Read eyewitness accounts of the Naked Swim here.

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  1. BostonBob Says:

    I am SO ready for a new episode.

    “Naked Swim,” huh?

    Sounds Jerryriffic.

  2. Jeremy Says:

    Nice to see you’re back considering everything you’re going through.

  3. Lesa Says:

    I hope that whatever you’re going through Jerry, that you have good people to lean on. I’m happy to know that a new episode is on the way. I love your work.

  4. Chase Says:

    Oh, lord … And to think, I WAS THERE when this discussion came up!!

    Frozen liquor drinks always (ALWAYS) dredge up the greatest moments of clarity …

    Can not wait!!

  5. vespa says: Says:

    how come it took so long to get a new jerry?he said it took a month.

  6. Jerry Says:


    this one took a bit of research…it it happened a long time ago and we needed to contact some old friends to help us remember the details.


  7. vespa Says:

    it looks very interesting

  8. CosmosTheMouse Says:

    Ready for a new episode!
    I voted for JerryTime for People’s Choice.
    Best Web Toon ever.

  9. Jerry Says:

    Make sure to sign up for our New Episode Alert…we’ll be sending out a special private screening invitation shortly to our subscribers.

  10. Donna Says:

    Awww, I love your chubby little legs!!! Can’t wait, Jerry…xoxoo Your Myspace Gal….Donna

  11. John and Dorothy Says:

    Perfectly captures junior high school!

  12. Flash Says:

    Jerry’s take on the mundane is incomparable. Well done.

  13. Jenny N Says:

    I love it, very hilarious. Thanks for the private screening. I voted
    and I really hope you win!


  14. Mark Monlux Says:

    Holy Clogged Filters Batman!

  15. David L Says:

    hilarious !
    I am still scarred from when my Dad used to take to the Y on Saturday mornings for men’s naked swim…mounds of flabby white flesh and hairy moobs. Creeps me out to this day.

    I think the Romans were much less inhibited and probably drunk on wine


  16. Bartlomiej Kozniewski Says:


    And so true…

    Poor Jerry, now we know why He can’t find himself a partner… „the damage was done” as He said…

  17. Shraga Says:

    Well, I’m glad that someone finally raised this issue in a serious way. I too was subjected to the naked-swim tortures. When I was 13, I had a hernia operation which left a bright red scar near my private parts. It was simply something I didn’t want to be sharing with 30 other boys. So I went to Mr. D…, our swimming instructor, explained the situation and asked to be excused from swimming for a few months until things healed. He said, “Aw c’mon, it can’t be that bad. Drop your pants and let’s take a look!” So I naively did. And he said, “Aw, it’s nothing. You are NOT excused!” So I spent the next few months in swim class, trying to hold up various objects in front of my private parts to protect the view. Naked swimming — it was institutional psychosis. Thanks, Jerry, for providing this therapy forum.

  18. GinGin Says:

    another winner.
    loved it!


  19. Mary from Ireland Says:

    i’m gobsmaked

  20. Larry Says:

    Good one! That is such a bizarre thing. I have definitely thought (and cringed) about it in the past!

    Keep up the Great work! I love it!


  21. momo Says:

    Brilliant and dark and brilliant. Yes I will vote for you, 10x if they let
    me. It worked for Sanjaya.


  22. Sunny Gault Says:

    I love this episode! Many people enjoy their skinny dipping experiences- but maybe not in gym class! Great Job Jerry and Orrin!

  23. Gmajor Says:

    Very funny and cringeworthy at the same time. Fortunately, I never went through this myself – my middle schools didn’t have pools – but quit Gym as soon as I was allowed and not one second more, because of other humiliations.

    My dad told me about how they had swim classes in Gym naked at his school, so I’d heard this one before. He didn’t have the girls walking in experience you did though. Yikes!

  24. BostonBob Says:

    Perhaps the darkest, most disturbing Jerry yet. Which is why I’m laughing so hard.

    Think Coach was a little, uh, “interested” in his young charges?

  25. Marko Polo Says:

    Wow! Great job Jerry! Very great animation and effects, great job!

  26. Jeremy Says:

    Loved the episode! I felt your pain.

  27. Pete R Says:

    Episode 13 was extremely therapeutic.

    Your character of the “Coach” could not have been any better.

  28. MD Says:

    It’s great!

  29. Daniello Says:

    Wow. reminds me of my first swim class, when I just came from my old country. The teacher said: Monday bring swim clothes for PE class. I went to K-MART and bought the cloeset thing I could find to speed-os, which happened to come in a tube of 3 pairs and jungle animal patters. You can picture the rest on how my first PE swimming class was. Next day I went back to K-mart and bought me some shorts.

  30. NotJerry Says:

    Brilliant. I remember the days of school physical ed. Although athletic, I was still humiliated by the experience.

  31. Todd Says:

    That was fun. Tons of details there, that I’d forgotten like going out to play in shorts in the snow. I’m sure that’s what Coach meant with: Offsides Jerry. In your honor, I’m going to take off my clothes right now and jump in our community pool.

  32. Marc K Says:

    Hey Jerry,

    That was great!!!

    And I’m not sure whether to thank you for the flashbacks…now I do recall more! I booked an emergency appointment with a shrink! I totally forgot about the chicken fights! that always made me uncomfortable…i don’t think i got involved in that part. Kudos to you and Orrin!

  33. Andy Says:

    I will now need therapy…again……holy ***, it was like it was yesterday.

    Fantatsic job.

  34. Brian Says:


    Did you guys make up the reasons they gave for swimming naked, or did one of your other sources remember that? I just remember the “hygiene” part, and guessed that in the past guys might have left their suits in the lockers for weeks at time, so they just stopped handing them out. Ever meet anyone else who had naked swimming in school? I hear now that in our town’s high school the kids don’t even shower after gym because they don’t want to see each other naked – I guess the pendulum has swung the other way (mental image unintentional).


  35. Victor Says:

    The same thing went on in my High School in Brooklyn in the 1960’s. We couldn’t figure out why it was never a lint or hygiene problem for the girls as they were allowed swimsuits.

    I have told this to many and no one ever heard of it. Thanks for enlightening many with this story.

    I think the coach’s were all pedos..end of story!!

  36. Lance Says:

    Jerry (and all you others that experienced the same ‘naked swimming’ rituals),

    Your coach was a pedophile.

  37. TP McDuck Says:


    No wonder you’re so messed up. This explains a lot. It must be nice to get this off your chest.

    Great work…you sir, are a tortured genius.

  38. Fritz Says:

    Once again another top shelf episode form Jerry.
    I liked the detail of the coach using the overhead projector that brought back some memories.
    I hated swimming when I was little but luckily I never had an experience like that one..jayzuus that was a doozy

  39. Grace Says:

    Too sexy

  40. Jmmg88 Says:

    Another EXCELLENT video. ravo! Now starts the wait until the next one!

    As a teacher it spooked me out to think that this old man was permitted to force you to swim naked. Didn’t that raise a pedophile flag with anyone? I’m hoping that this was just a bit of poetic license that you took with the truth. It made for a great story… I just hope it wasn’t true. Please say it isn’t so.

  41. Norm Says:

    I just wanted to thank you for including my Einstein drawing in your
    terrific video this time. I’m truly honored, and feel privileged to
    be a part of your outstanding work.

    And man, what a story! That coach must have been quite the pervert;
    he sure wouldn’t get away with that sort of thing today. I would have
    been traumatized too, Jerry!

    Jerry, your deadpan telling of the tale was just great (as usual).
    And Orrin, the animation was top notch. The yearbook sequence in
    particular was wonderful. I just love your attention to detail; it
    makes it possible to view the videos over and over again without
    growing tired of them.

  42. Biff Dalton Says:

    The Naked Swim makes it into the Top 5 favorite episodes. BTW, amazing water work, and I love the transparencies.

  43. orangeguru Says:

    Brilliant! Great animation and a great story as well. You are a genius Sir …

  44. Dan Says:

    Oh God. I’m just glad I’m not forced to swim naked… That must’ve been a horrible experience. Myself being an overly modest person, I think I would’ve died of embarassment. Kudos to you Jerry for not commiting suicide. o.o

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  46. BuffaloPundit » Blog Archive » It’s Jerry Time! Says:

    […] I don’t know if the Romans did it that way or not. But this story is hilarious. […]

  47. Jerry Says:

    Jmmg – It’s all true I’m afraid. I might stop short of proclaiming “The Coach” as a pedophile. Naked swimming was a standard practice in schools all over Western and Central New York and probably tons of other places too. It’s hard to imagine if you weren’t there, but the 1970s were a different time and place, to say the least. Check out the blog for more information. Cheers, Jerry

  48. Steve S Says:

    My favorite episode yet.

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    […] Lastly, there’s a It’s Jerry Time film out. If you’ve had enough of worrying about wars and swingometers, and just want to share, and quite probably laught at another man’s unfortunate predicament, I suggest you see this. […]

  50. Schwimmbecken Says:

    I love it, like the others before.

  51. Freq Says:

    I dreaded gym class for the gang showers – a similar practice, but with less risk of girls walking in on you. I remember a substitute gym teacher once who called us ‘ladies’… at the time I wondered if he was an idiot – I didn’t realize it was supposed to ‘tuffin us up’.


  52. Lefty Says:

    Victor Says:
    April 26th, 2007 at 1:02 pm

    “We couldn’t figure out …” and then says that he believed all gym teachers were pedos.

    Well, that could have been part of the problem. But the real answer is that the decision to keep schools from paying for boys swim wear was the fact that the decision to do so was made at district, not at school levels. Since the majority of administrators at those levels are female, this means that women teachers and administrators were responsible throughout the entire USA for forcing boys to swim naked.

    This changed in the early 1980s when a mother sued her son’s school district under Title IX. The district easily lost its case and it was forced to pay for boys swim wear. When other districts saw how easily they would lose such cases, they immediately dropped the rule and boys can now swim with bathing suits on.

    A boys life never was as appealing in the old days the way it was portrayed on ‘Leave It To Beaver’ or the ‘Donna Reed Show’. It was often quite painful and humiliating.

  53. MarkMC Says:

    Hey Lefty-

    Are you telling me The Beave swam naked too?

  54. Lefty Says:

    “# MarkMC Says:
    May 10th, 2007 at 9:18 pm
    Hey Lefty-
    Are you telling me The Beave swam naked too?”

    So did ‘My Three Sons’ and Timmy (Lassie’s owner).

    I heard that certain school districts still have boys swimming in the buff. Among them being Oregon and Chicago area schools. Don’t know if it’s true but wonder why there is no objection so I assume that it meets with parental and student approval.

  55. Theresa Mackin Says:

    Dearest Jerry,

    I hated swim class in High School. It was awful! But I can”t say we had the option to go nude….

    I loved your film!

    As a lap swimmer late in life… you made me laugh!

    Thank you so much!

    All the best,…..Theresa

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    […] this is pretty silly, but i enjoyed it thoroughly.  watch the video here. […]

  57. John Says:

    Not bad. Maybe the secret to humor is simply the absurdity inherent in most mundane activity.

  58. Tech2Click Says:

    وآخر هذه الأمثلة موقع (itsjerrytime) حيث تدور فكرة هذه الموقع حول سرد يوميات لشخص يدعى جيريومواقفه التي يمر بها بصورة ساخرة.
    المبدع في الموقع ليست القصة بل في إخراجها فشخصية جيري هذا، جسدت بشكل كارتوني أقرب للواقع وإضيفت لها لمسات فنية أعطتها بصمة خاصة. يقول جيري أن الحلقة الواحدة تتطلب تصويرها ومن ثم تحريرها وتحويلها لفلم قرابة الشهر.

  59. Pete Says:

    Brilliant and funny, Jerry, and thanks a lot. I went through this in England and it left a lot of scars. I’m relieved to see I’m not alone: nobody in our class ever spoke about it, which I expect is because it was too bad for children to talk about, but part of me wonders if it’s because I was the only one who disliked it so much. A pretty sane bunch of correspondents you’ve got, instantly knowing it was weird and wrong: elsewhere on the net you get some getting all nostalgic for this “institutional psychosis”.

  60. bob b Says:

    Very high quality. enjoyed it immensely. You have a great sense of humor. It gave me a good laugh. bob b

  61. Ferndog Says:

    The set’s as always are incredible. I am in awe of the locations. Where do you find them, Philly?

    Overall very evocative, the coach is dynomite. I could go on about the faces but I won’t 🙂



  62. BigAndy Says:

    Wow that’s brilliant, can’t wait for the next one

    Did that really happen????

  63. oz Says:

    Big Andy –

    True story. Check out the blog for details.

  64. vespa Says:

    its cool i guess

  65. Johnny Says:

    From my Freshmen year until my Junior year I swam naked,in our school during the early 70’s in suburban Chicago. By my Senior year we were wearing suits.When I do look back now, it was hard to beleive we swam naked ,but back then you just didn’t question why you did things. It was no big deal for me becuse I also swam naked since a small kid at the Y.M.C.A.,which was mandatory for all males. To be honest with you, I was bigger than most of the guys,and was not shy on how I looked. I remember (also like Jerry) of the girls spying on us through the girl’s locker room doors or up in the bleachers by an easily accesable door.A few times when the girls got caught (usually by laughing),our swim coach just chased them away, but laughed the whole time.

  66. Blumen Says:

    I am already looking forward for the next episode. I love your work

  67. Elwood Says:

    On the money and brilliant, as always. Its easy to see why Jerry Fans get crazed when deprived of a new Jerry Time. The weird, clay-like photo composites are stunning. Jerry’s eyeblinks are delightfully demented. This is the best photo collage around, in my estimation. And he draw art is superb, as well.

    My small town (Michigan) high school didn’t have naked swims, but the gym classes were always a time of great anxiety for me. I was skinny, small, shy and myopic. I was lousy at sports. An easy target for bullies. Just being naked in the showers was bad enough. Lots of horseplay. Fun for the big jocksters but pure hell for the scrawny nerd. As I watched this episode, I could smell the chlorine and feel the scum under my bare feet. I guess I should dress before turning on my computer. And move my computer from the shower stall. That would help.

  68. Graham Walker Says:

    Another great episode. Specifically loved the yearbook sequence. Really well executed.

  69. gina Says:

    hey guys!
    congratulations on winning your EMMY!!!!!
    I am soooo proud of you. finally, the world knows
    how talented you both are!
    well, if you wait long enough, it can happen!
    wishing you more success with your creative endeavors!
    love you both!!!

  70. captain flummox Says:

    This explains so much. And I laughed so hard that breathing was a problem. The animation was just fantastic.

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  72. chase Says:



  73. Aimee Says:

    I was going to say your videos are my new obsession, but that sounds a little stalky, so I’ll leave it at I love the videos and damn you’re talented!! Thanks!

  74. Barbara L Durant Says:

    We need a new jerrisode 🙂

  75. sara Says:

    be true.

    i had a gym student teacher who made us PROVE we were wet by showing her after we got out of the shower… opening our towels… she was fired two years later from her teaching job at a rival school for making out with one of female basketball team members… oops!

  76. vdoimmihlw Says:

    Hello! Good Site! Thanks you! kfnasnusifswuo

  77. nicardo Says:

    Yes, the Romans did do it that way. That’s why Rome fell. Right? Congrats on your Emmy! Original, consistent and just damn funny. Wish we could all be like that.

  78. Jeremy Says:

    Congrats on the emmy!

    It was a very nice, touchy-feely speech. Glad you won.
    But you just HAD to end it with a Jerry moment…walking off the wrong side of the stage like that…:(

  79. Jeremy Says:

    !ישר כוח

    “Good job”

  80. win now Says:

    interesting site

  81. lulu Says:

    I find these well done and quite hysterical.

    jerry: did you go to school in N.T. no swim suits there… rather odd.

  82. Rocnfreeze Says:

    A timeless definition of arttistically rendered LIFE! i hope all see what is the resultant of when inspiration meets perspiration and oppurtunity.

  83. WN8 Says:

    Artistically Genius and just plain ol’ genius too!

  84. Michael Says:

    Honestly revlogged @ United Vloggers.

    Long Live Jerry & Orrin!

    Kind Regards,


  85. lacajag Says:

    SUCH great pieces! I love the animation and the stories – everything. Bravo. I’ve passed on the link to many friends.

  86. BostonBob Says:

    Sweet! Emmy for “It’s Jerry Time.”

    Not that you care, but I’m really proud of you guys.

  87. Leslie Says:

    When does the next webisode come out?!?! I love Jerry!!

  88. Jerry Says:

    We just started working on it…hopefully we’ll post the new one by early September. Make sure to sign up for the New Episode Alert and we’ll send you a message when it’s out.

  89. Foghorn Leghorn Says:

    I was introduced to your work awhile back by one of my graphics students.
    Today in “show and tell” he took us to your site.
    Naked swim is so much like the middle school I went to back in the day.
    Our PE instuctor was an ex Marine however and not as old as “Coach”.
    That along with his glass eye (you could never really tell if he was looking @ you) always freaked me out.
    Laughed till I cried. More tears please.

  90. Gyrofrog Says:

    I laughed so hard that hot tea came out my nose. Thanks (I guess?) for the laugh!

    Also liked the “institutional psychosis” comment.

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    […] Und für heute noch ein Videoblog-Tipp: Die Folge „Naked Swim“ von „It’s Jerry Time“ ist ein hinreißender Clip über eine peinliche Erinnerung an die Schulzeit. Aufwendig animierte Collagen. Sehr schön. […]

  92. Stefan Jones Says:

    I’m glad to hear that a new episode is on the way. I’ve been saving Naked Swim for when I really need a lift. Having another in reserve will be most welcome!

  93. nada Says:

    hi naked swim

  94. flowertot Says:

    my brother showed me this and I laughed my head of it was so funny well done I’m know a n offical it’sjerrytime fan

  95. Jim Says:

    Not your best Jerr. It made me think you whipped one up and threw it on the web too quick. Looking forward to seeing you return to your better work.

  96. Heron Says:

    Hi jerry,

    Im really hoping for a new one…. you know that you have good admirers here.. keep up the good work…

  97. audrey Says:

    Wow. I watched the naked swim with my boyfriend, who is 14 yrs my senior, and he had 2 of the 4 reasons as to why they had to swim naked before the episode listed them. I was astounded when he told me that this was the norm at his highschool in the late 70’s. Although there was no pool at the highschool I graduated from I’m pretty sure that this practice had gone the way off the Dodo by the time I attended in the early 90’s. At his Canadian highschool swimsuits were allowed in water polo sessions. A wonderful illustration of, “look but don’t touch.” A teenagers self esteem has such a rock solid foundation as it is what a wonderful way to cement it.

  98. Dr Know-It-All Says:

    Hey, you think you had it bad. When I was at school we had to do wrestling in the nude. The teacher explained that the school didn’t have the facilities to wash the uniforms, and of course, that the lint would clog up the air conditioner. I thought that was a bit lame, but as I already knew I was gay, I didn’t have a problem. Some of the other guys seemed to enjoy it as well.
    The other thing that was unusual is that the teacher got us to smear olive oil over our bodies. The reason given was that it would make it more difficult for the opponent to get a purchase, so it would therefore increase our skill. I don’t think anyone believed that.
    But what really seemed fishy is that the teacher would film the sessions so that we could view them later and see what we had done wrong. Trouble is, the teacher never showed them to us. I suppose he had better things to do. Why don’t you make a video about that?

  99. todd Says:

    I am new Jerrrytime fan. I found you on youtube, butn i will be wathing you site.

  100. Ginger Ninja Says:

    I think thar doctor know it all is full of crap. I’m sorry, but a gym teacher taking videotapes of naked, oiled, adolescent boys wrestling is a little hard to believe. But it must be noted that pedophilia wasn’t discussed openly until the Boston-Boise group in the seventies. I also think your own story is stretching the truth a bit. I mean, why would the girls come in unless they were hoping to see penises? And if so, why did they all start screaming? And why were the boys embarrassed? If the girls had been laughing, that I would understand. Even saying sorry and going back into the locker room. But screaming? I would expect the boys would run towards them and make lewd gestures. But I’ve never been in that situation, so I don’t really know. It’s interesting though, how America has gone from one extreme to the other. In some school systems it’s now illegal to shower naked. I’m not kidding. In a case I read about last year, some guys were busted for “public nudity”. Aparrently somebody took a picture of them showering, and for some reason the camera was confiscated. The guys in the picture were identified, and suspended from school. As I said, from the ridiculous to the ridiculous. I would be interested in knowing your thoughts on this.

  101. kkyuiops Says:

    yeah right you never had to swim naked in school not even back then they would do stuff like that.

  102. Pascale Marie Claire Says:

    I’m clean……………..;

  103. Brenda Says:

    I think the coach was gay

  104. Poolbau Says:

    Wow, its great – keep up the good work !!

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    Man i love reading your blog, interesting posts !

  106. viacelget Says:


  107. righteous Says:

    I love your videos including this one which is totally hilarious, but did you ever stop to think that maybe your “coach” was a pedophile?

  108. Jerry Says:

    I don’t think that was the case…it was a policy in the whole Buffalo school system in the 60s-70s…I don’t think one pedofile had that much pull to make it standard practice in all the schools just so he could get his jollies.


  109. LolaGotIt Says:

    Hi Jerry,

    Your vlogs are the funniest I’ve ever seen! I thought you were kidding about the “Naked Swim” but my husband told me it’s true. He had to swim naked with males of all ages at the YMCA when he was a kid. I guess that explains the Village People’s hit “Y.M.C.A.”:)~
    Please keep up the wonderful vlogs.

  110. linda Says:

    Nudist becomes more popular in USA now. Some members on like naked swim to keep strong.

  111. spacebunny Says:

    I’m reminded of something suspicious from my old school. I found out a few years later after the fact from my friend’s mother who still volunteers at my old middle school that one of the coaches there was a lesbian. When I think back to all those times we had changed clothes in the locker room I wonder if she was really just supervising. [Shudder] I don’t think of myself as a homophobe but it’s an entirely different matter if some lady is thinking perverted thoughts about preteen girls.

  112. Frank Brown Says:


    I love all of Jerry Time stuff.

  113. Alex Says:

    OMG! I totally loved that! PS I’m a girl and if i was in there, i would slap one of those guys butts!

  114. Larry Says:

    In the 1960’s I attended Wyandotte High School in Kansas City, KS. Your story is very familiar. The guy’s swam au naturale. The girls had suits that were made like a one piece women’s swimsuit only the material was about the consistancy of a man’s undershirt. In our case the girls never entered the simming pool while us guys were there but on several occasions the girl’s gym teach waltzed through. (She had to get paperwork from the office.)
    The only thing we had different that was not in your story was on Monday mornings there was this green “haze” that hung above the pool from the over chlorination during the weekend. After swimming in the pool there was this rainbow effect that surrounded every light fixture. The rainbow effect was from the chlorine in the water. The rainbow would be there for about 4-6 hours after swim class.

  115. Colt Says:

    Wow, that day must have really sucked for you.

  116. Schwimmer Says:

    Ah is not bad.
    Maybe the secret to humor is very simply the absurdity inherent in most mundane activity.

  117. fred Says:

    you bath why not swim naked

  118. fred Says:


  119. Ricky Says:

    When I was a kid we moved a lot. I spent my 6th and 7th grades in the UK and they had naked swim there. It was an all boys school so no girls around except a very few teachers. The lockerroom was not next to the pool. We had to undress and then walk through the gym to get to the pool.
    In 8th and 9th grade, we lived outside Chicago. They had naked swim required for the boys. I don’t recall knowing if the girls did or not. I also attended a YMCA there for swim team after school. I distinctly remember a large sign saying “No swimsuits, towels or other materials allowed in the Swimming Arena” I was told because of clogging up the filters
    In 10-11th grade, I attended an all boys residential school. They had naked swimming there as well. On Thurs nights, our part of the dorms had laundry night. You had to strip your bed, and yourself and wash all of your clothes. While your clothes were in the washers and dryers you had to clean your room and once a month your hall had to clean the gym and the pool area. All of this was done under the watchful eye of the monitors who were from college age to retired men who got room and board, I think, to stay on the premises and deal with 200 adolescent boys.
    I don’t remember any girls trying to see anything, but I do remember the teasing and unease at being compared etc.

    Thanks for the clever video. Well done!

  120. Halo Says:

  121. bobo Says:


  122. Aron Says:

  123. sylvie Says:

    I disagree with you. Indeed, I’m not giving a ringing disagreement, but just sayin’ what I think. I have my opinion, you have yours.

  124. Olly Says:

    well when i was young i remember being in your town jerry, did i not recomend the bar,
    I was meeting every one in your town to do with education, you know what i mean like don’t touch the gear stick, thank’s for takeing the rap we had a good time, I even done the neked swim, I think i was there the same year when he decided to retire thats right the girls came in a young guy came out and got the girls back in to the pool after a school kid got verry ill i think this was the end of the warm pool days, i don’t know about the naked part though I am 28 years old now days and i think i was 6 years old back then it must have been what 1984-1986 but hey it was good to meet you and to see you finaly got a show on the air TV star in the internet I was in the break dance kid as the break dance kid on you tube look it up u might remember me i stayed in your flat the day the plumer thought u where out”””””””LOL

  125. Olly Says:

    Is the old guy still alive, I think he wanted to see the days when i brought my kid to go to the same school as i liked the place that much

  126. Melanie Strother Says:


  127. David- New york Says:

    Hopefully, nobody treats this tragedy like a laughing matter. because it truly was a disgrace. And, it should’ve never been allowed.

  128. David- New york Says:

    I repeat, there is nothing funny about this. I consider it to be a terrible terrible tragedy. But, I’m glad you produced this video, jerry. Men’s Rights Activists are using this as a tool, and trying to figure out why our Mothers allowed this practice to be so widespread….

  129. Don Metz Says:

    Hi my name is Don Metz and I am programming some videos for the opening of our new museum on November 22, 2008 and I would like to include some of your videos. If you could contact me by e-mail or phone 716-878-5564 I would appreciate it.

    Don Metz

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  131. Kevin Says:

    Hi Jerry
    I heard that the same thing happened at our junior high school in dearborn Michigan, but it never happened to any of my nude swim classes. It was sort of creepy but always fun and almost all of the boys (about 95%)wanted to swim naked.
    I also used to swim naked for our boys gym classes and I thought that was the way it was everywhere. Soon after fter I finished high school swim suits were required. I think the main problem with it was that the girls were required to wear swim suits.

    But in our school the girls had a special drying room, for the wet swim suits, and the boys did not.
    I have been looking for nude swim teams every since i left high school, but I can not find any. Can you find one for me? You should make your boys look like boys in your next episode.

  132. thomasxstewart Says:

    Wow, So Many Commentos’. Jerry: Popularity King. Hey-Was There time; Jewish girls Came & Swam With LADS, During AquaNymph Training or IS That TAD Much?


  133. chuck berger Says:

    I swam nude twice a week every week through four years of Chicago
    high school,82-86.
    I loved chicks but I also was into guys, so I got to see enough suntanned
    skin, six-pack abdominals, and muscular butts to last me ten lifetimes.
    I did not find naked swimming unsettling, as I grew up seeing brothers, and
    being seen by sisters, all of the time.
    Although there were two guys who I truly loved out of the 1000s of bods,
    it was more about aesthetics and platonic beuaty than about sexuality.
    I loved every second of it, and I wished the ymca’s in my area were still suit-free.
    Hard muscles and bronzed skin were as free as the air.

  134. chuck Says:

    I saw the film, and that never happened at my school, but a female teacher who was also an assistant basketball coach “accidentally” came in the swimming area when we had class. She must have thought it was study hall prd or something. Anyhoo, the boys were like, “Hi., Miss Duncan, howya doin? wanna come in, water’s warm?”
    It was almost as though you weren’t a real man if you did not let Miss Duncan see your
    penis in all its glory. There was always a rumor about Miss D. being “into” younger males, but I could never substantiate if the rumor was caused or merely reinforced by the accidental voyeurism incident. The boys did not react at all like the boys in the film.
    I was a babysmooth freshman when the Miss Duncan affair happened, and I was as cool as anyone else with a female seeing my full monty and my butt.

  135. andrew garcia Says:

    I went to a suburban high school in the western suburbs of Chicago, 75-79.
    I had to swim nude and I did not object to it. It was a time for sorting out my feelings.
    Since people then were less open to gay experimentation and different things than they are today, I was afraid to explore certain aspects of my thought process.
    Being able to see some really cute guys as naked as they day they was born, without fear of ostracism or gossip, was a blessing.
    Today kids wear their suits to the pool or they run in the toilets to change.
    If you want to swim nude you have to find a nudist camp or a clothes-optional beach.
    I’ll take the old days in Hanover Park any day.

  136. blair Says:

    I loved every single split second of nude swimming in high school, and my only
    regret is that I could not swim nude from first grade on twice a week.
    I liked to swim but was way too slow to be on the swimming team, so I cherished
    every microsecond in the water in high school. We did wear suits for weekend 2-buck free swims, and the teams always wore suits.
    I used to summer (I am from Minnesota) in the rural Arkansas Ozarks area,
    on my great-uncle and great-aunt’s farm. There was a lot of skinny dipping in the pond, or what swimming hole could be found. Boys and girls who did not know each other
    had no problem in disrobing and jumping in the pond. I never experienced co-ed nude swims in school, but I would have been prepared for it.

  137. Howie Schweibel Says:

    Great Job

    The fact is it was more horrific than you made it

    I bet we could sue and win damages

    I did forget about it til I watched your short

    Great Job

  138. Rich Says:

    I lived in Mount Clemens, Michigan in the early and late ’60’s. In ’62, I went to the YMCA with friends / parents to learn to swim. I was shocked to learn I had to be nude. I sat there in shame. A nice young coach (maybe 18) was very gentle with me and tried to help me swim. But I was so humiliated, that I had a difficult time focusing on learning to swim. I only went once. Then, in high school (1968) we had to swim nude. But I had just gotten my immunization shot most children get at birth or very young. It would not heal, so I was excused from swimming. Plus, I still could not swim, at least well. And I had not reached puberty yet. So I had to set there for 3 months watching everyone else swim naked, and listen to their comments about everyone else. Lastly, I had to pass out the towel to all these naked boys. What a memory.

  139. Jeff Says:

    It’s uncanny how similar our experiences were. Thanks for leaving your link in my comments. Well done!

  140. Tomàs Says:

    A comical recollection of a bizarre swim class practice of the lads having to swim naked. Brilliant! I lived in America in the 1980’s and when I went to secondary school I first encountered this notion of swimming naked. I couldn’t get my head around it, but the guidance counsellor was very kind and explained, that it was Minnesota state law to swim….due to there being so many lakes…..12,000 of them to be exact. The naked part was never explained and I didn’t have the courage to ask why, due to the fact the counsellor was a lady. I rang a friend of mine that lived in New York City and I was telling him about this naked swim class in Minnesota. He was aghast! He also, was in swim class, but they wore swimming togs. My friend went on to tell me about how his Granda, that had attended the same school in the 1920’s and they like my school in Minnesota had to swim naked. Until now, I thought it was just Minnesota, that was backward and stuck in the 1920’s! I never went to swim class. I eventually, told my parents why I never went and they were disgusted….at the thought of people being expected to swim naked! Thanks!

  141. apartament Says:

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