Classic Jingles


Rubber-faced comic Jack Gilford starred in a beloved series of Cracker Jack commercials in the 60s.

I once heard a lecture in which Leonard Bernstein said that there’s only one music piece that is universally sung in all cultures: the na-na-na-na-na teasing chant of children. If you listen carefully, the title Cracker Jack jingle uses that music byte.

Other old TV jingles that bring it all back include Good and Plenty, the the original Slinky, Clark Gum’s “The Teaberry Shuffle” and my favorite jingle, “Tupperware Really Locks it In.” (Thanks Brian) And yes that is / Anita
doing the voiceover.

On a related note behold here the the most successful commercial of all time:

“I’m sure you recognize this lovely melody as “Stranger in Paradise.” But did you know that the original theme is from the Polovetzian Dance No. Two by Borodin?”

Distinguished British actor John Williams starred in this commercial for a four-LP set of classical music from Columbia Records. It is the longest-running ad in U.S. television history, burning into our brains every day from 1971 to 1984. It was phased out when CDs gained popularity.

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