National Donut Day

People often ask me, (being the donut specialist that I am) which is better, a Boston Cream Donut or a Vanilla Cream Donut? My answer … A fresh Vanilla Cream donut, any day of the week.

On June 5, which was National Donut Day I went with anticipation to an unnamed large US donut chainstore because from my car, I saw a poster in the window with a “Free Donut for National Donut Day.”

I went up to the counter and I asked if I could have my free donut. I was told I had to purchase a drink first. I was stunned. I momentarily thought about this dilemna, considered my options and then walked out. On my way out, I noticed the poster with the big, bold “Free Donut” headline but discovered, in small type under it: “With the Purchase of a Regular Drink.”

I think they should hand out one fresh donut per customer everywhere for free on National Donut Day. What’s the matter with this unnamed large US donut chainstore ?

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. This is also the impersonal corporate entity that has stopped making fresh donuts onsite and merely trucks the goods to their various outlets. The best choice, as found through bitter experience, is always your local small donut bakery.

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One Response to “National Donut Day”

  1. Kent Says:

    I don’t suppose this large unnamed U.S. donut chain featured a mustachioed spokesman in its commercials who begged to differ. If so, he is rolling in his grave.