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163 Responses to “WHO’S THAT GUY?!”

  1. XK9 Says:

    You have set the bar very high for yourself, my good sir. Fantastic. Who’s playing the piano?

  2. schlomo Says:

    It is soo wrong..but still really funny.

  3. hglucky Says:

    oHoo my goodness Jerry
    You need a girlfriend!!
    No your mother won’t do.

  4. jparker Says:

    I think I know that bartender…in fact I think I’ve been in that bar…in fact I have the weird feeling that I may actually be Jerry, or his cosmic soulmate. Spooky!

  5. Skinny Indian Says:

    That was very funny in a subdued Homer Simpson kind of way. The way you kept making Jerry’s nose move kept me mesmerized.

  6. Tyfani Goldberg Says:

    Oy, What a kvetch! I wonder what’s gonna happen next!?

  7. chuck Says:

    this is great stuff!

  8. Shraga Says:

    This is the film I always wished I’d made. Spielberg, look out. P.S. Can I get one of those t-shirts autographed? Very cool, Jerry, very cool.

  9. Leeenda Says:

    Ohhhh Jerry, your buffalo G-girls laughed and chuckled throughout your monolouge. I loved that I recognized the back of your head!
    I think you are on to something.

    Oh, and we are very sorry about your blister.

    We want signed T-shirts too.

  10. Charles R. Basin Says:

    You should not have left a tip.

  11. oz Says:

    I agree with Charles…and he ended up leaving 17% too…

  12. Layr Says:

    Who is this guy? Funny. Loved the animation. I’m looking forward to the next episode.

  13. JIll and Mike Says:

    I think you had a little too much fun with this, we had fun watching. I am laughing already invisioning “the landlord”. Can’t wait to see it!

  14. Simon Says:

    You’re out. I didn’t say “Simon Says.”

  15. Rich Parker Says:


    lots of effort though

  16. missy forrest Says:

    Googly eyes, switcheroo nose and deadpan humor pulled me in…but how about some ebb and flow of energy? Maybe it’s just the steady, steady music, but I wanted the action to move. Writing kept me there. Popcorn is my favorite food.

  17. Carol Says:

    This is so Jerry. Brilliant!

  18. Larry Pazomes Says:

    Very funny stuff. The Picaso-esque face is mezmerising. Keep it going!

  19. LG Says:

    And to think there was once a time when people said “Jerry? Who’s Jerry?”
    If Seinfeld had a nose that could flip flop like that, he really could have
    been somebody.

  20. Thomas Pynchon Says:

    Jerry let me get right to the point.

    Your my hero!


  21. JBK Says:

    How funny! I enjoyed that very much can’t wait to see the next episode!

  22. persephone Says:

    Oh my! I know that guy. I know that bartender. I want that popcorn!
    Very funny! Can’t wait to see The Landlord!

  23. Brian Says:

    Reminded me of Harvey Pekar – great stuff. Proves that only the real stuff is funny. The pauses with the animation were beautifully done. Keep it going!

  24. Porky Says:

    My favorite part is when Jerry feels small like he’s standing on a stripe in the middle of the road.

    I feel like that sometimes.

    I think Jerry should have stacked the fries to make faux cornbread. Then it would have been REALLY funny.

    But it was funny enough for me.

  25. Kathryn Roy Says:

    Loved it!


  26. Mike Says:

    Jerry’s ‘pan’ is soooo ‘dead’.

  27. Sussy Says:

    Well, have you been back there to hassle that lady again?

  28. Bert Says:

    This is clearly a case of anti-Semitism. Call the ADL !

  29. Adam Says:

    Rich Parker is lame. I love it!

  30. Alex Says:

    Yeah Jerry! We love you and your homespun heroic ways. You are an inspiration to us all!

  31. the sightspeed guy Says:

    Brilliant. Short and sweet. Man I’ve felt that way a million times. You’re a great storyteller/moviemaker/freaky-eyed-blister-handed genius.

  32. jadelr Says:

    I love it! I really love it!

  33. Skinny Indian Says:

    I watched it again, and it is definitely funnier the second time! I think I smell syndication rights down the road 🙂

  34. Eric Says:

    That was pretty well done. I’m going to throw myself off a bridge now.

  35. Lee Says:

    Wicked, i loved it

  36. Andrew Says:

    cool, interesting looking

  37. Scott Says:

    Liked the texture of Jerry-very Podsienfeld

  38. Jakob Says:

    Pretty funny

  39. Sean Says:

    It’s funnier if you know it’s a true story. I thought it was a script.

  40. BK Says:

    Well done, but still sad

  41. Harvey Says:

    Absolutely genius !!!!! Hilarious ! We were on the floor laughing. What`s next my man? Just placed Jerry Time in my Favorite Places, cant wait for next episode

  42. Peter Says:

    That’s an amzing video

  43. Deana Says:

    Jerry Time is fabulous

  44. Shelly Says:

    This is hilarious!! Sad, funny, and very clever!

  45. gina g Says:

    this gets funnier every time I watch it.
    why was the popcorn machine there if you couldn’t have any??? I mean, really.
    i’m looking forward to the next adventure. keep ’em coming.
    oh, and the background music was superb.
    JerryTime t-shirts for everyone’s holiday gifts this year…..great idea.

  46. gina g Says:

    PS – did you re-heat the fries and eat them for breakfast the next day?

  47. Annaliese Says:

    Jerry, I am very impressed! This may warrant a kick-off party at the Medieval Manor 🙂 Let me know the date, and I’ll be there 🙂 Fabulous!

  48. Rebecca M Says:

    I love the just-stick-with-me-here pace. It’s great.

  49. Shelly's Brother Says:

    When it’s time for the Jerry movie, I have the pitch: “It’s Napoleon Dynamite meets Harvey Pekar. No stars. ”

    A+ effort. The music, monotone delivery, surreal animation… it all worked for me.

    My favorite line: “I mean, what kind of bartender says ‘Who’s that guy’ within earshot of a paying customer?” You just can’t write that stuff.

    I will be anxiously awaiting The Landlord.

  50. Jerry's Mom Says:

    Why would somebody eat popcorn before dinner? You eat food for dinner, not popcorn!

  51. brooklynbattle Says:

    i’m hi and i love it

  52. ryanne Says:

    nice work
    i recommend that you do more than one a month.
    people won’t be able to wait….

  53. jeremy Says:

    i loved it! i must have watched it 10 times-you never get tired of seeing it.i can relate to that situation. you should be called “Jerry Picaso”. i hope you feel good from getting all this positive feedback. cant wait for the next one!

  54. michaelg Says:

    Excellent! It’d be great if you could do a write-up on all it took to produce this. What software did you use? How did you decide on the style, the music, the graphics, all of it. It could help inspire and direct others. Me, I’m just in awe.

  55. A Marica Says:

    I thought it was very good. I liked it. The music is great….
    I am waiting for the next episode. please try to have a
    healthier diet….isn’t there anybody who could cook you a
    good meal? come over…I’ll make you something healthy.

  56. johnie Says:

    Love you animated blog and great short film entry. I will have to blog your site in my blog for animation.

    Keep up the great work!


  57. Jessica Newfield Says:

    That was a hilarious movie-I like how his nose twitches back and forth and the female bar tender with a male voice.

  58. tart Says:

    great work! this is exactly the genre of short movies that i’ve always wanna watch 😀

  59. The end is near Says:

    man, i love it!
    if you can, try to sell it’s jerry time! sweatshirts. after all, it is kinda chilly out there. i might just buy a hoodie for the holidays!

  60. JIll and Mike Says:

    The Landlord is Awesome! We loved it. Well done Jerry!!

  61. Harvey Says:

    Jerry, you`ve raised shlemiel to a new level of funny. And what`s with the eyes? Have you been checked for hyperthyroidism or Grave`s Disease? Check yourself out my man.

  62. Fritz Says:

    They can stick their popcorn where the sun does not shine.
    When i go out to eat I will be served. I will be served like I am King Farouk or I will not tip nor will iIreturn to the restaurant. These are my god given rights as a paying customer.

  63. Gav Says:

    Great job – like the animation, and the dialogue is great. A previous comment said you have set the bar pretty high, which i agree with.

    Keep ’em comin’

  64. Bruce Says:

    Jerry – your movies beat anything that my 70 some channels of cable offer. Start your own network!

  65. Shamburglar Says:

    Awesome! keep up the good work. I feel your pain.

  66. Another Jerry Says:

    No, really, I am Jerry.

  67. kieran Says:

    this is so super hot like really really hot, too hot to handle – like it burns, that is how super hot it is.

  68. Itzhak.zu Says:

    good stuff, I liked it .
    try to tell something happy too .
    yours ,
    Itzik .

  69. Melanie Says:

    You tipped her too much. Should have left just a penny. And I work in the restaurant biz. You can’t encourage bad service with tips.

  70. Biff Says:

    This is friggin’ genius!!!

  71. Fortyseven Says:

    Excellent work. 🙂

  72. jannie Says:

    I think I love you.

  73. chique Says:

    just came accross your vlog! excellent! i am in love!

  74. jarg Says:

    Incredibly droll humor,jerry is a genius

  75. Jimster Says:


    Found out about you from Rocket Boom. Great stuff! Can’t wait for your time in Jail! You’re on my Fire Ant now!

  76. Carl Weaver Says:

    This is genius. Great animation! I have had that same experience as well.

  77. Robert Johnson Says:

    Great animation(s). I would have flicked a penny at her on the way out for the tip. Stay up Jer!

  78. connie Says:

    Very funny, thanks for the laugh!

  79. Sighmon Says:

    hahahahahah I am very happy you are making these.
    I don’t feel alone anymore

  80. robmireles93 Says:

    I hope he gets beat-up!

  81. fjcastro Says:

    Great stuff! Keep up the good work.

  82. mish63 Says:

    what about hearing(and speaker) impaired? Can we get closed captioning? how else are we gonna sneak it at work?

  83. Janet Hemnes Says:


  84. expoteddy Says:

    Same thing happen to me Jerry. The barmaid wont give me any free pop corn. “Its only seved at night sir “she said. Jerry you were too kind to leave a tip. I just left.

  85. Doob Says:

    Well, kinda “blah” but funny enough. Thanks for taking the time and effort to make it. I was entertained.

  86. Santa Says:

    thats so terrible! i would have not tipped her at all! you tip for service (and what you got i wouldnt even call service). your a good person not to demand what you ordered and complain to the manager (who, from what i can tell from the begining wouldn’t even care). you did a good (although not necesary) thing.

  87. Gee Whiz Says:

    Take normal situations from daily life, provide easily recognizable characters with whom we can identify, and you’re in. I don’t know but there’s something about Jerry’s arms & hands slowly floating towards his body in the final scene I found entrancing. If you’ve gotten a big head from all this praise, it’s deserved. Right on artist! May your power to create continue.

  88. katamsie Says:

    It’s okay Jerry you didn’t need cornbread with a sandwich anyhow. That’s too much starch in one sitting especially with the potatoes. The two buck tip was too much though. The volume was very low on this piece.

  89. » It’s Jailtime for JerryTime! Exclusive! Says:

    …XK9: ” I have a few questions about your premiere episodes Who’s That Guy?! and The Landlord. First is that bar in the piece a real place?”

    Jerry: “In Who’s That Guy?! the chain of events actually happened at a certain pub. We’re not allowed to mention the real name of the restaurant though. We called it Hennesey’s. But I did not exaggerate – everything you see happened. “…

  90. Grendel Says:

    Loved the animation. Like the narration. But hasn’t the down and out shmuck been done to death?

  91. Ric Says:

    Well done! I love the style and the pace. What a great character!

  92. Mike Says:

    Subject not worth the effort. Well done though.

  93. Tiffany Says:

    I loved thi. Can’t wait for more. I love you!!

  94. marty Says:

    Wow. very simple but from the heart. No exploding Saddam heads, dancing cats or bad BackStreet Boys lip-synch, but still a great video. In the end its the story and the emotion conveyed that counts. Mind you, exploding heads are good too. – marty

  95. Shogi Says:

    pretty cool…can’t wait for next episode!

  96. Andrew Foster Says:

    Keep up the good work, best of luck.

  97. Ray Says:

    Great stuff ! ! I think I saw the bartender’s evil twin at Value City yesterday . .love the story, animation and visual style. When is Episode IV coming out ?? Oh – is the fridge still working ?

  98. irving washington Says:

    i loved the cg lips, the cg lips kept me going

  99. Vlagger Says:

    The way Jerry talks is verry monotone, it makes it hard to keep my eyes open.
    Great stuf if you have a hard time falling a sleep.

  100. Mark Monlux Says:

    You are so right. Never ever go back there. What you can do is find the most obnoxious bunch of guys, say a bowling team or baseball team, and suggest this place to them. You will do two things.
    1. get the noise bar flies out of your favorite hangout.
    2. curse this other dive with a bunch of messy, cheap, noisy bastards.

  101. king tut Says:

    very kewl.

  102. Lashe Says:


  103. Sarah Boyle Says:

    Omgoodness its orginal, down to earth, and has a way of making the veiwer feel empathy. Yes those are all good things! I just want to comment not only on this episode but on all three that ive seen( cant remebr their titles at moment) the grapphics or cartoon or whatever he is, is awsome. I love this and i am definatley a fan of Jerry Time!

  104. Pasta Says:

    Jerry… buddy… you are way too nice. When someone gives you bad service, you don’t tip. The tip is to say “thanks!” when you get good service. If your server is a witch, you fish all the change out of your pocket, pick out all the dimes and quarters, put the dimes and quarters back in your pocket and dump the rest on the table. BUT… make sure you never go back to that restaurant again because they’ll remember you and spit on your food.

    That video made me laugh and it broke my heart at the same time. Great work.

  105. Plugh Says:

    Hot dang, that was great. The comments, too. Thanx for the laffs!

  106. Caitlin Says:

    Man, that sucks. Honestly.

  107. David Ward Says:

    Very funny! I will anxiously await for each episode.

  108. Sam. K Says:

    I am impressed with this page…setup really nice. Doesn’t take forever to load pics, like mine… Very impressive..

  109. raimundo Says:

    hy, echt genial diese videos, kafka laesst gruessen…
    greetings from vienna – city of freud!!

  110. Bob Says:

    Good site!!! I found your site in the google.

  111. Max Grabeer Says:

    Tell Jerry I agree with him. Life is a bitch and then you die!

  112. Joe Bivens Says:

    I like it.

  113. SickOfShovelingSnow Says:

    Just read the article about this site in today’s Boston Globe, and had to come check it out for myself. HYSTERICAL! I can’t wait to watch the other episodes 🙂

  114. Karen L. Cordy Says:

    I am so glad the Globe introduced me to JerryTime! I don’t know what drew me in more……your soothing voice, or your very large….puppy dog eyes. Give em hell Jerry, you can do it! I’m off to read the rest of the story……….entrancing.

  115. Pieter Bas Says:

    Nice site.

  116. Mark Says:

    I love the whole Jerry story. Thank you for making me smile, and for reminding me that as painful and awkward as my life may can sometimes be, that it’s also paInful, and often in the simplest of ways, and for no good reason, for a whole bunch of other Jerry’s out there. I salute you, my new urban hero.

  117. sara Says:

    Good stuff. I like the tone of your voice and the format is very creative. I want to watch more!

  118. Big Tom Musca Says:

    This one is easily the best. The supporting characters, in particular, make this an episode I’m sure I’ll watch till my dying day.

  119. themouser Says:

    I think I’ve dealt with the rude girl before. I love it all, but especially the car. What is that blue car?

  120. Abby Akiba Says:

    those are so funny some times!

  121. Abby Akiba Says:

    you soud not gave her a tib?

  122. Mike Trantham Says:

    very cool. I think I know someone like jerry!

    can’t wait to see the next episode once I have time.

    har har

  123. Genix Says:

    this is genius.

  124. Everyman Says:

    Beautiful tribute to the ordinary guy!

  125. Patika Says:


  126. David Says:

    Extremely funny stuff. What software do you use to animate this stuff? My hat is off to you sir. Home runs!

  127. culturespace.org » Blog Archive » Video Podcast - It’s Jerry Time! Says:

    […] Jerry of the eponymous “It’s Jerry Time” reminds me more than a little bit of Leopold Bloom. They both possess the same attention to detail, social awkwardness, and obsession with money. Both endure perceived slights mostly in silence. In Episode 1: Who’s That Guy, Jerry even confesses feeling “alienated” by the bar management. […]

  128. culturespace.org » Blog Archive » Video Podcast - It’s Jerry Time! Says:

    […] Jerry of the eponymous It’s Jerry Time! reminds me more than a little bit of Joyce’s Leopold Bloom. They both possess the same attention to detail, social awkwardness, and obsession with money. Both endure perceived slights mostly in silence. In Episode 1: Who’s That Guy, Jerry even confesses feeling “alienated” by the bar management. […]

  129. Shorty Says:

    Effing hilarious.

  130. Shorty Says:

    Rolling around upon the floor laughing.

  131. pjeannechild Says:

    I followed a series of links that began with Defamer, led me to Amanda Congdon, and then somehow, here. I will go on to all the rest of your episodes, but I had to stop and say – and I’ve never commented on anyone’s anything on the net before – you are a comic & creative genius. Harvey Pekar comes to mind. As does R. Crumb. It’s something about the poignancy of your deadpan tone, your determination in the face of, forgive the oxymoron, hostile indifference.
    itsjerrytime just got pride of place of my bookmarks bar. Thank you and thank you again.

  132. dorithie Says:

    Rega viry, deratere fac caser terfe.

  133. Stop the Mundanity! « Central Snark Says:

    […] THAT SAID, we accept our boring inclinations, because we don’t have the energy to do anything about it. That’s right, we’re content to embrace our boring ways, dammit. Still, we wouldn’t mind being boring quite so much if we could be boring AND funny, like THIS GUY.  This link is to his first episode of sublimely hum-drum life in the next-to-the-last lane, but if you’re already familiar with his work, JERRY has a new(ish) episode, about his not-so-very-exciting-but-lame trip to Gettysburg, PA. (there have been a total of 8 episodes, which you’ll find on the main page of his Vlog) […]

  134. Karen Zunder Says:

    Loved the graphics. The poor guy needs more in his life! It had a very unique Woody Allen vibe. Well done, Orrin.

  135. radiogrl Says:


  136. A scared guy Says:

    People people i know you mean well, but the bottom line is this: we are powerless. When you are assessed as not cool, not hip, or just not ‘sociable’ these places finish you off. You better do as he did, live a tip, and take it up the .. .. .. Turn to your faith, and your family, and try to live knowing you did your best. These are horrible people, who know everyone in town, and may have organized crime connections. Spitting in your food would be the least of your worries.

    Think i’m paranoid? Well maybe, but the other thing is the ‘woman aspect’. While there is nothing wrong with feminism, modern feminism (and just any woman using her ‘power position’ is BS. And of course it was all orchestrated from the top: The owner guy sets the vibe and everybody goes along; the patrons will be of no help, because- they know- in a second- they will be banished too. Then it spreads ’round town. Hopefully my IP address will flip by the time this gets read.

  137. Johhny B Says:

    I wouldn’t have given any tip…”no tip for you bitch”

  138. Shmuel Says:

    Geeeeeez, that’s some blog you got going.

  139. Jman Says:

    Really neat stuff, I’ll be watching all 12 episodes. This isn’t exactly like my life, but I can relate…

  140. naty Says:

    at first I did not like it but then I watched more and more now I love jerry time

  141. third_eye Says:

    very nice! I like Ü

  142. third_eye Says:

    jerrytime rules!

  143. t chammas Says:

    i love this show please make some more.

  144. t.chammas Says:

    I love this show please make some more. really good stuff and funny.

  145. It’s Jerry Time!: Rambling Humor « Galvanized Says:

    […] It’s Jerry Time!: Rambling Humor Who’s that guy?  It’s maybe better to ask who doesn’t know a Jerry? […]

  146. rob Says:

    Awsome,, I`v had a simalar thing happen and it was wierd

  147. spacebunny Says:

    Tips are a reward for good service. Don’t give one out if the wait staff didn’t deserve it. When they get stiffed a couple times they might realize that they’re doing something wrong; or they might quit and do something else. Either way, it would be a good thing.

  148. Toby Johansen Says:

    Everytime I see this I think I want to go to Applebees and have their fried shrimp platter….with fries…mmmmmm….haha, but this was a great episode 😛 Everytime I watch your shows they make me feel so comfertable.

  149. Buon Professore Says:

    very sweet, great animation. watched the whole series and started again.

    but you should not have left any tip…

    you should have walked out right away with the “Who’s that guy” comment.

    or when the other guys were served before you.

    But then you wouldnt be you. I hope you got her real mug here to embarrass her.

  150. prophetess Says:

    jerry is married
    he’s a looser
    who cheats on his wife
    who is faithfull
    soon to divorce him
    jerry is a thief
    and a liar
    who hides behind a dark mask of sin and perverted ways
    he has 3 daughers who are sick of him
    he is about to loose his family behind crap like
    this most of you are in phone list it dosen’t matter
    God will finish what he started In regardless

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  154. thomasxstewart Says:

    Hey-Jerri. Next Time Get Chicks Telephone Number or Bettter Yet, Address & Do SleepOver.


  155. catherine wakim Says:

    Haha!!This is brilliant!!
    Really enjoy your work!


  156. Alan Ashbaugh Says:

    I live in Needham, too. I saw an article about you in an old newspaper from 2006. It was in the Hometown Weekly. In the picture you’re with your brother, on some stairs, with bricks behind you. The headline reads, “And the Emmy goes to…some guy named Jerry.” Nice headline, hey? I thought it was a very funny. It sat around the computer for long enough, I eventually went to your website. I watched three videos. You’re funny. Are you still making funny videos?

    your fan,
    Alan Ashbaugh

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  158. Old Friend Says:

    Jerry, I go through this almost everytime I eat out, lousy service and overcharged. It must be something about being from Buffalo ….

  159. gry dla dzieci Says:

    Your blog is one of the most wonderful places to visit.

  160. kabelky predaj Says:

    ROFL, that thing is way too funny. I have to share it.

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