItsJerryTime is my drug of choice.

    BTW, others may not agree, but I’d be happy with just the audio until the animation is ready. For a long time that’s all I could get on my elderly laptop anyway, so I’d listen to Jer as I got dressed, cleaned up, stared at the ceiling, etc. Neighbors probably think I have a very repetitive guy in my apartment because I keep playing the same ones over and over again. Hence i need a new episode to protect my standing in the community. (I love the animation, of course, but maybe you could do a stepwise launch of new material for those who are seriously addicted, with an audio clip first and then the video when it’s ready…?) Desperately Yours, Dr T.

  8. Richard Madgin Says:

    OMG. This is not good for my nerves! 😀 Maybe it’ll be up tomorrow (7th?).

  9. NotarealAdministrator Says:

    Guys, chill out! Jerry said it will take awhile. Episodes like these don’t fall from trees. They take time. Until then, keep your fingers crossed and hold your breath (I am not responsible for any casualties)

  10. adam nauss Says:

    these skits rock keep’em coming

  11. HeXtor the puertorrican X-man Says:

    Hey Bros! I love it and my Shrink will love it too! Keep up the good work. I discover the site thanks to Wired Mag.

  12. sauff Says:

    hi i want the brut play! pleeeeeees!

  13. Dr. Teresa Says:

    Yes, Pleeeease! Sometimes I wonder it this delay indicates that the Brute is headed for TV, instead of the humble internet… ? Yikes

  14. winediva Says:

    Secretly heart you! I even sent a postcard in to about my secret admiration for you.

  15. Carmello Says:

    I think Jerry has nice eyes and funny hair. That’s all, I think.

  16. xrispy Says:

    im kinda excited

  17. David Demark Says:

    Hey Jerry, just saying it looks to be your best vlog.
    cant wait till the 5th

  18. Fritz Says:

    A small victory…? I wanted to see you cross check that oaf into obliblion Gordie Howe style. Play old school hockey next time Jerry.

  19. Aaron Says:

    Jerry scores!

  20. GinGin Says:

    Hey guys – this was definitely worth waiting for! The pace was great, the story was great, the execution was great. Love the jersey, Jerry.

  21. johnie Says:

    Great episodes and congrats on the DVD!


  22. Carmello Says:

    Did he mess up the bottles or did the Brute pour the stuff in his bag? I just don’t know.

  23. OneOldLady Says:

    Very, very good.

    Jerry…I stew about things, too. I know how you feel. Don’t you just HATE bullies?
    Loved your vinegar/water/Stand-In-Bottle approach. That’s priceless! Unfortunately, with your name being RIGHT ON the bottle, he was able to trace you down pretty easily as the culprit. Next time, be a little more underhanded and devious! I know that you can do it 😉

  24. Chase Says:

    Jerry, Jerry, Jerry …. 🙂

    I once worked at an office where someone would eat my lunch regularly, just take it out of the fridge and eat it. Grrr. I fantasized about puting syrup of ipecac on a sandwich, but I never did. Sigh.

    Vinegar. Genious.

  25. andy Says:

    you are hilarious!!

  26. hglucky Says:

    victory indeed jerry!

    but what position do you play?


  27. jim Says:

    love the buffalo shirt

  28. Direct Response Works Says:

    […] You’ve probably already watched it.  If not, here’s the link. […]

  29. tagami Says:

    45 year old goalie: “Huh..what?” Poor goalie!
    I recognize one of your friends…
    Did the brute continue to come to the games?

  30. Gabriel Says:

    funny, i never thought you’d be into any kind of sports. Now I don’t identify with you as much, unless you tried playing something and really sucked at it!

  31. Lurk2000 Says:

    Priceless, so enjoyed it, well worth the wait, thanks Jerry

  32. Joe Russo Says:

    Hi Jerry,
    I thought you were a little crazy but I didnt think you were f**n nuts!!
    I was a little disapointed that you didnt talk about your goal scoring capabilities..
    Sorry about Buffalo.

    Joe Russo

  33. Graham Says:

    Great episode as always. So many beautiful small touches. The shot of Jerry perturbed on the couch is priceless, the hockey goalie and I could go on, but I won;t becuase I want to go watch it again.

  34. John Says:

    Jerry is awesome!

  35. Bill Says:

    I think Jerry’s got his first whacko…way to go Jujubob…maybe you can start your own animated website about a guy who stalks cartoon characters.

  36. SK Says:

    too bad you weren’t still dating the karate girl…she would have showed that brute a thing or two.

  37. TommyKane Says:

    I am so honored to be a small part of your great little films. My Batman painting looks great in Jerry’s aprartment. This is a thrill of a lifetime. I really mean it. Thank you so much.

  38. Baltazar Moutarde Says:

    You gave da Brute da Boot. Great job as always!

  39. BillyBanilly Says:

    Jerry has a girlfriend and does sports!? Go jerry!!

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    […] It’s JerryTime! The Brute – small victory for the little guy (kind of). Ha ha. […]

  41. Ava Says:

    My Dad Aaron is a loser. But I like Jerry anyway.

    The Shmave

  42. Peter C. from Lexington KY Says:

    Jerry, sure The Brute deserved a shank in the jimmy, but you being you went the safe route. Some people would have put 3 to 5 drops of visine in there for good measure (this slipping o` the mickey results in raging backside splatters and other unpleasant juicy releases for hours) to teach him a lesson in humility. I’m glad there are people like you in the world that can relish such small personal victories (that most people regard as pathetic failures). Especially when you know the rest of us are thinking “Man, what a dweeb.” Please keep up your meager and mundane existence that ensures laughter for so many.

  43. zzz Says:

    Nice job with the vintage Bisons sweater, which is the only reason I found your cartoon. Glad I did–it’s good stuff. Go Sabs!

  44. HePkie Says:

    Great job as usual Jerry.

  45. andy Says:

    How this is not a cartoon on cable already is beyond comprehension. Please let me know when the show starts!!

  46. John Doe Says:

    Come on Jerry, stick up for yourself once. At least once.

    Otherwise, nice episode.

  47. Bujuju Says:

    He did stick up for him self. He deleted a bunch of my comments referring to the prematurely released content-poor dvd. And his attempts to keep up his loner-loser corporate image by claiming he’s single on myspace. He even deleted comments of other people who picked up on it.

    Anyway, i’m just trying to say, at least on the internet, jerry does stick up for him self.

  48. BRT583 Says:

    Nice job guys. Love the posters on the front page…they’re remind me of those old lobby cards the used to have in theatres. Keep up the good work-looking forward to the next adventure.

  49. THE BRUTE Says:

    Hey Jerry-
    I need to keep hydrated becasue of a rare genetic condition. Please accept my apolgies. I didn’t mean to offend your sensilbities…I’m really not such a bad guy. I love puppies, volunteer at bakesales and stuff at my kid’s school and think of myself as a generally decent guy. Just don’t get between me and the net and you’ll be fine.

  50. Andrew Says:

    I found you guys through Wired-cool site. I want more.

  51. g. adams Says:

    I finally saw the latest. It’s fantastic! I’m fond of the little metal goalie from tabletop hockey game. I had that. Nice. Had to watch when Jerry gets checked at the end several times frame by frame. Masterpiece.

  52. OneOldLady Says:

    I dunno, Jerry…you want donations, but it’s taking longer & longer each month for these videos to be posted on your site. Are we being snookered?

    When’s the latest Jerry episode gonna be up & ready???!!!! Addicts need their fixes, y’know? Otherwise we can get UGLY and BRUTE-like!

  53. V[[a=s/"p++E?rs*t\H-gRa*:te/!!#~~ Says:

    I found this site via IEEE Spectrum via MoBuzz TV, if I recall correctly.

    Good job. Jerry reminds me of my friend Brett combined with Charlie. I promoted this site on my blog today.

  54. jacky Says:

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  55. Joe Bivens Says:

    Loved it. Loved the kid on the tricycle.

    Nitpick: If you wanted him to swallow a lot of vinegar, more dilution might have worked better. 10% seems like it wouldn’t mask the taste too well. Might as well have given him vinegar full strength.

  56. Derek Says:

    That’s completely awesome (except for how, of course, he got all pissed). I mean, really. Bring your own water, dude. I hate when people drink from my bottle. Dammit! That’s my bottle!

  57. lisa80 Says:

    oh,i like here


    have a nice day with you

  58. Jack Black Says:

    jumping on the bandwagon after wall street journal.

  59. Eric Says:

    AHAHA the ending was amazing. Great animation on this one

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  61. Richard Says:

    I wish I could do animation like you. Awesome stuff. Good job.

  62. Jim T Says:

    Hey Jerry,

    Got a kick out of “The Brute”. The one thing I noticed was the clean cut Montreal goalie
    you featured. The same goalie appears on a old table top hockey game I’ve had
    since the ’60’s. The company that made it was Eagle and they were from Canada.
    I had the Montreal and Toronto players. No helmets, all clean cut guys with smiles.

    Keep on truck’in

    Jim Turcovsky
    Fort Wayne, IN

  63. Lee Says:

    I really enjoy these. They have the deadpan element kind of like Steven Wright that i like. Each episode stands on its own. The people’s faces were especially funny in this one.
    Take your time. Some people sound pushy in the comments. Just have fun with these like everyone that gets to watch them is having fun. I consider each episode a gift.

  64. chris Says:

    The Brute.
    I think I know that guy.

  65. Alex Mayo Says:

    Its Alex Mayo. Your show is mad funny! Me and Josh watched some episodes today.
    Keep up the awesome work

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  71. NewTeeVee » Friday Vid Picks: Emmy Nominees Says:

    […] It’s Jerry Time!, a nominee in the variety category, is a hilarious animated series (and its creator is not that Jerry Zucker). In episode seven, Jerry faces off against “The Brute” in pickup street hockey. […]

  72. Lila Watts Says:

    This one makes sence “One’s first step in wisdom is to kuesstion everything – and one’s last is to come to terms with everything.”

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  75. John monkman Says:

    your stuff is great cant get enough of it get some jerry time out there.thanks

  76. Vince Says:

    The Quicktime version works for like 2 seconds, but then stops there while the WMP version works fine. Got me worried there for a bit since I really love hockey.

  77. Brenda Says:

    How is it it’s a felony…it was your water bottle? I wouldn’t have put urine in there, but something to make he go to the bathroom : )

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  81. Warren Says:

    Hah that big hockey brute looks exactly like a guy i used to work with as a guard. he was the site supervisor and had the mental agility of a beef wellington he got pissed with me when i went to the washroom without the radio cause apparently he needs to be in contact with me even when im peeing. i got back and he wouldnt let me into the office so i slammed on it then he came out and barked a lecture to me abut the importance of carrying a radio with me at all times cause WWW3 could happen while i was taking a leak. I went back in rolling my eyes and sat silently at the desk writing when after about two hours he said

    “Pop quiz…in the event of a disaster who leaves the building first.”

    i said

    “that’s an odd way to apologi-”


    “Whoever is closest to the door you idiot!”

    so yeah now i know how jerry felt when he was talking to the kid on the tricycle. good episode! keep it up 😀


  82. Dan Lenard Says:


    Freekin hilarious because, we must have played on the same team at some time. The Bisons Jersey is something only we Buffalonians would know. I played till I was 45, and was thinking perhaps it was me.

    I too discovered I couldn’t keep up with the 20 year olds and said what the hell am I doing here? Great story man!

  83. Jerry Says:

    I just noticed your comment Dan, now that we’re all the way into June… Did you play over at US floor hockey at Mineral Springs in West Seneca? Do you know Randy K.? they had a couple other places too, including that horrible one near the Fruit Belt? well I’m still playing and I found a few “Glue Factory” leagues out here in Massachusetts with other old guys too. And I taught myself some roller blading and am doing that too.

    You gotta find a way to keep playing if you really love it!

  84. Ivy Dalton Says:

    good luck