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95 Responses to “JERRY STRIKES BACK!”

  1. Administrator Says:

    Comments are now open for the next episode.

  2. john Says:

    does jerry live in providence? I live in providence. I think it would be the bee knees to live near jerry.

  3. xlo Says:

    Finally some payback! Jerry gets even…I can’t wait.

  4. jeremy Says:

    i CANNOT wait to see you revenge on all those who have made you suffer. it’s a shame it takes a whole month…that’s the beauty of suspense. the sad thing about this whole thing is, while it’s all a great laugh and all, this only encourages your fans to hope that more unfortuate events befall you, lest they forever more be deprived of itsjerrytime stories.

    P.S. your website should show this famous motto on the homepage, “it’s only funny ’till someone gets hurt. then its hysterical”

  5. Collin Says:

    I certainly haven’t commented enough, but I must say: fantastic work. Especially on episode #2. I’m really looking forward to #4. Have you ever considered putting together a “How I do it” kind of post showing a bit of how you assemble these shows?

  6. Alan Says:

    Truly wonderful.

  7. Ben Says:

    These shows are hilarious! Keep up the good work!

  8. Bart Says:

    As many others out there I’ve seen a lot of small movies and stuff on the net but this is the best I’ve seen ever. Very good work, looking forward to see new episodes.

  9. forksclovetofu Says:

    Really, really choice work. Very impressive in the best possible way.

  10. teh spruce bruce Says:

    Jerry ~

    Your material is simply…phenomenal. All three episodes that I have seen, I feel…well…very empathetic. I absolutely can not wait for your fourth episode where Jerry supposedly get to “lash out.” *if you will…lol*

    Keep up the good work. I will be tuning in.

    ~ Teh Spruce Bruce

  11. JonGB Says:

    Jerry possesses wrath? This can’t be so, surely?

  12. Greg Mills Says:

    The Jail Time episode got all squirrelly. I liked it. I also enjoyed the Our Town simplicity of the earlier episodes. I like just about everything. I’m a simple person.

  13. Vasa Says:

    Keep up the stunning animation. Jerry reminds me of a Steve I know in about ten years time. Can’t wait for this next episode, should be fantastic.

  14. Matthew Price Says:

    Jerry, I really dig your work it’s so hilarious… Thanks so much for the laughs!

  15. Bart4 Says:

    Dear mr. Jerry Shandling,

    Tx. You make me wanna laugh.
    A lot.
    More these days.

    Kind regards,

  16. ciaran Says:

    Just caught your site.Strangely interesting but lacking a little humour perhaps, or vitriol.Rich Hall on mogadon.Lookin forward to the wrath

  17. bill Says:

    great fun

  18. Barb the tuner Says:

    Count me in for Henneseys or whatever the actual place is. I’ll bring a big bowl to fill with popcorn!

    From previous post, what does squirelly mean?

  19. gary Says:

    this is taking sooooo long to make, please hurry up

  20. Jules Says:

    JerryTime rocks!!!!! nuff said.

  21. gary Says:

    jerrytime sucks, takes soooo long to post anything, and they are OK once they are there… maybe jerry cant figure out how to do it any quicker, he should just give up

  22. XK9 Says:

    Dear Gary,

    In case you still haven’t figured it out, Jerry’s stories are posted once a month. Kind of like your favorite magazine, “Cat Fancy.” If you can wait a month for your latest issue of CF, don’t you think Jerry deserves the same patience?

    Yours truly,


  23. Fritz Decat Says:

    Give em both Barrels Jerry

  24. Gabriel Says:

    Yay, tomorrow is my birthday, and somehow I feel the Jerry Strikes Back will be the best i’ll get!

  25. Nate Says:

    Hit ’em hard, Jerry!!! I can’t wait to see who feels the cold sting of your frontier brand of justice!!!

  26. Anatoly Says:

    Oh, crap! I can’t wait till tomorrow!!!

  27. XK9 Says:

    Howdy y’all. I love this episode. It also make me very cautious in my dealings with our favorite antihero. I asked Jerry to list 10 of his pet peeves. Let me drop some knowledge on you in a post I call What Bugs Jerry?. Enjoy.

  28. hglucky Says:


    I have lots of sympathy for your current dilemma. I live in a warehouse that used to be a wool warehouse. Please let me know, how did your sweaters make out?

    And where can I get one of those Bug Wands? Better yet, since you have 2 can I buy one from you -at a discount of couse.

    let me know —hgLucky

  29. Fritz Decat Says:

    Its about time Moths experienced a little bit of frontier justice. Well done.

  30. Mark the Comic Critic Says:

    You have done it again! Another blazing example of the tortures and tribulations of the mundane lived to its zenith. The dedication, the loyalty. It boggles the mind. Kudos.

  31. James Says:

    Die, moth! Die!

    I really liked this month’s episode, and not because I also really hate moths. Jerry, your story-telling is great, and while in the past I didn’t think the animation added much to it this months animation was really outstanding, especially the singing worms. The soundtrack was nice too. But a month is too long to wait, how about a weekly, audio-only podcast?

    My Best,


  32. myra Says:

    This is great work!!! I love it! Jerry keep living life one incident at a time!!

  33. Gabriel Says:

    Gee, thanks, Jerry!! I’ll show my name on your front page to all my friends! I loved the new episode, i’ve had my share of problems with those pesky creatures. Only here the bigger ones sometimes are black, which actually makes them scarier, especially before you realize theyre just moths.

  34. gina g Says:

    Thank you for the new JerryTime! First, I’d like to say that I would have preferred not to watch it while I was eating my lunch…..
    But, that aside, it was hilarious!!! I was laughing outloud during the middle part. Jerry, Jerry….only you!!
    I’m so happy that February is a short month — I can’t wait for the next JerryTime.
    PS- be glad it wasn’t spiders!!!

  35. Elan' Says:

    yeah, those Indian Meal Moths are a real pest. I remember the worms crawling on the ceiling of my kitchen in the summer.

  36. KalTrain Says:

    Did you happen to buy Google stock yesterday? I’m not sure if you heard yet, but last night it dropped about 11 gazillion dollars… Do me a favor and post the stocks you’re thinking of buying next time…we need a little lead time to unload them.

  37. Vinny Says:

    Brilliant stuff Jerry!! I’m totally hooked already. Can’t wait to see more episodes. -Vinny ( musician from Long Island / moving to DC in the spring )

  38. Halli Says:

    Dear Brothers,

    Thank you!
    I’m writing this with an enormous & soothing grin.

    I’ll do my best to spread the word. And listen to the bitter ones: they can only make you stronger, right?

    – Halli

  39. saketini99 Says:

    you go Jerry! you get those mean ol’ moths.

    bad moths.

    BTW, this episode looks REALLY good, some nice transitions and overall graphically improved.

  40. Dom Says:

    Okay, I love you Jerry, but I feel like I have to stick up for the moths, here. After all, they are just being moths. Perhaps you could have collected them in your wand and transported them to the country.

  41. Chas C Says:

    Everybody should get yer butts over to itunes and write a kick ass review of this site. Jerry needs to be seen! Spread the word!!!

  42. Inevitable Doom Says:

    The end of jerry.

  43. Alex Says:

    This rocks but the one prob is you can’t hear what Jerry says when He is stomping on the bugs because there is too much screaming and crunching of vile moth scum. Personally Jer, I Loved watching you crush those innocent yet disgusting creatures, but man oh man. I know not whether rectification of any kind is possible, but this is one fan who hasn’t yet gotten the entirity of his monthly jerry supplement.
    Jerry > Moths> Meal

  44. meeo mie Says:

    Re: Episode Four
    Jerry, good episode. Know how to tell a boy moth from a girl moth? Moth balls.

  45. The Hook Says:

    The singing ceiling dwellers were far and away the best part of the video. Excellenet, excellent segment of the video. The music was so…1930’s. Loved it. And then your reaction when you walked into the kitchen and saw them singing!

  46. Tom in L.A. Says:


  47. Geneva Says:

    You have made the big time.. heard about you site on the radio not the pressure is on, the whole world is listening.. Ah you say, radio is not such a big thing! But this station is WRG running out of Geneva Switzerland.! Keep up the good international work.

  48. moonstarer Says:

    Funniest yet.

  49. Graham Says:

    Great work, but I am not a fan of your new production technique. You had great style before and it is looking too slick for my tastes and you have lost the great multi-prespectives that gave the other episodes a very unique charm.

    Content as always is excellent

  50. ana Says:

    you have here a fantastic work…i just don´t know enought english words to describe it…so …adorei, adorei, adorei!!!! um trabalho verdadeiramente original, muito divertido e de extremo bom gosto.
    I clap my hands…

  51. Charles Bukowski Says:

    Jerry my man,

    It’s nice to see you finally come out on top. Even if it is against defenseless

    You are my hero!!!

    Charles Bukowski

  52. Gary Says:

    That was THE funniest thing I have seen in weeks. I was laughing so hard, my kids thought I was going insane.

    Keep up the great work!

  53. Frank Says:

    Hey Jerry, infestations are signs of an unclean habitat. Based on the condition of your clothing, I would say that you are unclean in your ways. Get a girlfriend who can clean your place you dirty slob!

  54. tim Says:

    best episode so far! i didnt like yellow-green worms tho. * that 3d rendering stuff – its not needed. anyways good one!

  55. David Ward Says:

    What can I say, this is classic…Keep it up guys!

  56. Mary Says:

    I love your work. It’s hilarious. I look forward to each episode.

  57. R. Hartogs Says:

    this should make everybody feel better about their own lives!

  58. Dave Says:

    Awesome, I love this stuff. It needs mass market exposure and a bunch of money thrown at the advertising of such a cool effort. Also, it should be on TV. I just wish there was one episode a week. I know the quality may suffer but just keep them coming. Great work.

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  61. Petronius Says:

    I didn’t like the singing worms. The cute style of the animation jarred with the twisted reality of the rest of the animation.

    Other than that, great stuff. Keep it up.

  62. patrick Says:

    I agree moths are stupid!!!!

  63. TONY RIGG Says:


  64. arb: Says:

    The animation is really coming along…it makes the story.

  65. Steve Says:

    The singing worms did indeed show a dramatic improvement in your animating abilities. Obviously, you will continue to get better and better. The choice you have to make is an artistic one . Should Jerry remain as frenetic and chaotic as he was born, or should he evolve into “PIXAR” production values .

  66. Joe Bivens Says:

    You’ve gone from passive aggressive to killing moths. Wonderful.

  67. SickOfShovelingSnow Says:

    Fabulous! The singing critters had me laughing out loud.
    And your absolutely dry delivery of lines is hysterical.
    This is my new favorite website! But…one episode per month? Not NEARLY enough!!! Please, may I have another?

  68. Donna Says:

    My husband threw out my Bug Wand–on purpose–that basket! I hunted & pecked for it during an “urgent time of need”, and he finally confessed (he-man said it was “useless”). I bought my sister one last Christmas, and it was her FAVORITE gift–uses it ALL THE TIME in her nit-riddled home! Thanks for the laughs–you’re awesome!
    ( “JerryTime, JerryTime, I LOVE my JerryTime!”)

  69. Ed Tapanes Says:


    Love the web thing you’re doing here. It’s new, it’s fresh and it’s just crazy enough to work.

    Have been thoroughly enjoying this since episode one. Please do keep up the great work!

    BTW, when is there going to be “itsjerrytime” swag for sale?

    Ed T.

  70. Techno Ted Says:

    I read about this website and the webisodes posted from the newspaper the other day. You two Zuckers have some real serious mental problems, which is why I will continue to visit this website.

  71. sal morelli Says:

    Jerry needs a spot on prime time tv. It’s very funny and poinient. It’s better than the majority of brainless tv programming!

  72. Allen Cunningham Says:

    Jerry – What a loser you are! But you are very entertaining, keep up the humor.


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    […] It’s Jerry Time! This time Jerry fights moth maggots. No kidding. […]

  74. Bob Anderson Says:

    Wierd and funny. Keep trying Jerry!!!!

  75. paul houston Says:

    Very funny shows! Absolutely brilliant!

  76. mersh Says:

    Jerry, I live in Medway, and boy I never thought things get as bad as you say in Medway. But it always gives me a good laugh to watch and see the local comedy. It’s funny seeing town “landmarks” in your movies, just makes you think… Hey, I know where that is.

  77. scot Says:

    Jerry is pretty far out. Hope he continues his wild adventure I’m looking forward to new episodes.

  78. Lin Says:

    Check out the moth I saw on my front door tonight, Jerry. Five inch wing span…top that!

  79. Candy Ng Says:

    I wash my hair & use hairdrier to dry them every midnight. My neighbours never complain even we live in an apartment building at Hong Kong!!! 🙂

    Another good way to kill bug is place some magnet at your home. e.g. place the magnet at the side of the fridge. Also, I saw some people put a few AA batteries beside their screen!!!

    Incense also kill bugs. If you have chance to go to visit the small city of mainland China, you will see people burning incense in the toilet.

  80. Ian Michael Smith Says:

    I feel this guy’s pain! I too dislike moths. My friends tell new people we meet that I “Am afraid of moths.” This is untrue, I’m afraid of tigers and sharks. Moths I just dislike, very much.
    I was at my Aunt’s house in the English countryside and was attacked by a huge moth. It kept bumping into my head and getting all that aweful powder stuff on me. Worst part of the whole trip, and I had the chicken pox at the time.
    Nasty little creatures!

  81. Jenny Says:

    I love your site! It is my definite favorite. Keep the episodes coming!

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    […] Well, it was like this.  I went over to Robert Scoble’s blog, to check out some of his newest posts, I was reading a long post of his… Went about 2/3rds the way down, reading something about and then I just saw It’s Jerry Time!. I just randomly went to Epi 4: Jerry Strikes Back, it really funny, seriously.   It’s  basically about the character (I think, his name is Jerry) and his moth problem. […]

  83. Paula Says:

    I disagree with the whiners who don’t like the 3D moth larvae – I LOVED the juxtaposition of different animation styles. Almost as though the worms were more real than you, Jerry, with your classically handsome features…

  84. Old Man Musings » It’s JerryTime - Moths Says:

    […] Watch Jerry Strike Back against the moths. His trials and tribulations are the funniest to watch. I liked his use of the old timey song, comics and old product images. Check out the shoebox and see what the site is all about. It does look like he’s into flea market finds or he’s just been collecting for awhile. I’d like to see more of this collection. […]

  85. scott Says:

    What a freakin hoot! I spend summers in northeastern wisconsin, where it
    seems 30 per cent of the male population is named Jerry. My friends up here,
    have all resorted to calling each other Jerry.
    Imagine our glee at discovering It’sJerryTime! damn great work,
    complex in it’s simplicity!
    scott chapin

  86. Rachel Says:

    I had those freaking worms and moths! It creeped me out every morning. I’d have to get on a chair and kill the worms and then there’d just be more the next day. Disgusting.

  87. Hillary Says:

    No more spam, man!

  88. ana paula Says:

    ana paula

    I Googled for something completely different, but found your page…and have to say thanks. nice read.

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  92. Bob Zimmerman Says:

    These are the best things I have seen in… FOREVER! I love the quirky animation! The music, the stories.. all great! I have sent the website link to many of my friends and family. Thanks for the much-needed laughs in a way-too-serious world!!!

  93. Dramatic Prairiedog Says:

    my apartment in New Orleans got swarmed by termites in June of 2002. It was disgusting. I was running around squashing them with pieces of duct tape as I sealed up the windows, doors and vents with the duct tape. There were termite guts all over the walls about 4 hours later. Good thing the management moved me into a different apartment after that…

  94. Nina Says:

    I have watched this three times, and I laugh everytime!

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