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160 Responses to “THE LANDLORD”

  1. nortypig Says:

    You’re brilliant. If only I had the talent and expertise to blog like you. Great stuff. I expectantly await your next installment from its jerry time.

  2. ZanzibarBuckBuckMcFate Says:

    Waiting with baited breath (…or is that grilled onions?) for the next Pekar-esque episode!

  3. Ffoeg Says:

    Very well done on Who’s That Guy?

  4. God Says:

    Wow! i was laughing so hard, tears nearly came to my eyes! Hysterical! Well done!

  5. God Says:

    P.S. for all of you who didn’t see it yet, It is MUCH, and I mean MUCH funnier than the first one. So if you loved the first one….

  6. Baltazar Moutarde Says:

    A hit, a palpable hit!!! It’s so good it made me laugh even here in the salt mines. We want more!!!!

  7. Carol Says:

    Do it again! Now! Can’t wait a month for more…

  8. gina g Says:

    Wow! This one is even funnier than the first one. Can we possibly get an episode twice a month? This is classic Jerry!!
    sorry about your hard luck, but at least now we can all share your pain. I hope that makes it a little easier for you to bare.
    The graphics are top-notch. My favorite parts were little Jerry carrying the fridge on your back across the table and the part where you puff up your chest at the intruder during the shower scene!!! Oh, and when you almost cry from the landlord insulting you!
    Loved it! Love you!

  9. chesney Says:


  10. Says:

    Waauv…Sitting here across the world (Copenhagen, Denmark) ending up on your site and I’m truly amazed of your talent.

    It’s really fun and most of all original. Keep up the good work. Respect.

  11. Pig Pen » The Landlord - its an adventure Says:

    […] The Landlord is the latest instalment from Its Jerry Time. Top […]

  12. barb the tuner Says:

    LOL I am coming to tune your piano next week but now I am afraid, VERY AFRAID!

  13. Marty Says:

    first episode was better

    it’s like Larry David ( Curb my Entusiasm )

    don’t feel sorry for the guy

    can’t wait for episode 3 !

    keep em coming

  14. HARVEY Says:

    Jerry, you`ve raised shlemiel to a new level of funny. And what`s with the eyes? Have you been checked for hyperthyroidism or Grave`s Disease? Check yourself out my man.

  15. Victor Hugo Says:


    You should have opened up a serious can of whoop ass on that SOB!

    Your my hero!


  16. Sharelle Says:

    hi Jerry. awesome videos. thanks for digging my blog.


  17. archie Says:

    Its so damn good

    Hey I gotta know what programs did you use to create this masterpiece. Also I was looking closely at the lips; are they real or made in a 3d program?

    Please email me and let me know

  18. foiljr Says:

    Jerry this is wonderful I am adding you to my site and putting a dig out there for you! Found you on

  19. ZanzibarBuckBuckMcFate Says:

    Dude, the landload is definitely required to maintain your pipes! You can make him pay the plumber’s bill. …and if you have a furnished apartment, he’s required to fix the ‘fridge as well! Don’t let him walk all over you…

    Wait, what am I saying? Forget all that… if you grow a spine, we’ll all miss out on these fabulous films. Keep up the fantastic work!

    Whoops, just noticed I misspelled “landlord” above, but “landload” is a better description…

  20. hglucky Says:

    wicked pissah!

  21. Chuck D Says:

    Yours is one of the best-written and most creative sites I have seen in some time. I enjoyed it immensely.

  22. Rob Says:

    very inspiring work…

    was apple motion a tool in this?

  23. Just me Says:

    ZanzibarBuckBuckMcFate is right
    If you moved in with the fridge their, he must fix it.
    The pipes were his responsibility.
    He has no right to come into your apartment without first notifying you in advance, and with your permission, except in emergency.
    He has no right to tell you you’re messy unless it’s causing problems somehow.
    He’s also expected to keep you stocked with bulbs for the fixtures you didn’t bring in, and you shouldn’t be paying for halway or other common area electricity.
    In case your heat breaks, he’s responsible for that too.
    Basically he’s responsible for everything you didn’t bring into the apartment.

  24. Jerry's former girlfriend Says:

    At first I thought the green tinge under your chin was odd but the distaste passed.

  25. harm job Says:

    silence is golden! what a beauty! gosh, love this blog!

  26. Gav Says:

    Very good again. I like the design aspect of this, and again, the dialogue is great.

    Also dig the artefacts around the house – batman movie prints etc

  27. Ray Says:

    You are really good! Saw you on BoingBoing and just subscribed to the RSS, Harvey Peekar of the digital age indeed.

  28. Shelly Says:

    this is even funnier than the last one!
    well done–keep ’em coming…

  29. Wisey Says:

    You are amazing. Loving it. Subscribed.

  30. Skinny Indian Says:

    Rumor has it that itsjerrytime is spreading like wildfire! Good on you guys!

  31. Skinny Indian Says:

    Jerry’s landlord is an ogre.

    Jerry’s landlord is unfair.

    Jerry’s landlord is a cheapskate 🙂

  32. John Says:

    Great stuff! I imagine that took a TON of work to set up. Thanks for the amusement.

  33. Adam Courier Says:

    Hilarious. Keep up the good work, and watch your audience grow.

  34. Farmkid Says:

    A previous poster said:

    > Your my hero!

    Well, I suspect that Jerry is not, nor tries to be, a hero. I recognize him, however, as my inner child. He is painfully humorous, piercingly poignant, and is an enviable craftsman to boot. More!

  35. Shraga Says:

    I was hoping for a happier ending. But then again, it is wintertime…

  36. brownmiester Says:

    please dont stop doing these!!

  37. Sammo Says:

    Found you via boingboing…

    Great concept and execution!!… can’t wait to see more… I’ll definitely be making time for Jerry!!

  38. God Says:

    “The landlord is an idiot”

  39. Unempty Says:

    Awesome show! Send it in to Adult Swim ASAP – Jerry demands an audience!

    Keep it up!

  40. El Gordo Says:

    Jerry has an audience!!! right here, right now.

  41. alex Says:

    Very well executed.

    If only the same was true of the landlord….

  42. Corey Says:

    Bravo! More, please, if you don’t bottom out from depression first.

  43. Alex Says:

    Wow… reminds me of this terrible, hateful woman Joan I used to rent a house from. She told me my hair was fire hazard. True story.

    I don’t live there anymore.

  44. BK Says:

    I hope Jerry buy his own place!

  45. Another Jerry Says:

    I feel your pain.

  46. Ed Says:

    Hey, awesom job. Landlord can be such a$$holes. We must of had the same landlords.

  47. Jerry fan Says:

    I think we should take up a collection for cosmetic dental work for your landlord. Perhaps he would be nicer if his jaws were aligned.

  48. hugo Says:

    This is the funniest site that I have seen in ages. Good work.

  49. Lawyer Says:

    I enjoyed your videos. This is really imaginative stuff.

    If the story about your landlord is true, you need to understand your rights.

    Many states and cities have landlord-tenant laws that give special rights to tenants. I wouldn’t be suprised if you’re protected by a landlord-tenant law that requires the landlord to promptly fix plumbing problems, and that require the landlord to pay for the repairs. It’s also possible that the landlord may have been required to fix the fridge…

    Anyway, if you want, let me know where you live and I’ll figure out what the law is for you.

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    […] It’s JerryTime! (again) Oooh! Nytt It’s Jerry Time-avsnitt! Den här gÃ¥ngen brÃ¥kar han med sin hyresvärd. […]

  51. Deirdre B. Says:

    No good deed goes unpunished.

    Keep us posted.

  52. MJ teh breastas molestas Says:

    Brilliantly done situation comedy, though I’m not really a fan of the alienation effect you use on the faces.

  53. anti-oedipus Says:

    great… just what the world needs, another super-talented sycophantic animator! Don’t be a push-over animator!
    Lemme tell you something about personal expression… try not to do it!! you are super-talented and that will never change, but jerks like your landlord/boss/etc… will always push you around and marginalize your creativity. Please continue doing great cartoons, but please use your charater animation skills to start kicking ass!! for starters, move out of your apartment now!! Trust me, I’ve seen this a million times!

  54. Landshark Says:

    Finally! Something “new” on the web. This is truly original. My friends and family were in tears 🙂 We’re definitely looking forward to more of your chronicles. Let me know if you need some more duct tape for your pipes.

    BTW – sent me here

    Best regards,
    AC Knight
    Fort Lauderdale, FL

  55. Dan Says:

    Honestly, I hope your landlord dies.

  56. Pistol Pete Says:

    Very original stuff, can’t waite for the next one.

  57. פולקעס :: סרטונים :: December :: 2005 Says:

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  58. saketini99 Says:

    じょず! じょず!

    Well done! Well done!

    I love what you’re doing. It’s so original and skillfully done.

    Keep it going! Gambatte!

  59. Marc Says:

    Jerry could use some support.

  60. eli Says:

    i like it alot. i’m waiting for the next installment. good luck for future endeavors and future episodes! e.

  61. hGirl Says:

    OMG — great stuff and even more poignant to someone who’s HAD the landlord TOO!!! Yes, really.

  62. Graham Says:

    Possibly some of the best and most original work on the web.

  63. Anonymous Says:

    I found this on Rocketboom as im sure many others have also, and i think its exellent! I wouldnt be surprised if you had a following pretty soon.

  64. Peye Says:

    Dry wit seasoned with irony! The animation is as funny as the dialogue. Why do I not think it is contrived?

  65. Neil Phaneuf Says:

    This guy sounds like my former employer – The owner of Hudson Appliance! No matter what you do, He will NEVER be happy!

  66. Scott Lowe Says:

    Great Site, I’ve added it to my favorites! can’t wait till the next installment. Please keep up the good work

  67. Hot Broker Says:

    Very Real- I think it is great to find the humour in everyday hardships like you have. Keep it up.

  68. carnage Says:

    Loved it, keep them coming. raw talent!!!!

  69. fjcastro Says:

    When does the full length motion picture come out?

  70. Johnnyb Says:

    Wow, if this is a “TRUE” blog too! Your landlord is a nightmare from hell! And I don’t care what state you live in, there has got to be laws that govern what a landlord is responsible for.
    OK, now THAT said, if this is fiction and comedy, the only thing I find funny is the distorted face. Unless I’m just getting too old for this kind of comedy. (40 if you’d like to know)

  71. Darryl Says:

    I dig the whole concept, you’re fabulous!

  72. thewizardofrockandroll Says:

    I’m gonna blog you guys and I still haven’t seen the vids….my download doesn’t seem to be workin’ !

  73. Jess Says:

    P.S. this is ridiculously stupid.

  74. Chris Says:

    This is got to be the most realisticly stupid cyber comedy I have ever seen or heard. After watching it the first time I had to watch it again, just to confirm my first thoughts…

    Jerry, move out… and go to a low income housing apartment. That’ll save ya 99% of your problems. The other 1%, well organize and keep it simple.

    For the rest of you out there who has seen and commented on this scene, watch it again and see if your thoughts have changed. You might be surprise to see how many of you can find yourself perfectly in Jerry’s shoes…

  75. Lynn M Says:

    Total Hilarity! I can’t wait for another episode. Keep up the good work and keep em coming!

  76. Santi from California Says:

    This was the first short video film–vblog–i’ve ever seen. thank you for breaking new ground. the film and story was delightful. it makes me want to learn how to make such films myself. thank you again. i want to suggest a film festival in southern california where you might consider submitting one (or more) of your vblog stories. the film festival is associated with the college i teach at and is called “the antelope valley film festival.” i know well the professor who organizes it and can give you more info. if you would like to send it his way. you can contact me at my email address:

  77. » It’s Jailtime for JerryTime! Exclusive! Says:

    …XK9: ” I have a few questions about your premiere episodes Who’s That Guy?! and The Landlord. First is that bar in the piece a real place?”

    Jerry: “In Who’s That Guy?! the chain of events actually happened at a certain pub. We’re not allowed to mention the real name of the restaurant though. We called it Hennesey’s. But I did not exaggerate – everything you see happened. “…

  78. sunday mail studios Says:

    it’s all about the writing- sublime. And it took us more than a few googles to use sublime properly in a sentence. I think I’m going back there again to check it, but somehow I know what you do is sublime.

  79. Freevlog » New Vlog: It’s Jerry Time! Says:

    […] Comment: […]

  80. Billy Hibbert Says:

    Jerry, if you want, I will come around and bash your landlord up for you…

  81. themouser Says:

    first saw a clip on rocketboom and was hooked. very funny and imho quite artistic. thank you Jerry! keep ’em coming.

  82. J.W. Says:

    Your talent is amazing. I would be hard pressed to choose between your amazing monologues and the visuals (ie.: when you show the diagrams and/or closeups of things you are discussing as your character continues to talk. The facial expressions and composition are never overdone, and the understated feeling is what keeps everything flowing well.

    Someone out there in the industry…take notice.

  83. J.W. Says:

    And, the shower scene and expression were…priceless.

  84. Christian Says:

    I`ve watched all of your episodes, liked it alot. Good work!! Keep it coming please 🙂

    Regards, chris

  85. johnie Says:

    Just checked out your episode 2…good story.


  86. allenu Says:

    Well done. I love these slice of life vignettes. You have a very disarming delivery that makes it easy to connect with your stories.

  87. Peter Says:

    Brilliant! I want an apartment like that!
    Bring on the next episode!!!

  88. David Freedman Says:

    What can I say. I’m am amazed and a fan now. What I love is your attention to details. You’ve got stories which are not funny at all, and yet with your eye for detail in the animation, you’ve got me laughing all the way. Lovely low key stuff. You’re like Woody Allen and Jane Austin with R Crumb rolled in. again, good luck – David

  89. David Ward Says:

    is this really you, based upon your life? It’s so funny!

  90. Red Ruin Says:

    Hey, that’s well done.

  91. Stephen Says:

    This is quite possibly the greatest website ever created.

  92. Mamid Says:

    The sad thing?

    Most landlords are like this. They will screw the tenant for repairs that are their own responsibility.

    Jerry, you have my sympathies.

  93. jane akiba Says:

    Glad “The Boston Globe” turned me on to this. Love the graphics.

  94. Tom in RI Says:

    $85.00? You got off cheap!

  95. arb: Says:

    Very Costanza. Except much less funny… the animation does add a certain playful piquancy to this poor man’s life.

  96. Paul Says:

    sounds like your landlord is a real prick

  97. Joe Bivens Says:

    I like it.

  98. SickOfShovelingSnow Says:

    Oh, Jerry, you gentle whining soul. Keep up the funny 🙂

  99. סרטונים at פולקעס Says:

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  100. Adam Says:

    have you ever thought about doing one of the episodes with just you telling the story? Just you…on camera….chatting away. I thought the stories were great….but put a real face to them. The way you deliver the story, I don’t need an animation. Just an idea…

  101. Alex and Tommy Musca Says:

    You’re weird. Your shows are funny and all but still you’re weird. Why do you talk that weird talk and walk that weird walk? And your head is not even on. And your eyes move when you talk. What are your shows about anyways? Uncle Ramon says your shows are about the ironies of paranoia. We’ll watch another episode and see if it’s good. Or weird enough to be you.

    Alex age 8, Tommy age 10, Ramon age 56.

  102. Brad Says:

    Dude, that is SO LAME! I did not think it was funny at all YOU SUCK. You just wasted 5 minutes of my life that I will never get back. YOU SUCK.

  103. Rick Says:

    My landlord screwed with me once….ONCE. Nice job Jerry.

  104. The Dominator Says:

    Funny, in a sad kind of messed up way. Great animation. You won’t see anything like this on TV, unfortunately.

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  106. the other side Says:

    Yup, maybe it would be a good idea to make an episode from the landlord perspective, huh?


  107. Pozycjonowanie Says:

    You are amazing. Loving it. Subscribed.

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    Divide and rule…

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  120. Jman Says:

    So weird and crazy it’s believable. Shows you why *being* the landlord is the place you want to be.

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  133. t.chammas Says:

    i wish u did something about that SOB, you r way to nice jerry, and your show is so much fun good stuff.

  134. B. Berlin Says:

    Knock, Knock. Who’s knocking?
    It’s the joke?
    Wait, I’ll be back!

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