Jerry Announces Bid for President!

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Here’s the July 4 announcement before Congress that I am running for President of the United States.

I originally made the world-premiere announcement back in March, on ComputerAmerica Radio, America’s longest-running nationally syndicated talk show about computers, hosted by Craig Crossman and Carey Holzman, who gives the lead interview.

I have outlined my positions in spots throughout cyberspace. If you find it a litte more than odd that both Obama and McCain are related to Bush (ergo each other), then Jerry/Papu is just the ticket to flush out the ruling class.

PS: I’m looking for ideas. Please write in on how we can handle our problems in this country so we all have less aggravation. If your plans are imaginitive enough, I might be able to work them into our future campaign.

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6 Responses to “Jerry Announces Bid for President!”

  1. chase Says:

    I’ve always thought it might be cool to be president, I’d have keggers on the White House lawn, fly my buddies around in Air Force One and just in general invite people to drop by and party (except for that dude who ralphed in the fish tank last time, sheesh)

    But there’s probably a lot of work a president has to do, too. So can I be vice president? I promise not to shoot anyone in the face.

  2. Aaron The Truck Driver Says:

    I’ll vote vote Jerry but only if he captures that 20 foot expanse between Canada and the U.S and makes that a country. And i want a 10×90 foot plot above Washington state.


  3. Zofmui Says:

    As far as the crime problem. . . why not just divide the country into 2 parts, the nice part will be where the people who don’t commit crimes lives and the other part is where people who commit crimes live. That way, they can just steal and murder each other and the nice people could be nice and helpful to each other. Anyone committing a crime in the nice part will be sent to the criminal part and can never come back. ???

  4. ozonetv Says:

    I’ll work on it Aaron. Jerry

  5. Joe Says:

    1. imaginitive is an imaginative way of spelling imaginative
    2. Campaign Promise: Every child in school should get a video iPod — and not only so that they can watch JerryTunes. I use iPods for teaching, and we could cut way down on the costs of education by using these innovative devices. The cost in savings on textbooks alone would be huge. And you can be sure lots of kids will be “cheppering” their parents to vote for you if you promise them an iPod.

    Silver Spring MD

  6. gregfrombrattleboro Says:

    This country needs:

    1. More use of Japanese characters whose meanings people don’t understand could be a useful platform. I mean, who doesn’t like oriental characters? They kind of imply wisdom, ya know? Anyway, when I was in Japan once, I saw a middle aged woman wearing a “jock jacket” with the words Desperate Intellectual written on the back.

    2. The use of claymation to explain complex policies to an electorate that just doesn’t have the time to get up to speed on the nuances of legislation might be nice.

    3. A national program that encourages helping old ladies across the street who don’t necessarily need or want to cross the street is another possibility.

    I have other ideas, but these are probably the best ones.