See the original George films. Special thanks to Kristen Schaal, The Residents & George.


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35 Responses to “THE CASTING CALL”

  1. garbo Says:

    Can’t wait for it! We are excited from now until it comes out to watch it!

  2. Mark Monlux Says:

    The truth is you can’t reinvent yourself without some part of your old self falling off. Hopefully, it’s an unattractive part. Then again, this philosophy has not done much for Joan Rivers.

  3. Kieran Says:

    Great, as usual. This episode has a real distracted feel to it. I love the CSI-esque joint-separation scenes. Who does your foley work? Man, that’s creepy.

  4. todd Says:

    Good Question.

  5. Larry Says:

    After I got married, my d*** fell off :-(

  6. Julia (Jill's sister) Says:

    Great as always! Nice to come home and be entertained by Gerry Time! Looking forward to MORE!


  7. Kool Band Says:

    Kool! The Residents!

  8. Rich Shupe Says:

    Yeah, cool The Residents!

  9. Jack Says:

    Great episode. When things start going bad the streak just has to run itself out. Coming out of it still alive is good.

  10. The Theory Says:

    ditto on The Residents!

  11. Ridley Scott Says:

    Sorry Jerry….not your best effort.

  12. Anne Says:

    I just viewed your fabulous Chicago film “Sex & Violence.” I can’t get any sound with this thing but at last I saw the film and I think it’s great. Little touches, like the elderly laundomat parton hanging her laundry on his knife, are especially effective. I don’t see why your George film hasn’t won prizes.

  13. Jerry Says:

    This epsiode was originally posted under the title “Sex & Violence”. We added a scene and reposted it under the new title- The Casting Call.

  14. Brian Says:

    I really like the new episode – it’s one of the better ones, I think. Seems kinda like Part 1 of 2, but maybe nothing else happened on the film project (?). Orrin’s animation is brilliant as usual – the subtle things do so much.

  15. pysanka Says:

    these are so dumb! it makes me want to take a very long nap, and have it all be gone when i woke up. torture!

  16. jerry Says:

    pysanka, I’m glad I can give you an outlet for your masochism. jerry

  17. Fritz Says:

    This epi did not have your usual pathos but hey I aint bitchin it is “all good” etc

    re-invent yu-self as de Bionic Jerry… Broken down and built up again to live like a RoboCop Android Killing machine

    No pain No Gain

    give Em Hell jerry Rip they heads off

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  20. susan Says:

    Poor Jerry. May your body parts stay put.

    Like the baret.

  21. thomasxstewart Says:

    Jeryy- Been fan since episode 1 with broken refrigerator door. Now I Heard Last Night on Internet radio, STRAIGHT FROM HORSESMOUTH, Jerry is Running for President of United States of America. Beyond Cornelia Schoolyard, I Guess.

    You Know you got my vote, so that makes two. Say, Jerry- About that V.P. Job….


  22. thomasxstewart Says:

    Hey I notice that theres’ episode before The LANDLORD called Who’s THAT GUY. Well I thought & thought. Then I remembered about Vice Presidential position being Open & Figured: I better Throw My Hat IN, As I already Stated, Jerry Got My Vote.

    So did quickie website for US.

    Ah, When I’m Basting in ALL that Pay….


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  24. BostonBob Says:

    Excellent, funny stuff. (Again.)

    And that shoulder scene made the two plates and sixteen screws in my reconstructed humurus cry out in pain.

    Humurus. Pain. You guys cover all the bases.

  25. The CastingCall Says:

    Not your best story; however, the animation was good as usual! Keep ‘em coming!

  26. Marie Says:

    I think I was in that taxi cab. That driver looked exactly like the one who drove me to an airport.

  27. Jonnny Says:

    My God man you have some bad luck. It is sad and inspirational at the same time. I wonder if your stories are all true? They are intersting and make me want to get out more! At the same time, I wonder if I “lived” as much as you I would be either incarcerated for life of dead.
    anyway, love the animated stories and your “life” stories.
    Cheers man

  28. Jim Gates Says:

    Brillliant! (again) I always watch each episode at LEAST twice because I miss so many of the clever details in one viewing. You guys are fantastic!

  29. Jim Gates Says:

    I see you’re running for President. Great! Now I know who I’ll vote for.

    How about a movie about you as President? Your fears of diplomatic parties, or how you’d handle the economy. THAT should be a REAL howl!

  30. fustigato Says:

  31. Mel's Mel Says:

    You know Kristen Schaal? I want to have her baby.

  32. Plozher Says:

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  34. Michael Bay Says:

    Why doesn’t stuff blow up? Stuff should blow up.

  35. Morgan Says:

    FUNNYloved violet

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