1. Picture of my brother Orrin (left) and me circa. 1966. Orrin owns an award-winning animation studio, Ozone Inc. and animates JerryTime episodes using a digital camera, Adobe After Effects and clip art. I do the stories and music.

2. Childhood. Back in the mid 60s, I'd always used to run, not walk, to pick up my Batman Cards and my red shoestring licorice. The bright blue colors of the Batman uniform excited me.

3. Maggot Man is a comic book I wrote and illustrated between the ages of 13 and 14. It was illustrated in pencil, which has faded over the years, to add to its legend.

4. I had no idea Roger Maris broke Babe Ruth's single season home run record. I was 8. So I erased Roger's eyes on this 1968 card and then drew it back in, in pencil.

5. For some reason, I decided to cut the borders off this valuable 1966 Bobby Orr rookie card because I just didn't like the look of it.

6. I remember little after I fell on my head as an infant. The gentle tune of the Fisher Price Teaching Clock is something I'll always cherish.

7. Illustration/Poem about Peter: Our beloved parakeet Peter passed on at age thirteen. I drew this picture and wrote a poem to honor him. We buried him in a shoebox in the backyard.

8. Wham-O's Monster Magnet I owned one as a kid and for some reason, I broke one of the arms off and used it as a separate magnet. I recently bought one of these at a yard sale for 50 cents.

9. Here's a 7 Up Bottle straight from the '60s, complete with the original liquid.

10. In 1971, I went to a California Golden Seals in Buffalo.The Sabres honored the Golden Seals by spray-painting a live seal gold, and parading him onto the ice and into the goal. The Seals are defunct now.

11. 1966 Buffalo Bills football card of Mike Stratton who put The Hit on Keith Lincoln in the 1964 AFL Championship.

12. My brother was into Quisp Cereal. I was a Quake guy. I remember that Quake kind of tasted like Captain Crunch. Quisp has become a cult favorite but Quake went belly up.

13. Pat Quinn hockey card with the Vancouver Canucks. A perfect example of a "hockey face".

14. Hank Allen baseball card. The Hall of Fame Home Run King's name sound-alike counterpart.

15. When I was 14, I flunked a swimming test in summer camp. Most disappointing.

16. I caught on to The Beatles well into the '70s, all too late.

17. O.J. Simpson autograph from the '70s. My mom got the autograph when she saw him at a store. I was disillusioned big-time by his murder trial.

18. The Ballad of the Green Berets by Sgt. Barry Sadler, Davy Crockett, Treasure Island. These are the records I listened to as a kid.

19. Clanky was a brown plastic robot figure filled with chocolate syrup. We liked making chocolate milk with Clanky. It was a magical time.

20. As a kid, I loved to draw monsters. This is a Lugosi marker drawing on a manila folder. Karloff was a favorite too, of course.

21. Every night at we'd eat dinner as a family and watch the CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite. I always felt safe with Walter.

22. My painting of a superhero on a Middle School cinder block, thanks to Mr. Holt. It looks blurry to me now, as if ravaged by the sands of time.

23. One of the great TV villians, Dr. Smith. Jonathan Harris from "Lost in Space" fascinated me. His diction was flawless. Who could imagine that he was from Brooklyn?

24. Autographed Gilbert Perreault Sabres hockey puck. Perreault, the legendary Hall of Famer, once interrupted our teen-age street hockey game by driving into our driveway during a break to chat. That was so cool!

25. Scott Norwood football card. Fate.

26. Cairo Egypt postcard.

27. The AHL Buffalo Bisons won a championship in '69-70. This is a program I got at one of the games. I got a crew cut that summer, in honor of Gilles Villemure and Guy Trottier.

28. Mighty Mouse 8mm film: We used to watch silent 8mm movies before they had videos. Black and white Mighty Mouse was a favorite, even without that kick-ass theme song.

29. Keebler's Pecan Sandies is my all-time favorite cookie. I've stopped buying these.

30. Don't Write, Send Money Cartoon Postcard. For some reason I was so fascinated by this relief comic postcard that I've held on to it for 30 years.

31. My piano teacher seemed to take great pleasure rapping my knuckles with a pencil, right on the painful spot! He also slapped my wrists around and put the cruelest comments possible in my weekly lesson book. Thank you sir: May I have some more?

32. 20 Million Miles to Earth 8mm movie. Another silent Blackhawk Film Classic with subtitles. We ran this Ray Harryhausen classic so much, we broke the leader, plus at least another 25 feet of film.

33. Ahhh, fresh vanilla cream doughnuts!

34. M & W Color Lab. My dad's North Buffalo camera shop where I worked on and off for about fifteen years. Alot of fine people passed through these doors. Some weirdos too.

35. This postcard from Monkey Jungle serves as a fond memory of Florida in the '60s.

36. Rubber Woman.

37. My High School. Fun? Wow!

38. John Williams TV commercial for a set of classical LPs sticks in my mind even now, almost thirty years later. "I'm sure you all recognize this lovely melody as "Stranger in Paradise." But did you know that the original theme is from the Polovetzian Dance No. 2 by Borodin"?

39. Tacky Florida Souvenir. The pink flamingos, the hot sand, the lush palm trees,the warm blue ocean. That, my friend, was a vacation.

40. In the early '80s, I had a temporary job in a nightclub in The Village where Joe Jackson filmed a music video for Steppin' Out. I worked in the mail room and was never paid for my efforts . I wrote this letter to try to get my money but there was nothing I could do, so I lost $178.75.

41. Genesee Beer Tray. In Buffalo, the native brew is Genesee. I once saw a case of Genny selling for $2.50, after rebate.

42. This is a tape of Django Reinhardt. I have a huge music collection, mostly on cassette. I have thousands of them. You might laugh, but they're cheap, they're portable, they sound good, they're easy to replace and plus they don't skip. If you need to listen to and experiment with a lot of music, this is the way to go.

43. Wham-O Super Ball in packaging. I've lost Super Balls in various gutters and roofs.

44. My brother and I used to make animated films on Super 8 film in our early teens. We'd animate clay monsters, who melted under the strong lights, appearing shiny on film.

45. A photo of a real live Alien! Apparently someone used the flash in their house and this strange apparition appeared on film. Lurid!

46. The Magic of Believing by Claude Bristol. A favorite book.

47. THE perfect skipping stone. It will never be skipped. I skip stones ten to fifteen times a throw. My record is in the twenties. Maybe it's my low center of gravity.

48. A black and white photo of me before heading out to NYC to pursue an acting career in the early 1980s. I ended up being an Assistant Producer on The Richard Roffman Show.

49. A stack of Pringles Original Flavor. I don't understand anyone who eats Pringles one at a time. They must be stacked and then jammed into the mouth.

50. My favorite movie of all time is King Kong (1933). This is what movie magic is all about. "Confound this fog!"

51. Nine more of my favorite films, in no particular order. I have a special place in my heart for low-budget films. Crime Wave was an instant top ten, and Carnival of Souls is also a low-budget classic. Not pictured is Alexander Nevsky and Once Upon a Time in the West.

52. Severed rubber head with bulging eyes. A hit at any party.

53. Maniac, the 1934 Dwain Esper shlockfest. It has been called the worst film of all time. Mr. Buckley's injection with super-adrenaline is a legendary moment in bad film history.

54. A still from Island of Lost Souls (1933). This movie has some of the ugliest faces I've ever seen in a movie. "Are we not men?!"

55. Another odd postcard, a reproduction from a 40s poster about mood boosters.

56. Summer Hazards (1979) by P. Maier. This is part of my bad art collection.

57. Son House CD. A fascinating blues performer.

58. Antique popcorn box. I love popcorn. It's got to be fresh though. I will eat microwave popcorn in a pinch, but I don't own a microwave because they give off gamma rays.

59-60. More weird cards. A lonely, fat guy in his apartment and Zip and Pip the Pinheads, from Freaks.

61. Will Power Doll. In the '80s, I made an animated music video about Will Power, a mythic sea captain. The title part was played by actor Walter van Leer, who claimed to have hosted the first version of Chicago's famed Second City Theater in his barn in the 50s. The music was by George Goetschel, who also starred in a series of comic shorts I made back then with him, Charna Halpern and Del Close, plus other Second City talent.

62. I bought this Charley Patton CD after I read an interview with John Fogarty, crediting Patton as a big influence.

63. An original sepia-toned photo of Lou Gehrig.

64. This mesmerizing Hypnotic Spiral has always drawn me in and enveloped me like a warm blanket.

65-66 There is not enough great things I can say about my hero, Fats Waller.

67. Pain 95%. One of my collection of hot sauces.

68. Flying Saucer Magnets. I like the wide-eyed Famous Monsters of Filmland look.

69. The Comedian Harmonists. A CD from The Beatles of the 1930s - instant nostalgia!

70. North African Classics 1925-1948 from Yazoo Records. I felt a bit sorry for the little guy on the cover getting the horn blown in his ear.

71. The solo piano music on this Jelly Roll Morton CD just sings.

72. I bought this book for its cover, by TV artist John Gnagy, at a recent flea market.