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65 Responses to “ROOMMATE HELL”

  1. Graham Walker Says:

    Can’t wait!

  2. garbo Says:

    Finally! We’ve been checking your site every other day to check if there was anything new and finally there is!

  3. worm 2 Says:

    Thank you Jeebus!

  4. Brent Scheffler Says:

    What happened to all the other animations?

  5. CitizenX Says:

    It’s WAYYYY past Jerry Time!
    (Impatient and tapping her foot …)

  6. gravely Says:

    Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You!!!!!

  7. BostonBob Says:

    The title alone promises great things.

    And looking at the frame with Jerry in his tie-die and shaggy hair, this must be a college story.

    True “roommate hell” story. My first roommate in college kept telling me he needed to give me foot massages for his kinesiology class.

    Eventually found out our school didn’t have a kinesiology class.


  8. steve garfield Says:

    Quisp. I liked Quisp cereal. I recently bought it. Pretty good, but a little to much sugar. I like Wheatabix now.

    Manimal. That was funny.

    Sad. I feel bad for poor college Jerry.

    How could jerry be on the computer all day? [ last item on list ]

    What year did he go to college?

  9. Johnny B Says:

    Should have burned the house down after you moved out…LOL

  10. Barb Says:

    Good to have you back doing your shtick. Even if its true, its funny now.

  11. Mark Monlux Says:

    My best friend lived in a house where someone was constantly using his clothing detergent. He rigged an alarm to it and caught the guy red handed. But, he said he was just moving the box. So, my friend went out and bought ten packaged of green dye and put the powder in the detergent. He then relabeled the box (’cause before it clearly had his name on it) “Do Not Use! This is NOT yours! This will turn your clothes green!” Well, needless to say the guy used it. He then had the balls to come to my friend and complain about his clothes being turned green.

  12. Jeremy Says:

    Oh my God! That was the “Jerry” bottle from Episode Seven that was thrown at you at the end! Nice Easter Egg.

  13. Leah Says:

    Thanks for such wonderful and unique site. I love your stuff! It’s life. It’s just yours seems to have a lot of funny yet unfair moments.

  14. raeyan Says:

    Jerry is the digital equivalent of Larry David.

    I love it!

  15. Old Man Musings » Roommate Hell Says:

    […] ItsJerryTime! If you’ve ever rented an apartment and had roommates you’ll know just how crazy it can be sometimes. It’s Jerry in his tie-die and shaggy hair in this entertaining episode is called ‘Roommate Hell‘. Oh those crazy college days. How many of you have had crazy roommates? They are just one of the many reasons for individuals to live as hermits or buy a house for themselves. Posted in Animation, Humor | Digg […]


    I did not like this one as much as others. However, I like Jerrytime blog like website, with added short every so often, its great artist will share such amusing talent.


  17. Matthew Says:

    Well the thing is with this one, you can’t really tell who is at fault, probably both perties, them for being so closed up and you for being you. Don’t mean to hate, but some people just can’t get along.

  18. ERH Says:

    Brilliant – not many things online make me do my crazed gibbon laugh out loud but this did! Thanks for a great movie and for using my sounds. I am watching this site from now on.

  19. Dark Dragon Says:

    I once had a ferret as a roommate. He never pitched in for the rent and he smelled terrible. The worst part was, he wasn’t a fan of any of the television shows I watched. All he liked was wood chips and water and ferret food and stuff.

    Sounds like your roommate situation might have been worse. But at least none of them bit you.

  20. TBerry Says:

    What I liked about this one is that it wasn’t so cut and dry…yes, they were a-holes for dumping garbage and ganging up on Jerry…but cockroaches did show up after he got there, and he almost burnt the place down.

    I just love that Jerry walked away with his dignity intact.

  21. Gollux Says:

    Winnie the Pooh seems to be living in a universe, parralell to Jerry’s, entertaining his penchant for honey with a benevolent ignorance for his surroundings.

  22. Momo Says:

    Poor Jerry. Always at the center of unwanted attentions. On the other hand no one looked sharper in tie-dye. I even detected a slight resemblence to Paul McCartney. No wonder the veiled woman were hot on his trail.

    Love Momo who loves Jerry and Orrin.

  23. Norm Says:

    As a BIG “It’s Jerry Time” fan since the very beginning, I can say with some authority that you guys are just getting better and better. In this episode, I loved how the room “swirled” around poor Jerry when his roommates were all lecturing him. And young Jerry’s haircut and tie-dyed shirt are just perfect. The sound effects are terrific, too…the little “tinkle” sound whenever the world map appears; the bird chirps out doors; the creaky steps as Jerry leaves the house for the last time…I could go on and on. You guys are the kings of detail, and that’s one of the reasons why your episodes are so wonderful.

    Keep ’em coming, guys!

  24. XK9 Says:

    Hey guys. Great episode. Love the prop comic who goes everywhere with his hand puppets.

    That garbage incident should’ve sent Jerry over the edge… But he’s Jerry and things like that just happen and he moves on. Very zen.

    Does Jerry have a going postal moment? Or is quiet revenge (as in “The Brute”) the extent of his wrath?

  25. Iris Says:

    I thought maybe you had gone into the hospital or died or something. It’s about time! How can you leave your fans hanging for so long. Shame on you! No wonder they kicked you out!

    I love “It’s Jerry Time!”

  26. max power Says:

    Then where did you go?

  27. Brad Says:

    I loved all your all your films I just found it today on youtube… the green waterbottle flying out the door and off your head at the end was priceless… I loved it keep up the great work…

    PS Im from Buffalo too 🙂

    Go Bills!!!

    Go Sabres!!!

  28. el Says:

    clever and delightful as always. visually, the best jerry ever. did you get a new computer?

  29. Kai Says:

    what a joyfull never boring story you are animating! you hooked me up, thanx

  30. Greg Says:

    It’s now obvious why this took so long: the complexity and production values keep climbing. This is really fabulous work, and probably my favorite episode yet.

    And “Likes Buffalo” as an accusation! (I like it too.)

  31. Alice Says:

    I’m the one who put the garbage on the floor. Do you still leave garbage rotting in the sink and crumbs everywhere you go? That is why we got cockroaches!


  32. sue Says:

    I loved this, it reminded me so much of roommates I’ve had in thepast = what’s wrong with mess anyway????

  33. don quixote de la mancha Says:

    hey alice,

    you’re a jerk.

    everyone who likes this show

  34. Mark Says:

    Awesome! Thanks!

  35. Leslie Says:

    I was sooo psyched to see another It’s Jerry Time episode. You always make me laugh. Keep ’em coming!

  36. yotam Says:

    a friend introduced me to you today… i watched a couple of the earlier vids first (the karate date & the one with the moths) and what can i say? i’m hooked.
    i’m an israeli illustrator and animator and i can see the amount of love, talent and work that went into making this series…it’s heartwarming. as someone who, although having strong ties in the states, sees you from the outside, its so funny: the subtle satire at your culture; what being an american means, at the humdrum level. i don’t know if you aimed there or if it’s just mentality differences, but to me it’s candy.
    so thank you for this gem
    the emmy is more than well desrved

  37. Bryce Says:

    I love these videos I cant wait till a new one is up. when will that be?

  38. goat Says:

    Sitting here watching tropical storm “Jerry” head my way…I see Jerry has been posting his great stuff on you-tube..thanks bro.

  39. Nikola Says:

    When is the next episode due?

  40. Jerry Says:

    it’s going to be at least a month or two before our next episode, folks, so chill out and keep checking back in for new stuff on the blog and elsewhere. cheers, Jerry

  41. Stefan Says:

    Please. MORE! MORE! This stuff is great!

  42. Jul Says:

    honest to god, i had the EXACT same experience (well, not exact… they were all girls and the ring leader was a blond she-giant) right down to the post it notes…. tons of post its all over the place. I had no idea that they were all talking about the cup i had left on the coffee table for over a week….
    haha, thanks for the horrible memories!

  43. It’s Jerry Time!: Rambling Humor « Galvanized Says:

    […] […]

  44. Brad Says:

    I hate this part, you know, where you have to say something and well, it needs to be good because everyone is reading it. Anyway, it’s 4:30 in the morning and I just finished watching all of your episodes — or at least I think I watched all of them. There’s no real way of knowing because your shows are just, well …. they’re just there … in a stack.

    So, rather than tell you, and the 23 million people that now make up your very real fan empire, rather than tell you how good you are and how much I enjoyed episode 4, or the one with the chainsaw guy, maybe I should just tell you what’s on my mind. So, remember when you were in college and the teacher had given a lecture and now it was time for the students to, well ….. to say something real smart that tells the teacher you got it, and when she finally calls on you because your hand was raised to make a point, and then you try and say something smart to let her know that you are smart too … well, I remember not having anything really very smart to say, so I just said that I thought her speech or lecture …. whatever, was good and that I thought more professors needed to say things like that.

    Where am I? I guess I just am writing to say that more animationists and animation support people, I think that’s what you two guys are (or were before all the fame), that more of you should be like you two. That’s all I really wanted to say.

    Thank you.

  45. Aardvark2.0 Says:

    Pure Genius!!!!

  46. Robert Says:

    Thank you so much,, Finally something on the net an old guy can laugh at,,for hours.

  47. aka "Monte Schulman" Says:

    Praise Jebus! All hail Jerry!
    Jerry, you really need to consider posting episodes on a weekly basis!
    I mean seriously!
    You better get to hiring some more animators.

    Keep em coming (preferably more often)!

    aka “Monte Schulman”

  48. David Says:

    Alice, you are a big jackass! If U would’ve done that to my room, I would’ve kicked your ass from The Home Jerry lived in to timbuktu. David

  49. dreamparacite Says:

    After I saw this episode I had to see all the others…can’t wait for your next release!

  50. Fritz Says:

    Ahhhhh college era roomates

    Thank God that is over.

    You need to plumb the depths and find a memory that made you happy, float on air etc. Then make video.

  51. Coryboy Says:

    Jerry & Orin (sp),

    I logged onto “YouTube” for the first time and watched some of your chops…. they were so good that I nearly wept (don’t tell my bros). I way grok the plot elements and the animation look is so-o-o-o-o captivating. I hope that you can keep up the good work and never run dry on good storylines. I’m proud of you guys, man. Step up and take a bow.

    Cory Mc

  52. Coryboy Says:

    Not as good as many of your others, but I still enjoyed the concept. I hope that you’re not trying too hard to work up a good story. As you have already proved, the simple slip&falls of life prove to be the best of material. Keep it reeeeeel. (BTW, way dug on “The Landlord” and “The Repairman”.

    Luvin’ ya,


  53. Gyrofrog Says:

    Ahh yes, “Quisp.”

  54. Brenda Says:

    I love your videos. Very creative and entertaining.

  55. daysha Says:

    leave youtube behind– this is golden! Better than Seinfeld!

  56. ErazerCreator Says:

    Where’s jerry?!?!?!?!?!?!!??!???

  57. ErazerCreator Says:

    what happened to jerry? is he dead?

  58. Jerry Says:

    We’ll be ready with the next episode in a couple weeks…early November-ish.

    Thanks for being patient…these things take time.


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  60. thefamousgreglinn Says:

    Me and my friend, Jerry, no…not THAT kind of a friend… Anyway, me and my friend, Jerry, are drinking beer, and having a hoot at Jerry’s expense, here. OK, so we had coffee first, but now we’ve moved on to beer, and shrimp…like they say, it’s not just for appetizers anymore, or something like that…

    So we’re having beer and shrimp, and I bought a single-barrelled twenty-gauge shotgun the other day from a pawnshop. It was mainly for celebrating New Years, you know, for waiving around and shooting into the air. I think we’re going to have shrimp and beer, then take a drive down to the river, and shoot, shoot shoot. We have a box of a hundred shells of buckshot, and two boxes of slugs. Buh BAM! eject, BUH BAM!@!!!! ‘Yeehaw’!!!!!! We’ll be exclaiming…’YEEHAW’! Boy, what fun we’ll be having, down to the river with the shotgun…

    Well, nice talkin’ at ya, gotta go for now… YEHAW!


  61. matt gallant Says:

    oh jerry you pathetic bastard!! I love it so much!!

  62. Mike Paahana Says:

    my gf moved in with me an still complains bout mony what a mistake

  63. JPJen Says:

    I had a roommate who would put dirty dishes on my bed since I didn’t always do my dishes. I was the only roommate who did the “nitty gritty” cleaning around there, but apparently this didn’t make up for the sin of now doing my dishes after every meal. I have also been “demonized” by roommates turning on me, most notably for having what was an admittedly annoying dog. Indeed, roommates can be hell.

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  65. Sam Says:

    I completely connect with this story! My college first college roommate was a terror! Thank you for sharing! It was awesome.