The Big Snit

A most hilarious and unforgettable apocalyptic cartoon is The Big Snit by Winnipeg’s Richard Condie for the extraordinary National Film Board of Canada. The HD version is here.

Canadians are some of the world’s funniest, most inventive filmmakers and comics. I’ve been awestruck by Guy Maddin, John Paizs’ Crime Wave, Donald Shebib’s classic Goin’ Down the Road, Tom Green and the inimitable Jim Carrey.

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3 Responses to “The Big Snit”

  1. Katherine Says:

    Thanks for posting this. In our household we’re always admonishing one another to ‘stop shaking your eyes,’ or wondering if Sawing for Teens is on. I hadn’t seen this for several years, though, and it was a treat to have it at hand. Very dear. I’m enjoying your too-infrequent observations and links. Another Jerry episode in the works?

  2. Jerry Says:

    Thanks Katherine. This is one short that will always stick in my memory. As for new episodes, we don’t have plans to do it but we might do something for fun if
    it strikes us. But there’s no plans right now.

  3. watson Says:

    Good Work Jerry, Check out more outstanding work done by student at Whistling Woods International School of Animation

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