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146 Responses to “JAILTIME FOR JERRY”

  1. tim Says:

    let’s hope jerry doesn’t drop the soap!!!

  2. JP Says:

    It’d be interesting to see the look on his face, though, if he does. Also to see if the modulation in his voice changes at all. I don’t think it’ll happen, though.

  3. sleepy-j Says:

    Good stuff!!! good looking graphics….I hope you make a million$$$

  4. MrBaliHai Says:

    Don’t look now, but you’ve been bOINGbOING’ed.

  5. Hans Janus Says:

    Brilliant! 🙂
    Can’t wait for more… and, oh yeah… good luck w/ the bOINGitude

  6. Glenn Says:

    First Boingboing-ian here,
    FUN animation.
    Yer landlord is a hosebag and needs crest whitestrips.

    Rock on

  7. Renee and Kyndell Says:

    We Want More Jerry!!!!!!!

  8. Adam Says:

    You rock, Jerry!

    Keep it up, please!

  9. Roast Beef Says:

    this stuff is genius. great animation, great stories, great everything. consider yourself bookmarked!

  10. winsomecowboy Says:

    Life is a constant barrage of petty slights and generally people just live with it in their own heads and it alienates them. You’ve chosen to package these little pathetic indignities we all share in your own witty way and share them.
    Thank you very much. I’m sure tapping into what you have will lead to all sorts of interesting opportunities to be further disappointed in perhaps shinier circumstances. I hope all this deserved collected praise makes you happy.

  11. Tom & Says:

    Who is that guy?

  12. JeffE Says:

    More! More! More!

  13. Anatoly Says:

    Simply great!

  14. gina g Says:

    How long do we have to wait? I need my Jerrytime fix!!!

  15. slappy Says:

    Need. Jerry. Now.

  16. mr. turkel Says:

    Hey I wanna see Jerry gettin boinged in jail too.

  17. PluQueRic Says:


    I must have pulled the overhead STOP REQUESTED cord too soon.

    Or too late …

  18. the scotty Says:

    this is simply fantastic. i saw your site on rocketboom and had to take another look.

    you make the mundaine awsome.

  19. QewLan Says:

    This is great, just great… good inspiration to make stuff. goon with it…

  20. Omen Says:

    Great stuff, Jerry!

    I have so missed the dr katz style of humour, please keep going.

  21. Scott Says:

    Top-notch. I love your style. Totally engrossing. I nearly broke a rib when I saw your “hurt feeling” face. I can’t wait until the next installment.

  22. Matthew Ehlers Says:

    Fantastic work. I agree with sleepy-j Says when he said, “I hope you make a million$$$” Making internet cartoons is the fastest way to making millions of dollars. Also good is typing $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ a million times and then counting them up and going, “Whippeee! I’ve got a million $’s!”

  23. panty waste architect Says:

    i like it..i like it.
    the whole neighborhood is going wild over it too.

  24. Morris Says:

    Kafka and Beckett meet American Splendour

  25. That Other Guy Says:

    Rocketboom sent me. Glad they did.

  26. Tyler Says:

    This is the most amazing piece of video footage ever created by man

  27. AL Breon Says:

    I can’t wait! My freinds and I have many stories! Like the dude who fell down drunk in front of the Vail cop car! I’d like all this stuff to happen to this dude!

  28. Tom Says:

    I’m forever hooked on Jerry Time. Please send more JT… more JT.

  29. Who Be Dat, YO?! Says:

    JE-RRY! JE-RRY! Dis be awesome!

  30. Issa Mayahi Says:

    Good stuff, funny funny subject.

  31. iSJPod Says:

    I love your show and it is killing me to wait so long for another!! I certainly don’t mind “blue” material if that ends up being your direction. However, I want to add that you are like a few classics that can attract both children and adult audiences (Sponge Bob, Simpsons, ect…).

    I have watched your show with all my family: my wife and I — mid 40’s; my two teenage daughters — 17 & 13; and, my two younger daughters age 11 and 7. The seven year old loved the animated “pouty” face made when your landlord told you that “you live in filth.”

    Anyway, PLEASE, PLEASSE, PLEASSSE, release another video. I and my family can hardly wait!!! You are our favorite “tv” program.


    Scott J. Podhradsky

  32. Janet Hemnes Says:


  33. Shelly's Brother Says:

    I see what’s happening. I see what you’re doing. You’re making these really great episodes to hook us so that you can sell the rights to Jerry for a gazillion dollars. One day the loyal following and true Jerryheads will come back and see something like this:

    “Disney presents: It’s Jerry Time, starring Tom Hanks as Jerry.”

    And the whole site will be littered with co-marketing and co-branding opportunities like:

    “Click here to buy the new King Kong and Jerry action figures with the Kung-Fu grip!” “Click here to buy the Malibu Barbie and her special friend Jerry!”

    Well, I’m on to you and I’m not going to be a part of it anymore. Umm…maybe starting after the next episode…?

  34. Digital Camera Blog » Scared of Santa? Says:

    […] Maybe one reason box office sales stink is the Web keeps siphoning off original talent. Take Jerry, for example. Like his namesake, the fellow who created the eponymous 90s comedy famously about “nothing,” Jerry’s topic is the trivia of day-to-day living. In the first episode, “Who’s that guy?!,” Jerry visits a pub, courts trouble by prematurely eating some popcorn, endures crappy service, and debates how much he should leave for a tip. Episode 2, “The Landlord,” ratchets up the action when Jerry’s refrigerator and plumbing go on the fritz, and his landlord gets all up in his face over his filthy apartment. (Sorry for the spoilers.) Jerry’s doleful narration and the quirky animation create the real fun here. File this one in the Harvey Pekar category of eccentric, beleaguered everymen. Episode 3 coming up in January: “Jerry Goes to Jail“(!) We can’t wait. (in World Wide Web) […]

  35. Thiago Leite Says:

    This is pretty funny…. clean and smart comedy…
    A lot better than many shows from Comedy Central…

  36. Luis fernandez Says:

    Very good, love it. Tha fraphics are hiliarious!
    Keep the good work.

  37. Jimster Says:


    Are you waiting till you get out of jail in ten years or will you be sending it out from your cell?

  38. Nate Says:

    Hey Jerry,

    Sorry to hear about your troubles with the landlord and your local watering hole. But what happened to land you in the slammer? There’s nothing there…

  39. gompero Says:

    * brilliant

  40. XK9 Says:

    Hi all you Jerry fans! I was fortunate to be granted an exclusive interview with Jerry himself. Our 20 Question Q & A is posted on woof

  41. Carol Says:

    It keeps getting better and better, Jer. And, BTW, happy birthday!

  42. Pagmatic Says:

    Well worth the wait!! Awesome job!! Please make more soon!!!

  43. Dig Says:

    Jerry, great stuff. Keep it coming!

  44. Barbeque Pitt Says:

    While you walk around doing your daily thang do you have a portable stereo with speakers playing your piano theme song?

  45. gina g Says:

    Happy Birthday Jerry! It’s nice that we all get a gift on your special day! Another job well done. The details are just getting better and better! Anyone who doesn’t know you might think you make up this stuff — but we who do know you, well, we know better! When do we get out next episode of Jerrytime???
    By the way, LOVED the interview on Woof. It’s classic !

  46. hglucky Says:

    Glad your out of jail Jerry!!

    Hey, I read your interview on “WOOF” –I didn’t know that you played the piano music for these episodes. That’s cool….. I’m curious, you describe your performing style to be “like Scott Joplin in his syphillis years.” Hmm, if that is the case, maybe we should call you “It’sJerryTime Lee Lewis.”

    When is your next gig?


  47. A-Dub Says:


    Your expression as you bust out the arch way at the bank is friggin priceless. I watched it over and over and it just kept getting funnier. Thanks for making my day once again. *APPLAUSE*

  48. isaac Says:

    Jerry, you can read a full mea-culpa on my part here:

    sorry about that stuff I said earlier. I was wrong, your animations are awesome.

  49. chique Says:

    bravo! bravo!!!

  50. Peral S. Buck Says:

    Jerry you are one suffering bastard but you make me laugh my ass off.

    You are my hero too!!!

    Pearl S. Buck

  51. Wisey Says:

    Crapola…you’re a real loser…
    Keep up the good work.

  52. Jerry Fan Says:

    $10 an hour ($20,800/year) is “pretty good money”? You really need to set your career sights higher, Jerry!

  53. Chris Black Says:

    That was worth the wait. You truly make me think I have an idyllic life Jerry. Keep up the good work!

  54. Jim Says:

    Jerry – i sure hope these aren’t autobiographical stories. you are a real loser. perhaps you should make a short films about it.

    and hurry up already! nobody’s going to pay you at this rate. weekly episodes at a bare minimum! (bahaha)

  55. Anatoly Says:

    Jerry, I must say don’t listen to the jerks who say that you are a loser! Because if you are I’m an even bigger one! Keep episodes coming and one day you’ll be famous. I hope that you have enough stories to tell. You sure had suffered through a lot! Don’t woory, be happy!

  56. Thiago Leite Says:

    This is getting better and better…. keep it up and I’m sure you’ll get a sponsorship from some TV Channel or bigger web site.

    This is really smart stuff…

  57. Swapatorium Says:

    Great stuff…again! The lady cop was my favorite.

  58. Judy Says:

    Jailtime is so great. A downright hoot! Don’t ever become “succesful.”

  59. Jesus Says:

    i loved the king kong thing

    by the way, your life makes mine look regal. and look what happened to ME!

  60. hilton Says:

    i like it, im watching it, keep em coming

  61. richard Says:

    very entertaining! (but scarry)

  62. Nate Says:

    Something tells me you live in Boston, Jerry. That’s about the only place you can find yourself heading the wrong way onto a one-way without proper signage!

    Cheers on yet another great story. Your career path sounds a lot like mine!

  63. anthony Says:

    These are great

  64. Jim Says:

    So will Jerry go on the dole and get wefare checks? Or will
    he get lucky and find a high paying job?

  65. Grendel Says:

    Again great animation and great narration. But really is this going to be an endless line of “I am a loser” stories? Didn’t Woody Allen do this idea about 35 years ago?

  66. Grendel Says:

    This is Boston, right? The Globe Cafe and Bar is in the background.

  67. Jim Says:

    Say it aint so Jerry… Jerrys not a loser hes a contender. A contender for what I don’t know? Give em hell Jerry

  68. Nathan Miller Says:

    My Goodness, You are talented!!
    I hope you dont mind, I will mention you on my site!!
    Will tell all my friends!!

  69. Dirk Says:

    very nice movies … I´ll come again on your side … great stuff …d.

  70. Gav Says:

    excellent, again – loved it. Keep ’em coming.

    Is it just me, or did the bank manager have a slight resemblance to Quentin Tarantino?

  71. Missing Link Says:

    hey, jerry, you should brag about how many people come to your website by posting it at the top of the home page in big numbers, as opposed to the small font on the bottom/right hand side of the page. i think people will be impressed. when people tell other people, they will now include: “only three months and three episodes and itsjerrytime.com already has over 50,000 visitors” WOW, THAT is a good record, my friend.

    p.s. i hope you show this site to all those people you talk about in the episodes. you know, like sticking it to the man and all.

    i have a great time watching the movies! loved the king kong bit!

  72. פולקעס :: EPISODE 3: JAILTIME FOR JERRY :: January :: 2006 Says:

    […] פרק חדש של It’s JerryTime! […]

  73. everysandwich Says:

    Nice, nice work. Plus what winsomecowboy said. Thanks, Jerry — and thanks Cartoonist for finding this maginc.

  74. irving washington Says:

    very american splendor

  75. Trent Says:

    first time i saw this, and…… the graphics are great! I mean, it’s look crappy, but because the faces are all crooked, and with the dry humor: cool clip!

  76. Mark Monlux Says:

    That was a pretty sweet job. No doubt you will get another one just like it. And hey, anyone can go the wrong way down a one way street. I’ve done it a number of times. And hey, anyone can forget their wallet and leave it at home. No big deal. Honest mistake. These folks who get all bent out of shape over nothing. You have to wonder if they could be doing just something else with their lives.
    Kudos on the animation.

  77. Sephora Says:

    Jerry! Let’s do lunch! I’ll even spring for the cornbread 🙂

  78. fjcastro Says:

    Hey Jerry, when you were in the slammer did they offer you a meal. Did you have “tossed salad”?

  79. Austin Lee Says:

    Your animations are really really funny. I am honestly very impressed! If you make more I’ll watch them!

  80. Djk Simon Says:

    I can’t be the only one who has a relative like Jerry. I know this guy.

  81. Donald Rano Says:

    The feature’s strength is in the distorted anatomy which makes it hilarious. The “woe is me-sad sack” character adds charm. This feature is a mix of animation and special effects. I enjoyed it,

  82. MCF Says:

    This is brilliant. I especially loved the Kong framing elements. He got hit with Ann Darrow–priceless.

    I’ll definitely be bookmarking this site. 🙂

  83. Joe Says:

    I feel like Jerry is my new best friend. Having said that, I have good news, and bad news. The 3 episodes I’ve seen are soooo good that I’ve emailed the http://www.itsjerrytime.com link to everyone that I know. That’s the good news. The bad news is that Jerry is going to have to spend his newfound millions of dollars he is about to make on a massive new web server farm to deal with all of his new fans. Anyhow, keep ’em coming!

  84. millie Says:

    it’s my first time meeting Jerry. he looks like someone i know. someone who HASN’T been warped for effect! I love it. i will be back.

  85. Chris Says:

    Absolutely pitch-perfect. Fantastic work. That was incredibly funny & a bit sad.

  86. John Cummins Says:

    Fantastic… just seen ep 1 and 2. The Guardian Newspaper (UK National) has your site down as one of the best for short films on the net. Have you approached any distribution companies in the uk? They’d lap this up. Very funny and touching.
    About to watch EP3… Bye. JC.

  87. Katn Says:

    Nice grafix.. but boring story

  88. lisa Says:

    We saw one of those Mobile Billboard guys driving around Portland, Ore., one day a few summers ago. We followed him and asked him about his job as we drove alongside him down various streets. We took photos, too.

    He was driving a billboard advertising Camel cigarettes but we noticed he was smoking Marlboros.

  89. Tammy Says:

    I love Jerry! I hope jail doesn’t make him bitter and angry.

  90. David Freedman Says:

    I love your animation style. Great fun and maudlin stuff. You have a fine cynical view of the world. All true stories in that Stan Mack sort of way? And is it all you? By the way, is Stan Mack still alive? best of luck to this show, may it make mills, – DF http://www.sling-shot.biz

  91. David Freedman Says:

    Great graphics. I assume it’s all true. – DF

  92. jerry jingles Says:

    a waste of time. the guys a sap. wont come back

  93. IceAgent Says:

    Jerry Jingles is an idiot. Go watch a frog in a blender.

  94. brian Says:

    Another great one! The best parts are the schmucks who put you down, with your reaction. This one didn’t quite have as much of that as the first two, but was still a great laugh. Jerry is everyman!

  95. Harvey Says:

    Hey, Jerry, glad you had your ” Get Out of Jail ” card with you, its time for you to conquer Park Place

  96. Casey Says:

    Jerry, you rock! Thanks for another great episode.

  97. David Ward Says:

    They just get funnier and funnier!

  98. JBK Says:

    How funny! Can’t wait to see the next one! Keep em’ coming!

  99. Darren Says:

    I loved when Jerry lost his job how he leaned his head back in disappointment and there was a toilet flush sound. Nice.

  100. chocky3000 Says:

    I feel horrible getting so much enjoyment out of your pain and suffering but I can’t help myself. Incredible site, incredible animation, incredible stories. Why are you not on the TeeVee? Thank you!

  101. Leroy Boy Says:

    Hey, Jerry’s done more time than James Frey! Can’t wait for your memoir. Make sure to think of about 11 different ways to describe vomit. People love that.

  102. Joe Bivens Says:

    I like it. But not having your license on you when you are driving seems a bit passive-aggressive.

  103. SickOfShovelingSnow Says:

    Love the “he didn’t get visibly upset, but he told me not to report back” stated in a matter-of-fact, monotone manner.


  104. EPISODE 3: JAILTIME FOR JERRY at פולקעס Says:

    […] פרק חדש של It’s JerryTime! […]

  105. Harry Says:

    Jerry, how fitting that you use Boston for material, the supply of wise cracks and tough chicks is endless around here. Here’s some suggestions for the next episode: “I Actually Made a Friend in a Bar at Chelsea”, “The Night I got tossed at Durgin Park”, “Take Me Out to the Ballgame, My Big Night Out at Fenway Park”; “The Worst Ride of My Life, I’ll Never Call a Cab Again”…..there’s lots of good stuff around here…….

  106. SickOfShovelingSnow Says:

    [quote]“Take Me Out to the Ballgame, My Big Night Out at Fenway Park”[/quote]
    Hee! I don’t know, though. They don’t sell the $1.00 bleacher seats like they used to when I was a kid. To go to a game at Fenway now you have to take out a second mortgage on your house, and that’s a problem since Jerry doesn’t have a house. And it seems like he’s not used to paying $20.00 for a cup of beer, $8.00 for a bottle of water, or $13.50 for a cup of soda…never mind $162.90 for a hot dog!

    But I do agree, being a Bostonite myself, that there’s an endless supply of things around here to keep “itsjerrytime” supplied with material for months and years to come! Yahoo!

  107. michael Says:

    jerry, you are an idiot

  108. Jerry Jackson Says:

    Great stuff. I’m running s story on it in my March issue. It will be online by Friday Afternoon.

  109. » Jerry’s Justified Paranoia Says:

    […] OK. Let’s review the checklist of Jerry’s foes: snotty bartenders, crotchety landlords, invasive meal moths, and the slabs of meat-loving City of Chicago (where Jailtime for Jerry took place). And now? Scam-mongering Little Old Ladies. The Repairman premieres this month and it finds Jerry taking on time-wasters- those awful humans who steal something that can never be returned. […]

  110. jerry rosi Says:

    VERY, VERY FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111

  111. butongo Says:

    Wonderful! Great Entertainment

  112. Leslie Says:

    Your blog is the favorite part of my work day. Absolutely Hilarious. Thanks!!

  113. Kevin Myers Says:

    I want Jerry to star in a movie. He’s like a Frank Costanza and Larry David hybrid. I pee myself everytime his eyeballs bulge!! Good Work

  114. Rich Says:

    Funny Stuff Jerry..Can you give me the name of that company, I could probably have a lot of fun with that truck.

  115. phentermine Says:

    Great stuff!! keep it up!!

  116. fiquen Says:

    That’s friggin’ awesome. Thanks to all those involved

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  121. Aal Says:


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  122. Jooni Says:

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  123. forum Says:

    Great stuff…again! The lady cop was my favorite. Totally engrossing. you make the mundaine awsome

  124. Hillary Says:

    Nice post. I’ll return.

  125. Nick Says:

    Jerry is da bomb ahahah

  126. mobileadguydc Says:

    Jerry, you give us mobile billboard guys a bad name! Offices in some crummy motel? We in the “circus wagon” biz take our industry VERY seriously!

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  129. Nick Says:

    I really like this video. My dad loves “It’s Jerry Time”!!!

  130. Juan Chavetta Says:

    me mata Jerry Time.

  131. Helga Says:

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  132. Jeff Says:

    I just loved the look on Jerry’s face of utter disgust when the moths were flying all over his apt. And “cruelty free soap”, what a hoot. Who hasn’t tried at first to assuage their guilt by trying to release a captured bug back into the wild, only to resort to exterminating them with zeal when their relentless numbers overwhelm us. The sing maggots were a nice touch.

  133. Bill Says:

    Sentimental and nostalgic. Great.

  134. akidof Says:

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  135. Helga Says:

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  146. Cyber cinema: January’s winter wonders | brillfilms Says:

    […] It’s Jerry Time!: Episode 3 : Jailtime for JerryTrust us, this is going to be huge. If you thought that “shows about nothing” starring guys named Jerry ended with Seinfeld, welcome to the weirdly wonky real-life world of hapless fortysomething Jerry, recreated by his brother Orrin as a hilariously downbeat, photo collage animation series. In this episode, as ever, the cruel world uses our crumpled hero as a whipping boy after a harmless I-trashed-a-drive-thru-bank incident. It’s got that nerdy, monotone American Splendor vibe, so jump in before everyone has the cult “Evil Bartender” T-shirts and you’ve totally missed its Arctic Monkeys-style viral success. Who’s the “Evil Bartender” in question? Serve some Jerry time …The BankerNew British director Hattie Dalton has the kind of deft cinematic eye that excels at show, rather than tell, and utilizes remarkably little dialogue to put across this handsome, black comic tale of how a sperm bank operative’s longstanding and unspoken love for the fertility clinic nurse finds an extraordinary outlet. Michael Sheen (Underworld) is almost creepily unrecognizable in the title role, all fervour and twitches, but it’s Dalton’s gleefully rude montage of donors showing what their right arms are for, that provides the money shot. In every sense of the word. […]