The Big Time


Here’s proof!

If you’ve seen this month’s episode (“The Big Time”) you know that at the beginning of my career, I went to New York to try to make it in show business. The episode, like all the others, was taken from real life.

This is not a Halloween costume. It’s a polaroid of me in a sheep outfit in a national TV commercial for a bedding company.

It was surreal to be standing in a line of sheep waiting for a director to yell “Action” so that we could all take turns jumping over a fence…

I’ve also attached some photos from a contact sheet that was taken in my old NYC actor days. I was knocking around New York in Off-Off Broadway productions, short films, obscure TV shows etc., while doing odd jobs.

These headshots were taken by the German photographer introduced in the latest episode. This unusual artiste came seemed to come directly from the Weimar Republic. While he snapped pictures, we pretended that I was auditioning for a part as a NYC detective.

Note: The real-life “Joey Parker” is Joe Franklin and “Don Maxwell” is the late Richard Roffman.

Excerpts from the sensational Richard Roffman Show are still lovingly preserved on YouTube.

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9 Responses to “The Big Time”

  1. mark monlux Says:

    Dude, I so have that hat. It’s in my closet. Let me know if you ever want it back.

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  3. Fred Graver Says:

    A New Jerry Time

    Jerry and Orin Zucker are amazingly talented storytellers… they won the Emmy this year for digital content. YES, there was an Emmy for digital / web stuff! And they WON it, and they deserved it… The episodes illustrate moments and…

  4. Miss Cellania Says:

    It think its kinda cute.

  5. Ed T. Says:

    Jerry, just saw your T-Mobile commercial…

    You were okay. Maybe they should have let you wear the sheep costume? 🙂

    Actually, the last shot where it shows your hand tentatively reaching to retrieve the phone, absolutely masterful. If there was an awards ceremony for that, well, you’d win hands down!!

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  7. ozonetv Says:

    Hate to say it Ed T. but that wasn’t me in that T-Mobile commercial, just a clever imitator.

  8. barrybob Says:

    did you make the cartoon partially from pictures that were actually taken back than???

  9. goodnightcat Says:

    haha, that’s great. he makes a cute sheep