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27 Responses to “THE PARTY CRASHER”

  1. Doodles Says:

    Soon? When?

  2. Feng Says:

    Jerry should be Secretary of State.

    I love the new animation styles you try. Very fun stuff.

    The humor, of course, remains the same and is the reason I keep coming back.


    PS I think I was at that party.

  3. Mike Says:

    Just in time for the holiday party scene. We’re having turkey this year.

  4. Mark Monlux Says:

    I friend asked me to go with him to a party. Since I didn’t drink it made sense that I would drive. We get to the party and he instantly abandons me in this large house of people I’ve never met. I’m not fitting in easily as everybody seems to be talking about things I know nothing about. And after an hour or so I finally locate my friend, hoping that he would share a few names or something. He’s dunk, and he’s being very loud and rude. He starts having an in your face moment with another guy. It looks like blows were going to start, when my friend projectile vomits all over the dude he’s facing, and a few other folks who were standing too close. I swoop in saying something like, “Let’s get you cleaned up.” and pull him out of the party. I load him into the back of the station wagon because there were a lot of tarps back there. When I get him back to his place he’s pretty sober and says, “Mission Accomplished.”

    I later found out he went there because the party was being thrown by the guy who dated his girlfriend right after he did. But, that’s not who he threw up on.

    We don’t talk much anymore.

  5. todd Says:

    Once again, very enetertaining.

  6. chase Says:

    Yo, I’d given up on y’all, hadn’t heard hide nor hair (hare?) for so long, hope all’s well,

    And Jerry, dude, in this case …. I’d’ve kept my mouth shut, seriously. That’s just me, but why be a stand up dude for nasty people. In fact, why go to parties hosted by nasty folks … move to Denver. We’re all nice, and fact is, you can trash my whole place and I’m out maybe 20 bucks. So it’s cool.

  7. Chihuahuapaw Says:

    Good to see another one with a real life story line.

    I feel your punctual party pain. Same thing happened to me other day at a baby shower. I was sitting in the break room of a place that I used to work about a year ago and was waiting, sweating, and trying to look comfortable for about 30 minutes as people were walking in and out before the party actually started.

  8. yalinka Says:

    all your party friends look like moby.

  9. Gina Says:

    You are a nice guy, Jerry and I don’t know why you aren’t invited to more parties. You did the right thing, even tho’ in this case you could have gotten away clean. It was probably an ugly coffee table anyway.

  10. thomasxstewart Says:

    Hi-Surgeon General Here.I’ll Get On This One Right Away.

    No Glass TOPPED Coffee Tables For Windows. Coffee Cups Roll out on Floor. Also, Jerry, Couldn’t You Tell That Chick Was Trying to HIT Upon You, must Wants To Be Honourable First Lady, or Worse, Lock Jerry In Closet & Take Over. Guess That’d make ME Hon President….


  11. Mark Says:

    That party sure was a pane

  12. Jerry Says:

    von Drashek you said a mouthful.

  13. Lee Says:

    This was a good one. I liked the clones of the guy with the bald head. Good subtle social statement there.

  14. Fritz Says:

    Its interesting the older I get the less I like parties, uncomfortable small talk with people I don’t. I can sympathize with t he hyperventilation and claustroness.LOL

  15. Ken Lyman Says:

    Well, at least you got invited to a party. Me, on the other hand, let’s just say I won’t need to worry about having 37$ in my pocket.

  16. Jerry Says:

    Ken, How’s about a Jerrytime DVD/poster to cheer you up a bit?
    Happy Holidays! Jerry

  17. Kris Camp Says:

    I hate parties. Loud noisy music! Rude inconsiderate partyers! Lousy fattening food! Inconsiderate hosts! The last party I went to was a pot luck. I took my Fruity Crab and Pasta Salad, which my wife and I both agree is really good. Not only didn’t anyone eat any of it, but someone stuck a very large pickle right in the middle of it. Then the hostess accused me of stealing the bowl I brought the salad to her house in. I refused to give it to her and was told I would never be invited to another party in my town. I probably should have gotten that in writting.

  18. garbo Says:

    I was at a party once, and after a few brewskys, asked where the bathroom was. Someone pointed to a door and I went in. It was dark, and apparently the bedroom of the host and hostess. I could dimly see the bathroom at the back. As I was trying to make my way around their huge bed, I put my hand on what I thought was a bookcase. Then I slipped on something. Guess what? The whole blessed thing came crashing down onto the bed, including several antique glass things, and of course, about a hundred books. I just stood there, like an idiot. My bf came in and started yelling at me – the host came in and just sighed. His gf was not amused, either (I think his gf and my bf ended up together somehow – rather fitting).

    I offered to pay, but they wouldn’t take any money.

  19. Bob Says:

    As usual, great show. I’d love to see a 90 minute It’s Jerry Time movie.

  20. Cruz Winters Says:

    good luck

  21. Spoonman Says:

    C’mon get off your ass and make some more videos. I enjoy them too much to see one every 6 months…Love, Peace and Turkey Grease

  22. spelling b Says:

    Nineteen. not ninteen.

  23. Mshepp Says:

    Real life, not! But real people, yes. Love the comedy, droll sense of humor, and flat pan delivery.

    Go Jerry!

  24. gosha Says:

    bEfCuY hi! my site

  25. Gunnar Says:

    Hello Jerry,

    after I saw your strange little films for the first time,
    I fall in love ;) Just great, the little things in every
    corner and I always don’t know, if I should laugh
    or cry, One film and the day is saved,

    Greetings from berlin, Gunnar.

  26. Shalala Says:

    Great to see the site back up! Many happy returns!

  27. Jerry Says:

    Thanks! It’s been awhile.

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