MishMash Media: The hilarious flash cartoons of Xeth Feinberg.
Jay Ward would be proud.

Low Morale: Award-winning British animations by Monkeehub about one
man’s struggle with the soul-sapping experiences of office work.

HomeStar Runner: The pioneering web flash cartoon featuring Strong Bad
Emails and Teen Girl Squad, all devised by the Brothers Chaps.

Jib Jab: Animation from the innovative Spiridellis Brothers, makers of
political satires including the smash “This Land” and “Big Box Mart”

Flying Iguana: Zee Riseken’s Z-Files, a zombie-filled animated series of 1950s
nuclear propaganda films.

Ooh Bitey: The award-winning Bitey of Brackenwoods¦here’s a nasty piece of
work¦featuring the animation of Adam Phillips

Fat-Pie: Weird, possibly offensive animation and stuff by David Firth,
including the famed “Salad Fingers”.

Joe Cartoon: Unfair and unbalanced beer-inspired nonsense by Joe Cartoon,
Mike Storey and Mike Tuinstra including “The Greenfields”.

Odd Todd: Todd Rosenberg’s animated tales of unemployment.

Thirty Second Bunny Theatre: Jennifer Shiman’s condensed movies as
told by bunnies.

Doogtoons: Doug Bressler’s collection of animated interviews and stuff

Insanely Twisted Shadow Puppets: Cool mini flash movies designed by
Michel Gagne

EAT PES: Adam Pesapane’s cool stop motion shorts using household objects.

The Tale of How: Fantastic creatures run the world in this South African
masterwork from The Black Heart Gang.

Idol: “A cautionary tale” starring Dick and Jane by Run Wrake.

Zumbakamera: Jossie Malis’ entertaining silhouetted Bendito Machine.

Fallen Art: Thomasz Baginski’s subtle 3D graphics including “Fallen Art” and
“Cathedral”. Darkly intellectual new wave flash animations created by a team of
Russian artists founded by Paul Mountian.

La Piccola Russia: A disturbing work from Gianluigi Toccafondo that expertly
mixes a variety of animation technques. * Thanks Elwood!

NFB: Classic shorts from the legendary National Film Board of Canada.

Frederator: A great podcast for cartoon lovers.

Lumen Eclipse: An online gallery of video and media shorts exhibited as
public art in Harvard Square.

AnimWatch: Steve Ogden’s eclectic collection of links to animators and their
works on the web.

Animex: The best works from England’s international festival of animation
and computer games.

Aniboom: The Youtube of animation

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