Its Jerry Time Releases Special Edition Soundtrack CD!

Its Jerry Time! proudly announces the release of our brand new official soundtrack, called Its Jerry Time! Special Edition.

The album is now available on Amazon as a CD for $9.95 or downloads and on iTunes for 99¢ per download, and all over the web.

The new CD gives both fans of Its Jerry Time! as well as fans of good-time piano music the background music from the show, including the Its Jerry Time! theme song Cornbread. All the songs were composed and performed by Jerry, who plays piano and narrates the series. Orrin, who animates the series, did the spectacular cover, pictured above.

The new CD features 19 piano and instrumental tracks, including two vocals. Some of the notable tunes include B Train Blues, The Avenue, The Hypnotist and The Naked Swim. The vocals include The Peck-Peck Song, sung by Chicago vocalist Wendy Warnimont and Put the Butter in the Fridge, which we’re planning for an upcoming single.

This collection of retro background comedy music and vocals from the series was recorded at Stable Sound Studio in Newport, RI from 2009-2010. It took a year and a half to finish. The album was engineered and mastered by Steve Rizzo, who also added instrumental accompaniment. Old friends Paul DeLuca, David Grimes and Tom Madden contributed other instrumentals..

Here’s a limited special offer on the album.

And here’s a free sample of B Train Blues from the album:

Go get yours now and put the zing back into your life!

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  1. susan Says:

    I’ve enjoyed the animated shorts for some time, and now I have the pleasure of enjoying the charming piano music from the same – I’m taking the CD over to my dad, who is a big fan of ragtime music – I’m sure he’ll enjoy it!