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30 Responses to “PLANE INSANE”

  1. Dark Says:

    Jerry –
    That does not look like fun.

  2. goodnightcat Says:

    I love your episodes, Jerry. I can relate to your hatred of planes.

  3. Feng Says:

    Another wonderful story.

    I like that you are experimenting with different styles of animation, although I don’t think the mono-color silhouettes do your artistry or sense of humor justice … that is just me, and no, I could not do any better.

    Regarding air travel, I have had nothing but amazing luck. Never a delay, very few babies or drunks and more than one lovely evening with a member of the flight crew … and I’m not even gay.

    Keep up the great work.

  4. Elrond Hubbahubba Says:

    I saw this at the webjam. Great stuff man, great stuff.

  5. Aaron Nelson Says:

    Jerry – reminds me of the time my wife and I flew from Boston to San Diego, connecting through Dallas. We had our 2 year old daughter Julia with us. The trip started out with a 2 hour hold on the runway in Boston, followed by a return to the gate for di-iceing. The plane was jammed and the air was not moving. Of course we missed our connection in Dallas and were herded onto buses by cranky airline personel in Dallas who stuck is in a nightmarish motel right out of Soviet-occupied Hungary circa 1963. We finally collapsed into bed around 2:00 AM. As we were lying in bed, I lifted Julia up above me. At the point in the lift maneuver at which she was directly overhead, she heaved, showering my wife and I with the entirety of her gastric contents.

  6. Jim Gates Says:

    You can’t imagine the excitement I experience when I notice a new feed in my aggregator telling me that another episode has been posted. I stop what I’m doing and rush to watch – and I’m NEVER disappointed.

    True genius. Why aren’t you making boatloads of money? Er… or are you? i hope so.

  7. Julia (Jill's sister) Says:

    That was awesome! I have had a few mishaps with flights myself so I can relate. You know how to brighten my day, keep them coming!

  8. Kurt Brown Says:

    Loved the sound of the kids yelling out when you say “chocolate ice cream cone”—great detail, as well as the masseuse winking.

    And who is that previous poster who never had a bad plane experience and who gets to bed the flight crew while being an openly avowed heterosexual? Please can I visit your planet? It sounds really quite incredible.

  9. XK9 Says:

    Hey guys! I love the new episode. It comes on the eve of some air travel for me… oh joy.

    Some new classic co-stars: Info Card Stewardess, Stations of the Cross Padre and Scary Vet Passenger (with the Kung Fu Gripâ„¢). Awesome. The baby was scary, but I’ve always found baby’s a little scary. They’re like concentrated humans- they must have superpowers!

    And BTW, personally I love the silhouettes. Red means stop. Green means- blech!

  10. todd Says:

    Jerry should run president

  11. Steven Says:

    I’ve had better

  12. Dan Says:

    I came here to post that it looks like Jerry is running out of good stories but it seems everyone else thought this one was a hit. I must be missing something. This story is no different that what everyone else (well, everyone except the guy who never has a delay and gets to sleep with all the flight attendants) has experienced. To me the best part of Jerry’s stories is that they are quirky and unique. This one was neither so I found it only mildly entertaining.

    Here’s hoping that something really bizarre happens to Jerry soon!

  13. Valorie Says:

    Classic. Thank you.

  14. temporos Says:

    Great episode, Jerry. Amtrak is the same way as the airlines. DX

  15. Robyn Rhodes Says:

    Watching Jerry take to the ornery skies was a side splitter. Nice workl I think I may agree with Feng’s comment on the mono-color cut outs. Nice job on lighting the jet on the tarmac.

  16. Mark Says:

    Amazing! Great work. As usual!

  17. Fritz Says:

    Well at least the flight from hell gave you fuel for a new video.

    Very well done your skills keep improving. Cheers

  18. Thomaz Says:

    This is not good this is great not only the animation but also the story and the mood.
    Think that this will be VERY BIG
    Ciao from Milan, Italy

  19. Rachel Says:

    I love the twist at the end – genius – laugh out loud stuff. Keep it coming Jerry!

  20. BostonBob Says:

    Another winner, you two. Especially like the increased use of sillouetting (and humor, of course).

    BTW, I hate people who say they “love to fly.”

    Listen, I understand that sentiment if you actually pilot a plane, or even if you can fly first class all the time.

    But flying coach is about as enjoyable as getting a barium enema.

  21. Juan Says:

    Apart from being so talented, do you actually own a Citröen Ami 8?

  22. Jerry Says:

    hey kids, there’s a new episode coming soon! Jerry

  23. HoJo Says:

    I was about to say aren’t we pretty due for some more? And, then looky here!

    Can’t wait. Keep up the good work.

  24. Feng Says:

    Jerry should be Secretary of State.

    I love the new animation styles you try. Very fun stuff.

    The humor, of course, remains the same and is the reason I keep coming back.


    PS I think I was at that party.

  25. Mark Says:

    That party sure was a pane

  26. Michael Says:

    Plane Insane has been Honestly revlogged @ United Vloggers

    Dear Jerry & Orrin,

    We love you so much!

    And this one is a marvel.

    the Kindest Regards,


  27. Drashek Says:

    Hey-JERRY. Not wantng You to feel disenfranchised about election, I decided to Run for Hon. President. Heres Link to advert. Is it Too :ate?

    Thanks for including Myself in Your Cabinet, Did You Win?,Figure Jerry Fits in Good as F.C.C. ChairPerson or even MY V.P. fellow, Pogo might Let You Run Congress.


  28. Me Says:

    You’ve lost the surprises in the stories. For example, he would retrieve his bag in perfect condition from the airport, but them the taxi cab guy would drive away forgetting it, or it really didn’t end up being his bag, just joke kickers u use to add along his journey. Pls put them back.

  29. Hilton Says:

    Wow! what an idea ! What a concept ! Beautiful .. Amazing … :)

  30. Richard Duggan Says:

    Aloha Jerry,
    Just wanted to to say “Thank you!” for all the great episodes.
    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed each one. You’ve got an inimitable style
    that always brings me laughter, even when it is as serious
    as flying.

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