Humiliation TV


Humiliation TV has been around for a long time. Take this rare clip from 1990 Manhattan Cable where host Ken Sander is a sitting duck to a litany of obscene callers, who gleefully abuse him while he shows remarkable calm on camera. (WARNING: Adult Language)

Because of the huge success of Reality TV, the camera is enabling more idiots willing to make fools of themselves than ever before. But why do we watch this stuff? Because it’s there. And it’s a reflection on society. Cynical producers exploit the audience’s cravings by offering a sophisticated blend of the different flavors of humiliation.

From The Jerry Springer Show to public feuds to weird contestant meltdowns and the unscripted moments, the bar just keeps getting lower and lower. Hopefully, this too shall pass.

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2 Responses to “Humiliation TV”

  1. Aaron The Truck Driver Says:

    Do you guys listen to Howard Stern. They have been making a ton of prank calls to Tradio. It’s a local radio show where people call in to sell things.

    I imagine these tradio shows only take place in small towns. Use your imagination to figure out what that gang is “selling” With phone numbers!

  2. ozonetv Says:

    I used to listen to Stern. He’s a genius. I even followed him to Sirius for awhile but I think he shoulda stayed on free radio. The fact that he can now swear doesn’t add too much for me. The paying for radio got old for me. Jerry