Jerry sings! Check out the new sing-along video The Turkey Song.

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33 Responses to “THE GOBBLER”

  1. Jeremy Says:

    It’s been a while, Jerry! I can’t wait.

  2. Deyhter Says:

    I can’t wait to have one extra episode.
    Prolly will be better graphix or more
    updated Jerry Character.

  3. pete Says:

    wait so all the “it’sjerrytime” things are true storys about a guy named jerry? even the 1 with the guy peeing in the shops window?

  4. Tony Says:

    This should be the perfect story to kick off the holiday season! I am just picturing what a It’s Jerry Time gobbler will look like…

  5. Mac Says:

    Yes. All these stories are true. I love these shows and I cannot wait for this one to come out! Pete just read the bottom of the page it says:
    “t’s JerryTime! True tales from the life of Jerry. An Emmy winning webseries created by Jerry Zucker and Orrin Zucker…”

  6. Emma Says:

    I’ve been waiting patiently…and now I’m excited!

  7. pete Says:

    oh, thanks mac just thought that the guy peeing in the shops window is a little weird but w/e, ty

  8. Elijah Says:

    I turned a lot of people to this site, i love it, we need more epsiodes, fast, pretty please with sugar on top.

  9. Melvin Says:

    Why isn’t the gobbler here now?

  10. worm 2 Says:


  11. chase Says:

    Sweet mother of all that is holy, I can die happy now! That is the coolest thing ever (my cameo in a major motion picture!) Thanks guys … And on a turkey related note … a few years ago I was spending some time at my folks place in Rockport … I was out for a morning run, and I come up a hill and there are these two huge turkeys in the road, and while I’m standing there dumbfounded, they start coming at me, their razor-sharp claws clicking on the pavement, click, click, click, click … So I try to back up … but they keep coming, click, click, click, click, and I start running and they pick up speed and start running after me, clickclickclickclickclick … I have no idea what they wanted. I ended up outrunning them. My mother tells me they are still there, and a few months ago, a local cop shot one of them when he said it “got aggressive.” …. Dude, I totally hear you.

  12. Erazermen Website Dude Says:

    Finally!! great episode 🙂

  13. Erazermen Website Dude Says:


  14. Erazermen_Website_Dude Says:

    Finally!! awesomeness!!!!

  15. superdave524 Says:

    Fowl humor everyone could love.

  16. Karl Northfell Says:

    Another great story, can’t wait for the enxt

  17. Mark Monlux Says:

    People love stories of turkeys. Halfway through my comic MOOSE OF TERROR I get sidetracked into a rampaging turkey story. I made it my weblink for this comic posting. Love the actual photo you provided. Love the mangyness of the beast.

  18. Joe Bivens Says:

    This one was kind of sad.

  19. Julia (Jill's sister) Says:

    AWWW…. but I liked it, alot! I would rather have spaghetti then turkey any day! Can’t wait for the next one! Keep them coming, you guys are the greatest!

  20. Israel Says:

    I just chekced this website and I love it. Jerry you are the best! How often does the episodes come out? Take care

  21. Old Man Musings » Jerry and One Tough Turkey Says:

    […] It’s Jerry Time everybody! The latest episode, which is the fifteenth one so far, is entitled ‘The Gobbler.’ Watch as one tough bird takes over a small town and why you must beware of wild turkeys… […]

  22. XK9 Says:

    Nice job guys. Thanks for including the earlier version on the blog. I do kind of miss Tom on the infield at Fenway; but MLB would have probably sent a cease and desist. BTW, desist is a synonym for cease… I guess in legalese you’re paid by the word. Here’s to redundancy and repetition! But I digress…

    As far as I can remember from the stories, this is the first time that Jerry has encountered a kindred spirit. Alas, such a fleeting friendship.

    Great new open!

    OK, you may be due for a clichéd filler episode. As I see it, these are your options:
    A. A “very special” episode. Think Lifetime Original Movie.
    B. The montage episode. Cue the laugh track!
    C. The Animal House epilogue episode. Where are they now for the cast of characters.

    I’m sure there are others… any ideas?

  23. Norm Says:

    Absolutely fantastic, you guys! And so very topical! Just love how you handled the turkey, Orrin; all those moving parts — man! And the shadows are wonderful. This one seemed packed with lots of fluid motion. Just a delightful episode all around; really made my day!

  24. jenny Says:

    its so funny i couldnt stop laughing.

  25. paulo henrique serrano Says:

    Great Episode, i watch all the videos.
    You are very tallented, don´t stop doing this.
    Greetings from Brazil !


  26. Colette Says:

    Yo Orrin!!!
    What A hoot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Glad to see you are still creating absolutley wonderful things out there in the world. You probably don’t remember me. I worked with you at Target for a blip of a time. And then… years later, worked as the assistant director of the Today Show for a decade. After my head exploded…. I left the business….. but still animate here and there.
    Thank you for keeping us laughing with JerryTime!

  27. Fritz Says:

    Good tales of Turkey Jerry

    Reminded me of the New England town that was recently besieged by a flock of Wild
    Turkeys. Funny you mentioned pasta for Thanksgving I had lasagna this year.


  28. Mitchell Says:

    When I saw it, it was so funny! I want them to make more videos about jerry!

  29. ~ Sil in Corea Says:

    Heheheheheheheheheh!!! Yep, turkeys can get rambunctious when they get too familiar with a neighbourhood. I think they are territorial, and, woe betide, if they decide they are the alpha birds. They are worse than geese!

    Thanks a lot, guys! Laughter really is the best medicine.

    Hugs from Asia,
    ~ Sil

  30. duan Says:

    Absolutely Brilliant! can’t wait for more to come out

  31. JP Says:

    Oh man, this is the funnies Jerry episode ever!
    It sums up the pathetic realities of public transport, and the ‘animals’ who use it.
    I love the farting fat man and the obnoxious sneezer, and all little Jerry can do is put his music on and cringe. No thanks, i think i will take the car to work tommorow after watching this, lol.

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  33. Terry Osborne Says:

    One more reason to use a mac 😉