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  1. Administrator Says:

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  2. Joe Bivens Says:


  3. Greg Says:

    We all sit by our family computer patiently waiting for the next episode. TV just isn’t very good after watching Jerry’s Place.

  4. gest Says:


  5. gest Says:

    guess what i watch starwars and darth vader does not have a wand u poo head its a lightsaber retard

  6. moths unite Says:

    you didnt have to squash it! bug still a big fan anyhow.

  7. moths unite Says:

    oops posted under wrong episode.sorry.

  8. Greg Says:

    Hey Gest! Learn to spell! Grade 4 isn’t so bad.

  9. moths unite Says:

    surely you gest.

  10. RealAbstract Says:

    So when is this episode guesstimated to appear?

  11. wakeupsucka Says:

    We need an episode about a story involving you and your brother, Jerry. After hearing you both on the podcast, that was my first thought. Thanks for giving me some much needed laughs.

  12. Jeff Says:

    Jerry do you have a myspace page yet? You need one.

  13. Jeff Says:

    Hey jerry just listened to your interview, ironically such a community of video bloggers already exists on myspace. Now I sound like I’m repeating myself but the link below will take you directly to the film maker page where you can click on the “Filmmaker Signup” link.

  14. gary Says:

    this is taking so long, it better be half decent this time, the one in the bar and first one were the only two good ones, they are doing downhill, simple is the key word, not all these graphics – great u can do them, no one cares… make it crapily designed like the first two and this would be good, and dont have such long ass gaps between making them, they arent that hard to do…

  15. WestofBoston Colleen Says:

    My two kids (11 and 8) and I really look forward to your next installment- we each have our favorite video. Some HIGHLIGHTS for us- Jerry’s reaction to the singing moths, the landlord’s “filth” rant, the potty-mouth policewoman, the contemptuous bartender. Jerry rocks.

  16. Tony Starks Says:

    Hey GARY, stop your bitching!! If you don’t like Jerry Time then get the hell out of here you dumbass—and if they are so easy to make why don’t you produce us a few episodes—we can then all do a comparison!

    Hey JERRY, your stuff is awesome—don’t listen to losers like GARY!

  17. Russ Says:

    Yay! Lookin’ forward to it!

  18. RiazM Says:

    Yeah, gary’s a tool, J4E

  19. moonstarer Says:

    So you too have been caught up in the Giant Old Lady Phone Trick. It’s a conspiracy and a dangerous one. They’re lurking everywhere, just waiting for unsuspecting naifs. Giving out false names and numbers, oh, the horror!

  20. Pagmatic Says:

    those bug eyed ladies were scary:) Keep the adventures coming!

  21. XK9 Says:

    Ah… what would a new month be without a new Jerry? A friend of ours, Kerry Kiley-O’Toole (an appropriate name for March, dontchathink?) used to say, “rabbit, rabbit” as the first words out of her mouth the morning of the first day of every month. I propose we change it to “Jerry, Jerry.”

    Or was it Liz Petroski? Hmm…

    Jerry. Jerry.

  22. XK9 Says:

    Maybe the title should have been, “The Phantom Repairman.” Would’ve kept with the running Star Wars references and it might have driven gest over the edge.

    Beware little old ladies.

  23. Barbeque Pitt Says:

    I think you were lucky that “computer repairman” WASN’T there. You might have ended up with a 13-year-old kid who would have squeezed his zit juice all over your monitor glass.

  24. hglucky Says:


    I’m really bothered. Did you ever get your computer fixed?
    If not, I know someone really good…. I’ll get back to you with his number.

    It’s around here somewhere…..


  25. hglucky Says:


    I forgot to tell you “he’s the best”

    (still looking for the number)

  26. john Says:

    Can’t wait for the next Jerrytime

  27. Dennis Says:

    Thank you. I’ve notified my family members about this site. It is such an oasis of normalcy in the high speed web world. Jerry is the philosopher of our time.

  28. mildred garfield Says:

    Hi Jerry,

    That was the funniest!

    I am an old lady and I have a great repairman for you. He happens to be my son Steve Garfield.

    If you want I can give you his phone number!

  29. Greg Mills Says:

    That was like Beckett or something. Might be my favorite one so far.

  30. Carl Weaver Says:

    Great story here. I loved the depictions of the old ladies!

  31. Peter D. Simone Says:

    Sorry my mom gave you the wrong number.

  32. Pen Says:

    Very cute. Love the way you are doing these, really beautifully done! Look forward to seeing more.

  33. Jott Says:

    you are a pawn Jerry get used to it

  34. gina g Says:

    Jerry – another enjoyable Jerrytime installment!

    next time, go to the display ads in the yellow pages. Maybe you won’t find any conniving old ladies trying to mess with your head!!
    Our Grandmother never would have pulled that scam….she would have come over and fixed the computer herself, if she could. If not, she would have cooked you a meal fit for a king.
    But is the computer fixed?

  35. KG Says:

    Eh. It was kinda funny, and I agree that the look of the old ladies was really good, but this episode left me a little bummed. The previous episodes were so much better. I am disappointed.

  36. Djk Simon Says:

    Jerry, did you reboot? Is it plugged in? Love ya, love the episode.

  37. Liirjet Says:

    You’re treatment was almost humane compared to the usual mechanical palaver which permeates the beginning of most computer repair calls, and then after being on hold for hours you get some foreign speaking character that you can’t understand and ultimately you’re left with a final outcome of a computer that is still broken. Ya, give me the old ladies with the kinky kicks !! Great job Jerry !!

  38. Inevitable Doom Says:


  39. PlaTO Says:

    I’ve been burned by the old lady scam more than once. I think they’re employees of Verizon or something who try to get you to use up all your minutes.

  40. Pablo Says:

    Man these episodes are just great! I wish you had like a 30min weekly program – it seems ages till the next episode and I can’t get enough of em!

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  42. David Ward Says:


    Episode 5 was pretty good but just not up to the same standard as we’ve grown accustomed to in the first 4 episodes. You’re still funny as hell though.


  43. gest Says:

    greg your a basterd

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  45. OneOldLady Says:

    Well, I must admit to being a BIT disappointed with this episode. It just wasn’t as funny as the others. But, still, loving the graphics & animation! That alone is worth watching the episodes for…

    But seriously, Jerry, DID you ever get your computer fixed? Inquiring minds want to know!

  46. Kingpin Says:

    Repairman wasn’t that good bro., keep trying.

  47. Fun-o-rama Says:

    I enjoyed this one…it reminded me a bit of Episode 1…nice and simple. I like simple.

  48. Alexander Dumas Says:


    You’ve got to use Craigslist for this sort of thing. Old ladies haven’t infiltrated yet.

    You should know that you’re my hero anyway!

    AL Dumas

  49. John Says:

    Loooooove Jerry’s stories, but disappointeed with this one.

  50. g Says:

    great stuff. keep em commin’

    p.s. jail time was the best!

  51. fjcastro Says:

    Stupid. You have already run out of ideas….

  52. Chas C Says:

    I’ll admit this wasn’t my favorite episode-but it’s still the best original show on the web. Don’t let these morons get you down man…just keep going-we’re rootin’ for ya!

  53. WestofBoston Colleen Says:

    Of course Jerry knows hot babes. Didn’t you see the two smokin’ hot mamas he chatted up in this episode?

  54. jackoneill1 Says:

    I am really liking these videos…...very clever. Please continue and do some more.

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  56. Graham Says:

    Gotta be the best stuff going down on the Internet in the last year. So good.

  57. Russ Says:

    This one is incomplete. Did Jerry ever get his computer fixed? How much did it cost? What was wrong with it? Who finally fixed it? Did he call the first old lady back to clarify the number? Jerry, more detail please.

  58. Jerry Oliver Says:

    Might I say how disappointed I am with the latest episode. Going forward I hope that the team realizes what it actually means to be a Jerry. After outdoing themselves for quite a while and generating good feelings all around, to put the substandard work out as the next episode in what has become a hilarious pastime for the co-worker and myself, I was quite disappointed. Here’s hoping that the next episode lives up to the first 4 because the 5th episode could just as well be deleted from our memory as it did not live up to expectations.
    Here is hoping for a great episode 6.

  59. Greg Says:

    Hey Gest… You can’t even spell bastard right.

    Doesn’t your Star Wars fan club provide spelling lessons?

    Jerry rocks.

  60. GERMAN Says:


  61. Woman with Cats Says:

    Never. EVER. Trust a woman who accumulates cats. I speak for myself. Need to see more Jerry toes in future episodes. Period. LOL @ the Kill Shot!

  62. dave and sue Says:

    That dojo dame just wasn’t for you, jer. Keep your defenses up and keep up the good work!

  63. wrirc Says:

    Good site

  64. bet365 Says:



  65. fssgfdxyaa Says:

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  66. Nikola Says:

    Not at your best Jerry

  67. Nina Says:

    This one is by far my favorite, thank you Jerry.

  68. yachtchimp Says:

    hey jerry, i feel like i know you. you are “everyman”.

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  70. Bradyn Leon Says:

    hey wats the diff between singing and screaming a note i no there is but everytime i go for a jigh note it sounds like im screaming

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