Is it Funny? You decide.

Here’s an animated prank phone call as seen on a new UK TV show called “Fonejacker.” The prankster is Iranian comic Kayvan Novak. It’s kind of like a cross between Peter Sellers and Abbott and Costello. An instant classic. Thanks Brian, good one!

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7 Responses to “Is it Funny? You decide.”

  1. vick Says:

    lol if i’m the one tending the store i would go crazy!! but it’s brilliant yes. he probably should call back and tell him it’s a prank.

  2. heather Says:


  3. Alan Says:

    effing hillarious! I wanta de joovka duvda player and a loocida tuv. What’s your problem? Jeez, I’m gonna be laughing about that all week.

  4. indianti Says:

    LOL… hillarious

  5. Londoner Says:

    He is hilarious, however he is Iranian, not Pakistani.

  6. Zofmui Says:

    LMFAO. You know, lmfao. Okay, it’s a family site, lmao. Wait, can you say “a” on a family site? Hmmm, okay, lo. No wait, that doesn’t make sense. so l. Yes, I’m l. L. Yep, that’s it. All clean and proper. L

  7. sandra belklin Says:

    The Fonejacker is the best show
    on the telly. have a look at the
    Fonejacker Soundboards

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