Sports Team Curses

Famous baseball curses include The Curse of the Bambino, (Red Sox) The Curse of the Billy Goat (Cubs) and The Curse of the Angels, whose stadium is built on old Indian burial grounds, a phenomena which turns out to be both palpable and well-documented.

The Angels’ tragic history includes the January 2010 death of 54-year old Angels broadcaster Rory Markas, last year’s death of 22-year old pitcher Nick Adenhart, killed in a drunk driving auto accident, the 2008 death of scout Preston Gomez, who was hit by a truck at a service station, the 1989 suicide death of pitcher Donnie Moore, who gave up the game-winning home run in the 1986 pennant game, the 1978 mistaken identity drive-by shooting death of Lyman Bostock, as well as earlier Angel players Minnie Rojas, Chico Ruiz, Bruce Heinbechner, and Mike Miley who were all killed in tragic car accidents.

More recently, a couple of Angel players witnessed a New York resident jumping to his death off the roof of Le Parker Meridien Hotel, where the Angels were staying for a series against the Yankees. And on 5/29, the Angels’ Cuban star Kendry Morales fractured his leg after hitting a walk-off grand slam against Seattle. He jogged around the bases and celebrated the game-winning hit by jumping high on home plate. His teammates all tackled him at the same time.

Other stadiums built on ancient Indian burial grounds include Ralph Wilson Stadium, home of the seemingly cursed Buffalo Bills, Three Rivers Stadium, former home of the team with a 16 year losing streak, the Pittsburgh Pirates as well as persistent rumors about the new Citi Field, home of “the worst team money can buy,” New York Mets, who saw their first-ever pitch in the ballpark sail over the fence for a home run against them.

Note to Angels’ owner Arte Moreno and Bills’ owner Ralph Wilson: Get new stadiums! (not built on burial grounds)

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