The Casting Call


The original “George” pilot episode was shot in in Chicago in 1984. “George Does His Laundry,” pictured above, is the sequel.

George Goetschel, a Chicago musican and improv artist, plays the lead character George. You can actually see and hear George in the interview clip in the episode.

Key contributors to “The Casting Call” start with Kristen Schaal as performance artist Violette Moon, a character based on a real-life world musician named Destiny Quibble. Kristen is best known for her role as Mel in the HBO series Flight of the Conchords and as a contributor on The Daily Show. Also, many thanks to Jane Potenzo at HBO and David Martin at Avalon Television for hooking us up.

The legendary rock group The Residents added their star power. Thanks to The Cryptic Corporation for permission.

The original George series was produced with the help of the founders of the Chicago improv mecca Improv Olympic (iO) Theater. Improv Gurus Del Close, now deceased, and Charna Halpern, who briefly appears in “George Does His Laundry,” helped brainstorm the process.

The original camera/editor for the series was Paul Snead, now President of Sound Video Impressions in Des Plaines, IL.

You can check out our weird new comedy channel Giant Industries that has “George” and other live action and animated short films that I have made, along with those of some of my friends.

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  1. It’s JerryTime! » Blog Archive » NEW: SEX & VIOLENCE Says:

    […] See the original films here. […]

  2. bjm Says:

    Did not like this Jerrytime……. I have had many laughs and shared them with many people in the past. I look forward to another episode I can identify with.

  3. nomai Says:

    where are the Residents ? (perhaps on laundry door reflection ?)